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    Well, that was a ride out! Four hours driving to Lowestoft to see 513 in the flesh. I saw her at Beamish over 20 years ago and after our recent trips to Crich, thought we could have a ride to Lowestoft today to see the other surviving Roberts Car. Didnt look that far on the map! Carlton Colville museum is a lovely place, compact, but with a number of things to see...some a little careworn perhaps, but just enough for an afternoon out....if you’re in the area, that is, I’m not sure I’d do the drive down there again just for the day! Compared to the almost pristine condition of 510, 513 seems to have had a much harder life, is now looking a little tired and looks to need a bit of tlc. Apparently still owned by Beamish, given that they are building a 1950’s area at their site in the North East at the moment, I wonder if 513 will be heading north some time soon? Have attached some pictures of 513 and one of 510 for comparison.
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    Before 513 went to Lowestoft she was in Blackpool. Here she is on 24 Sep 2010, a great ride from Pleasure Beach to Bispham and back.
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    A few random shots from EATM, today.
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    This is a Crookes one, courtesy Tom Robinson, Sheffield Transport Study Group
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    I know this is not strictly Sheffield to be in this category but we get the 271/272 to get here. The best Fish and chip shop is ? Bradwell fisheries, the fish is huge, the chips soft and still a little greasy(just as I like them) and the mushy peas yummy!! The prices are good value, we got Haddock, chips and peas, Cod, chips and peas and two cans of pop and it was around £13.00. The service is impeccable and everything cooked fresh to order. You get all this and you are surrounded by wonderful scenery, could you ask for more?
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    With a number of threads on the City Hall I thought I'd add another one myself! These two scans are from my ever increasing collection of postcards featuring Sheffield and its environs. I've scanned them quite high so that they make a reasonable download. Had a great time in the City Hall as a youth but that ones been done to death I should imagine. Neither card has been posted so there are no dates to go by. I'll let you experts work that one out. Enjoy.
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    It's Hereford Street / South Lane Picture Sheffield ref s17129 Hereford Street at junction with South Lane, premises include No 21, City Exchange, Secondhand radio and television supplies, No 23/25, Yospa Gordon, Retail Jeweller, No 27, Wm. Talbot, Butcher
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    I will be heading to the Carlton Colville in September as part of a holiday in Suffolk. I have managed to pick the trolleybus weekend, so who knows if 513 will be in use. Anyway, a couple of shots of 513 in Blackpool on 11th August 1985. I wasn't able to be in Blackpool for the main Centenary celebrations so had a day out on what turned out to be a very wet August day. Thankfully the rain stopped enough for me to get some photos without ruining my camera! I also need to find and re-scan my negatives of these shots as technology and my editing skills have improved a lot since I originally scanned them. And one from November 2009 when 513 was used on a tour to commemorate the end of street running in Fleetwood before the rebuilding for the new trams. This was also a very wet day and photos were taken with a small point & shoot camera. I certainly wasn't getting any expensive camera kit out in that weather. As with Gordon's photo from 2010 above, 513 looked very smart indeed at the time.
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    And a couple of random non Sheffield ones. This place really is a bit special as is well worth a visit.
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    My great grandparents were married her in 1910. The church was built in 1867/8. The freehold was given my William Wake of Osgathorpe in memory of his son Charles who had died in an accident in the Serpentine. The Wakes and The Duke of Norfolk gave a further £500 each toward the building. The architects were Messrs Innocent & Brown of Prior Court, Sheffield and the contractor was John Milner. The estimated cost was £4,700.
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    Really impressed with the photographs taken by Eddy Saxby. They are some of the best I've seen. Thankfully we have permission to share them with you including this beauty I'm a big fan of this collection of Sheffield photos to say the least.
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    Sheffield Family History Fair 2018 entry £2 9 June at 10:00 am Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, S6 1SW
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    https://st33.wordpress.com/record-shops/closed/virgin-the-moor/ https://st33.wordpress.com/record-shops/closed/virgin-records-sheffield-pt-2/ https://st33.wordpress.com/record-shops/closed/virgin-records-bags/
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    We camped in Burniston, about 4 miles out of Scarborough on the Whitby road, every summer from 1959 until 1975 (Except 1967 when we went to Mablethorpe to my Aunt & Uncle's caravan). Last time I went, about ten years ago, it seemed to be a shadow of it's former self, run down and dirty.
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    I find this place absolutely fascinating and also (and especially) all the homes and streets that it replaced and the history of the area
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    There were many cinemas which were converted to Bingo halls. It happened after the upsurge in television made people stay in rather than go out. In some casesa "stalls and circle" type cinema would be converted half and half, so the stalls would change to bingo and the circle (with the projection box at the rear) would make a smaller cinema, sometimes with a new closer screen being used.
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    When did you leave Sheffield? as I cannot ever remember Bakers Hill being near the Elephant if it was it prior to the building of the GPO in 1899? and I doubt you are that old. Don't believe the description of the photo, its just not right, I've contacted them on many occasions to put right mistakes on their photos, at the time of your posted photo it was Fitzalan Square. Here's a photo of the bottom of Norfolk Street, Joseph Rodgers cutlery firm at the bottom of Norfolk Street, it stood there until the 1950s
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    What two parts of Bakers Hill do you refer to? I always thought that there was and is just the bit we see now with steps down from the square. I think the steps were installed after the Queens Cutlery Works was demolished to build the General Post Office.
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    Hia, I remember when my daughter was 9 in the 1980s, walking down the inner bankside of the 'Dried out Reservoir' covered in greenery, walking round the remains of Derwent Village, and sitting on a stone wall, even the little bridge at the very bottom had a trickle of water running through. Then you look further down and see the towering Viaduct. It was a weird experience.
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    They could have done a lot better Thorntons Girl. A year before they launched loads of people potched programmes to them (including yours truely) but nobody heard anything back for many months. Then we found out (weren't told but found out) that they had commissioned a few pilots. Eventually I went to an event where they screened the pilots and wished I hadn't! I'll never forget something called 'Peak Signal To Noise', which was nothing more than flashes of random images and ear-bleeding white noise. This piece of 'art' went on for over an hour! In the end I made sure I cut all ties with Sheffield Live (I used to front a lunch time radio show) a few weeks before the TV channel went on air, mainly because I could see the car-crash coming! It's interesting that nobody ever mentions SLTV now, even in Sheffield! My guess is their audience is a big fat zero! Meanwhile I switched to being a youtube content creator, which commands a much bigger global audience.
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    This photo has a note attached: Jan 22 Hounds meet at Scarborough The Derwent hounds met at the residence of the amateur huntsman of the pack Mr Arthur Webster, Moor House, Stepney Road. This meeting in glorious weather and a big field. It is a rare event for the pack to meet in town and there was the usual big attendance. The pack came right onto the lawn in front of the house and here is the picture showing them with Kennel Huntsman Fitzpatrick (left), Mr Arthur Webster amateur huntsman and the Master Mr EL Styring. With some of the company behind
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    I would have thought Skegness or Cleethorpes would have been more popular with Sheffield people. Both Scarborough and Blackpool were longer to get to then those two. There were also more trains to them, especially from Sheffield Midland than those two. Blackpool was probably more accessible via Victoria Station, than Midland.
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    Welcome to the site! I don't know where this is but it certainly looks like an interesting building. Hugh
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