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    I've read somewhere that the flats that face Lady's bridge and Nursery Street were originally called Castle House, the windows just above the river was where the dogs were kept when it was a Dogs Home when it re-located there from the Pond Street area in c1900 I think , it wasn't used for long as it was always damp because of the river often flooding the place. The ornamental front door was the entrance and you can still make out the name. At the end of the walk on Blonk Street bridge you can see the initials of one of the men who ran the stables there plus possibly the vets initials too, the chap that owned and ran the stables also had stabling and shoeing available at 30-36 Burton Road now known as the Yellow Arch Recording Studios but the Horseshoe above the arch tells just what it was .
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    Any current or ex BB members on here? I was in 53rd at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Chapel as Life Boy then BB & officer until leaving Sheffield in 1976. Our company had an annual 2 week camp at St Helier Jersey where we stayed in an old church which was a youth club during winter. Here we are in 1960 & 1956. I
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    I think the East Bank Road Park House could be the same as this in the Picture Sheffield "Unidentifield" section.
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    That's correct, bus stop on Herries Rd near entrance to hospital.
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    Bus stop out side Northern General Hospital...Herries Road End
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    Dose anyone else have one of these ? I found it in my Mum's special keepsake box, the card would have been sent in 1954. It is a white card with a picture on the front, of a toddler holding a spade, playing in the sand, with a blue edging around it, signed J.H.DOWD. - Along the top it says ' Birthday Greetings ' - along the bottom ' from the Medical Officer of Health Town Hall - Sheffield ' - Inside on the left is my name, then it says ' May you have A Happy Birthday and, as the years unfold, may they present you Life's best Gift's, "Good Health and Happiness" - then on the right it says, ' Parents Safeguard your Child's richest endowment, "Good Health", by accepting this opportunity of protecting your child from Diptheria by Immunisation' there is a gap then it says ' Prevention is better than Cure. A wise parent acts timely '. Across the bottom in the centre it says ' The First Birthday ' I just think it was such a charming and thoughtful way of contacting parents, for a very special reason.
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    For your information the letters on the bridge BB & JH refer to Benjamin Blonk and John Huntsman. Blonk Street was so called because when it was made the "tilt" shown on the map on the river side of Blonk St.was "The Wicker ***" belonging to the Blonk Family. On the other side of Blonk St. was "The Wicker Wheel" also belonging to the Blonk Family. You will also see a third grinding shop belonging to the Blonks at the end of the dam to the right of "Blonk Island". Later on John Huntsman had a Huntsman Melting Furnace at the end of the Wicker Tilt building. If you look through the large window nearest to Blonk Bridge you will see the chimney of the Huntsman furnace preserved as a monument. Remember the old Sheffield saying "Down T'Wicker were t'water goes o'er t'weir" the weir on the upstream side of Ladys Bridge diverted water to the Wicker Tilt and Wicker Wheel. I learnt all about this by carrying out research for descendants of this branch of the Blonk family who live in Australia. My Blonk family come from a later branch of the Blonk family
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    A few photo's on Picture Sheffield, there is also a bit of information with this one -------- http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s27784&pos=16&action=zoom&id=30174
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    It closed to general passengers in 1959, but was in occasional use for football special services the last of which was in 1996 (I guess that was for Euro '96). I didn't know the subway was there until they dug it out last year some time. I've seen some old pics though and there was originally a building there which you would have had to pass through to access the subway, maybe the ticket office so that customers could pay on the way to access the platforms? Might be going down that way today, if I do I'll get a photo of the excavations.
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    You can still see the letter "W" at each end of what was Woolworths.
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    Looking back at old maps of the station, an underpass / subway was always there. Not sure why, but one would assume it allowed passengers to get from one platform to another, although it hardly seems necessary? Probably another example of Victorian over-engineering, when corners were never cut and civil engineering was built to last?! Latest map here from 1967 and station appears to still be in service?....
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    This is central Sheffield but whereabouts? Can you guess?
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    I would just like to add one of my favourites, Buddy Holly played two shows on March 4, 1958. This subject was well covered on this thread, perhaps they could be merged. ------- https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/6136-they-appeared-at-the-city-hall/
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    I think this bloke is great, I would certainly have "bottled out" going up the Meers Brook culvert. I have seen a few of his underground exploits but wonder if I have missed some. Has anyone got a full list of them please?
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    Have a look at Carmel House on Fargate and just look at the carvings of the creation of the world by the Tory family.
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    I have a soft spot for this building on the corner of Broomhall Street and Devonshire Street. I love the various decorative parts which to me raise it above what could have been quite an ordinary works and office building. What do we know about the Wharncliffe Fire Clay Works and John Armitage & Sons (as seen in the second set of photos)? Click on the image for the full size image
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    I rather think that there is an older thread which covered this ground. I'll start you off with The Original Drifters + Ronnie Jones & The Q Set, The Trends and Alan Bown (with lead singer Jess Roden) in, I think, 1967 - the first proper gig I ever went to. The "Original" Drifters weren't the ones who were currently making records; they were led by Bill Pinkney who had been a Drifter some years earlier. The show was a fund-raiser for the Mojo Club and I think Peter Stringfellow was compering. He was certainly there. There may have been one more act which I have forgotten.
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    It is on Commercial Street yes! I noticed these sculpture things as I stood at the tram stop near Canada House You can see and learn so much from just looking UP in Sheffield!
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    Hi there .is there by any chance some medical tool collectors on this site.i have just brought this blood letting tool and would really like to know more about it and if it was possible made in Sheffield and howboldbit might be.It has know stamps or markings anywhere to help me with where and the date of it .if anyone can help I would be very great full.thanks
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    Corn on the cob holders?
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    Hi Folks, And here is my new blog about seeing New Order at Romeo's & Juliet's in April 1981. https://www.mylifeinthemoshofghosts.com/2018/04/14/new-order-atmosphere-at-romeos-juliets-sheffield-wednesday-22nd-april-1981/ Enjoy.
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    Anyone remember going there for 'Afternoon Tea', it was their 'Speciality'. Once took my Mum and Auntie for a Birthday treat, it really was a 'treat'. The waitresses were dressed very smart with a white pinny, they were 'very' polite. We had cloth napkins, the Sandwiches were gorgeous with plenty of filling. If you wanted a scone with cream & jam, they were 'quality'. The cake selection was well, just, 'Oh My!' Tea was served proper from the pot. It was a lovely typically English Afternoon Tea experience. Mum and Auntie really enjoyed it, they had memories of going there when they were younger after it opened in 1946. It closed in 2001, shame another real Sheffield classic, 'gone'.
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    A gallon of Four Star at 74p... that’s what, 16.2p a litre? Happy days!.....
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    Now, here’s something else I found. I pulled out my 1970 copy of Kelly’s Directory and looked at East Bank Road The research labs and printing works are there on the ‘odd’ side, at no’s 5 and 7/39 respectively Norfolk Park Service Station at No.36.... not yet a petrol station, but a ‘motor engineers’ Brooke Bond Tea at No.38 Number 40 is split into 6 flats! My theory is the precast concrete company rented the large yard for their wagons and paraphernalia, with the flats all occupied by the tenants in the Kelly’s listing? So, the building was still standing in 1970, but converted into flats and rather less grand than it once was, barely 80 years earlier? Does that spark any recollections? The Brooke Bond Tea wholesalers is a nice find, as it looks like it was housed in one of the outbuildings of the old ‘big house’?
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    It looks like it disappeared sometime in the 1970’s? Looking at maps of the site, 1905-1977, Everything around the house is changing, but the outline of the house and grounds stays the same. The maps are 1905, 1923, 1935, 1953, 1969 & 1977. In the last map of 1977, the outline of the house has gone, so one assumes it was demolished and the later industrial buildings (now MF Hire) were erected on the site?
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    It’s probably not as obvious as my earlier post, as although ‘Park House’ (the Tinsley one) was at the end of Park House Lane, Park House School was actually built on the site of the old Tinsley Manor House. So, maybe it should have been called Manor House School? Plenty of maps around with the site of both and if you overlay the current location of Park House School, you can see what I mean...
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    Anybody know what became of a guy called Keith Parkin, who worked for Industrial Products (Refractories) in the mid to late 1950s when they had an office on Northumberland Road, and the boss was a man called Wagstaff? Keith used to have a Lambretta in the days when they were all the rage.
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    Here's the fantastic video/film 'There's More Life In A Northern City' featuring hundreds of incredible photos of old Sheffield Fantastic viewing so grab a cuppa and relax and have a watch...
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    Definitely Newhall Road/Attercliffe. Baffles me why so many buildings were demolished to be replaced by weeds and shrubs.
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    http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s26186&pos=102&action=zoom&id=28613 Very similar view. I think it is top of Newhall Rd and the Attercliffe swimming baths would have been across the road from it. As you say more Attercliffe Road/Newhall Road. And this one a bit further round the corner onto Newhall Rd - http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;t07203&pos=110&action=zoom&id=95886
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    It was grey and blue when it was "Sheffield Supertram". The white with coloured bands are the Stagecoach colours. Also, they didn't carry advertising when they were Grey.
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    My wife, our daughter and her daughter are going to York for three days in August and we're staying at the Deans Court Hotel which is just a cross from the Minster, I just can't wait.
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    George Thorpe ( a local )had the coal drops for a time in the 70's making and repairing pallets, and I was told the Simcox's (local ) built the industrial units on top after Fieldhouse Brothers had used it as a tip. My memories of Anlaby Street as a kid were painful, as I was making my way along the bottom of the Don wall, somebody decided ( my auntie as it turned out ) decided to empty her teapot over the wall of Brough Street and the contents landed on me, still hot.
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    I have (rescued from a skip) the family bible of Charles Thacker born 1820 and Emily boothby 10 children ranging from 1850 to 1871 they married 1850 Also included are memorial cards for Amelia Overton wife of Charles vicar of cottingham died 1849 in London would love to see it given to relatives the bible is from 1804 but info is from 1850 anyone does it ring a bell or any ideas what to do with it linda
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    I was there for the gig mate. Think it was the first tour they did after Curtis' untimely death. Didn't they smash up some of the equipment ?
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    According to the Sheffield Markets website the Fitzalan Market Hall closed in April 1930. It was demolished soon after, no doubt, as the new building housing C & A and Burtons were opened in 1932. The same website states that the wholesale fish market on Shude Hill was opened in 1879. And from Trading Histories: "The New Wholesale Fish Market Opened in 1879 by the 15th Duke of Norfolk, the fish market covered an area approximately 727 square feet, partly within a building that formed part of the Sheffield Gas Company. It contained a letting area of 613 square yards occupied by 18 stands inside and 5 outside. The road through the market was only 15 feet wide – quite inadequate for traffic purposes. Despite its name, the market also sold poultry and game. Demand for stands was great, with some traders forced to set up nearby outside the building. The market was able to take advantage of the new rail links from Grimsby, and thus acted as a hub through which produce could be redistributed to other markets in the West Riding and Lancashire. The market was demolished in 1961."
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    Moved away from Sheffield in '88. My parents still live there, and I have always kept at least 1 bottle of Hendersons in the cupboard wherever I have been !! Converted my southern wife, and my daughter cant get enough of the stuff Actually saw it on the TV the other night on one of those programs when a family live 'in the past'. Think it was the second episode of 'Back in time for tea'
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    These pictures are not of the factory that was in place on the meadowhall site, the 2 x bronze statues that is now situated outside meadowhall near the NEXT entrance are of the real life working men that worked their my father used to talk to them. The company they worked in was called Edgar Allens the land was sold to entrepreneur (can't remember his name at present) whom then sold it with planning permission for meadowhall but sheffield and rotherham argued for years wether it should be built. In actual fact meadowhall is a lot smaller than 1st proposed you need an old map of sheffield, tinselly will come under the rotherham council at that time as well as sheffield.
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    Hi Mark I am still in touch with a number of people you may remember from those days, Tony Thelwell (Thel), Peter Adams (Smad), Mick (now likes to be known as Mike) Watson and Mark Siddons (Sid).
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    Urinating in elevators is wrong on so many levels.
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    Hi anyone out there who went to this School , it was pretty New when I went there , Mr Biggin was Headmaster-Mr Shooter-Mr Taylor -Mr Wasnidge Music teacher
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    I used to be a barmaid in Sinatras as I knew the owner and his girlfriend Jean. It was a great place and it used to get packed on Fri and Sat night. I remember helping to get it open, all the clean up and wet paint just an hour before the doors opened. Great times. Used to work the bottom bar and get drenched in beer as we used to have to change the barrels under the bar as there wasn't a cellar and the barrels were changed at an amazing rate and I remember the bar being 10 deep all night long! Totally exhausting but real fun. I remember Aileen, she was amazing and we all thought she was really old because she was 38!! but she looked really good and was a really nice gal!
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