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    Christ! I hope he wasn’t starring any of those aforementioned video productions? i just cannot shake of this vision I have of ‘Mr Interesting’ aiming for the pink, but going in-off the brown!!!!!!!
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    If I remember right the ceiling was painted matt black with stars painted on to make it look as though you were outside..
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    Was down at Crich last week. 510 was being moved late in the afternoon and is looking very smart.
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    Hi there every body .sort of hot again today again .Well I'm on the sick at the moment but am mobile and yesterday took the wife and daughter shopping and to have the last fitting of my daughter wedding dress.whats that got to do with knives you might ask well, while they were doing the women things I slipped of to the market area of Chelmsford and found this market stool selling gold and silver etc.I noticed this no thrills m.o.p. silver fruit knife and knocked the seller down from £13 to £10 .Any way been attempting to research it and think it's made by James Fenton but as yet am unable to find the correct date on it. The knife is only about 50mm long when closed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks adrian.
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    As they almost sang when Richard Green was the TV hero of my childhood... "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen Robin Hood, Robin Hood ,with his band of ra*dy men Feared by the bad, loved by the good Robin Hood,Robin Hood". springs to mind
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    Even at my age I still believe I should learn something new everyday and thanks to Robin I have!
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    It's been passed by the Censor . Front Cover
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    So they are still digging it up 90 years from now.
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    This pub stood on the corner of fell st & brightside lane may have been bombed or more likley demolished any info or a photo please
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    The other corner was No.2 Fell Street (also known as 494 Brightside Lane) - Compulsory Purchase Order No 249 was published in March 1938: The Indexers show the shop as being occupied by John Coggin in 1905 and Elizabeth Troop in 1925. However trhe 1939 census shows the property as no longer a shop, and occupied by the Wills family (Slinger - Armaments, Filemaker)
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    Nice reminder of business practice a long time ago and a crafty double use of a printers block. Looking carefully it is enclosed with filigree in the corners so as presented by boginspro it conveniently makes a nice advert for the firm detailing all they do. Interesting to see that they did subcontract electroplating. The primary purpose was as a billhead. At the top left is a row of dots and a similar one on the right has the date 18. In use the customers name in neat copperplate would be on the top left line and the date sometime in the 1800s filled in on the right. The heading "Dr" is short for "Debtor to W. & H." Since the bottom part would detail out what had been supplied the purpose was fairly obvious. We are not so precise as to need telling that we owe money. From a very long memory this style had largely gone out of use by WW2 though I have met it at odd times from older companies. The other form "In account with....." likewise drifted out out of use On the subject of W. & H. being a landmark, at a very young age pre WW2 l began to look out for their flag on the roof. For years it was always there with the initials clearly visible. Many years later it dawned that it was always there and straight out 24:7 no matter what the time or weather. .ln l950 l went round on a formal visit. Being strictly practical industrial engineers it was an eye opener, particularly seeing the artistic design team at work on the top floor. Noting the unusual flag absence l enquired about it, to be told it was on the roof being repaired, would we like to see it? Shock, not what we expected. The familiar shape, black thin sheet steel with the letters cut out so you actually saw the sky through them from ground level. So we found out why it was always flying never hanging. Obvious now but we were not so curious about things like that then.
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    Here's an extract from the Bombs map - there would not have been much in the way of protection for the pub from the bomb that fell on the railway lines. Possibly it stood derelict until it was demolished by 1948/9?
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    Here's a photo taken in 1949 - the New Inn appears to be demolished (from Britain from Above photo ref EAW026021) The OS map revised in 1937 shows the New Inn still standing:
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    It’s still there converted to offices. The frontage still has the carved “new inn” signage in the stonework.
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    Known survivors from the SYPTE era are listed below,
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    Have you looked on our A to Z of pubs, you will find it there under N to S page 2. 378 Brightside Lane opened in 1858 and closed in 1937 also naming landlords.
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    I've just had a look around Nichols Antique rooms on Shalesmoor, I must say there is a lot of interesting stuff in there amongst the junk of course. What I did notice were some leather bound books of old news sheets, the Sheffield Telegraph and the Sheffield Star with dates going back to the early 1900s. Ok they are not in immaculate condition as the leather bound is rotting and the pages are yellow but there is lots of interesting reading in there. I know the bigger ones the Telegraph are selling at £50 but I never found out about the Sheffield Star ones. Maybe the Telegraph and Star have mucked them out now everything is on the computer. I did find the Star edition that was the year I was born and also the years through the second world war with plenty of news and pictures of bombed Sheffield.
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    Have a look at this photo this is one of a huge collection from Eddy Saxby and shows a typical Sheffield scene, cobbled streets, terraced houses, a small handful of cars on the street etc This to me is Sheffield and I love this photo so much. In everyone's drawers and cupboards there has to be hundreds and thousands of these. Do you have any lying around that you could/would share
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    Just wanted to make people aware, if you’re researching the Staniforth surname there is a new society, the people behind this group are very knowledgeable and have spent time with the Archives and people from the family history group to bring this together: Http://www.staniforthfamily.com
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    I used to say that claiming Robin Hood was from Nottingham, was like claiming Churchill was from Berlin. The protagonists had their own separate camps. If it is indeed history rather than legend then maybe none of it even occurred in Nottingham. Wasn't Peveril Castle one of the good Sheriff's outposts ?
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    For quite a few years before it shut it was a really nice Beefeater pub. I used it a lot when visiting my mum at weekends after dad died.
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    Got to be one of the best pubs in Sheffield...Great Tap room Great Lounge area, and a fab Live room of which I have ventured too many times to mention to watch bands and with my sons band too. So many memories of this pub. Its very sad that this could be the end for it.
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    My Father was a regular in the Pheasant and so was I it's just like somebody was removing our past..
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