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  1. This is nostalgic, i had forgotten many of the venues. I started my years as a glass collector at the Bucaneer, collecting hundreds of plastic "skiffs" to be washed and re-used. I progressed to be a bouncer there, hmmm funny as i was only 17, but being 6'3" my age was never checked. Also a bouncer at the Penthouse and earned extra money by doing the beer lift, there was no elevator at the Penthouse and had to hump 9 gallon kegs up many flights of stairs to the bar at the top. Bounced for many years at the Wapemtake and was there from when Bucaneer closed until end of 1977, when i moved to Australia. Typical Saturday in Sheffield when not working : Saturday lunch at Craisy Daisy, the when that closed, downstairs in side walk cafe for a cappuccino and MASSIVE scone. Then off to Penthouse for afternoon beer lift. Home, quick change, back into tow n start off at Stone House, then the Yorkshire man, then Lord Nelson, then the Wap for a few and some heavy music, quick trip to the Zing Vaa chinese then off to Joesphines for some soul. Then at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning getting the 73 circular bus to somewhere near home,
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