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  1. I did manage to find a passenger timetable for 1968 on E-bay. But if that does included freight train movements it will be helpful. I was also wondering what was happening to the former Park Goods which linked to the Victoria line at this time? I understand it was closed in 1963, but were the tracks still there around 1967 to 1968?
  2. Anyone got any timetables for Victoria late 1960's?
  3. Presumably the people and firms living and operating on Sheaf Island had to be compensated when the Midland Station was built, just like now with the HS2 creation. So there must have been records of this. It would answer lots of questions for anyone interested in anybody operating or living on Sheaf Island.
  4. Does anyone have any plans of Sheffield Victoria or know where they can be got?
  5. They had rabbits hanging up in the meat and fish market of Castle Market in the 60's and 70's. Still with fur on!
  6. Here's a great video by a real train driver filmed by him, with explanations of the route taken this year. With unedited passage through tunnels and yes Totley Tunnel. The only time he stops the video is waiting time at stations. Things to watch for include the speed signs, especially into Sheffield. Plus how quickly the train accelerators. When he stops the train in a station, the driver has to know when to apply the brakes. There's nothing telling him now stop for the next station.
  7. Recent Google images of the area show that construction work has revealed several interesting features. The first image at the top some brickwork remains of the pit. Two white rectangles are I think fenced off areas, these could be to do with the works or could be something that they have found, such as pit shafts or drain covers. Notice too the very black soil, indicating the presence of coal dust. The Orange object is an excavotor. The second image shows the school car park recently extended. The third shows the former school fields. Clearly a large collection of clay coloured water has developed in the middle. In the middle of the brown soil area you can see straight lines. These could be field edges if they were not caused by the work itself.
  8. I would like to wish you all a happy New Year and look forward for more historical memories in the years to come
  9. If Sheffield History has charity status then it might be able to apply for grants to Sheffield Charity and funding organisations to also raise cash, or even match what has also been raised by members. Even if it has not you can still apply for the same as long as Sheffield History is not a commercial body. All they will want to know is the aims and status of the project and what S H wants the money for. Bodies such as the Town Trust have grants for voluntary projects.
  10. Done so, we'll get the money soon!
  11. Just wondering what methods are available for donating to Sheffield History as it doesn't say on the donation entry? For example can you donate via paypal?
  12. I found this watercolour painting of Woodthorpe Hall that I have never seen before. It was sold by an auction place. Auction site link
  13. Two shots from a plane in 1929 and 1927. Both show the pit tip that the fire station sits on now. The giant reservoir can be seen on both and was raised up so you could see it from semi-circle road of Queen Mary. The 1927 picture still shows the chimney to the mine. Prince Edward School under construction, both show the colliery managers house, the odd looking one in the wooded area. The 1929 picture shows the field where the Woodthorpe estate would go. The odd shaped one with the tree still survives to this day as it became the boundary of the estate. The tree was still there in the 70's, but did get chopped down. I suspect there's still a bit of the trunk left! The only houses left today are those under construction on Prince of Wales Road. And the Manor Cinema.
  14. Woodthorpe Ravine was actually a bit higher up Tozzin, but most of us called it Pit field and was the area was later used as the playing field of Prince Edwards School. I lived bang opposite what was the spring which is the source of the Carr Brook. During the 1960's and early 70's the Council spent a fortune getting rid of the dams and slag from the Woodthorpe pit mine, which as located just above the St Theresa's playing field. The used big scraping machines which went up ad down the heaps till they brought them down. The water kept forming large pools or dams. These were great for us to explore, when we could get near them! This was because the mud was so thick you would loose your Wellington boots in it! You literally couldn't get them out. Mums use to play hell with us coming home with new boots lost or just one lost! And of course covered in mucky clay. Eventually the mud harden and we could reach these ponds. We spent most the time skipping stones across the water. The other thing was to drop lumps of clay into the ponds of water. These would break down and look like small volcanoes! Then you dropped in a another stone to destroy it! They put all sorts of drains into to take the water away. One day there was only this one big MASSIVE body of water left. They have built a drain to take it away. So we watched this bulldozer go up to a side of the dam and take it out, it then reverse to a sharp right and the MASSIVE body of water came flowing down past the bulldozer and down the drain! I always admired that bulldozer driver for some really good handy work with his machine. As that water could have caused an accident! The builders of the new estate on the Manor have or or in the process of opening up all the water courses and constructing special ponds to prevent rain water on the estate going straight into the drains. Thus helping to reduce flooding. And the Carr Brook opened up and landscape again to bring back the wildlife!
  15. There was a big spider walking across our kitchen floor the other week. It must have escaped from the Doctor Who set!
  16. I'm not really into politics, but from what I understand many of the heritage schemes have been eroded away by Central Government. If a developer comes along with a scheme, which is linked to some special funding scheme, then the planning officers can't stop them. In the past you could get the Council Planning Officers on your side if they were sympathetic to your ideas. However the Planning Department Councillors have many voices in their ears. So if they have been briefed by groups or bodies who want to see new build in Conservation areas, then they are going to listen to them. It rather depends on the heritage lobby sticking together. But some don't want to do that, for financial reasons. One thing that happened to me was the loss of control that happened with the Norfolk Heritage Trail. It was original set up by all the groups and projects and people connected with the Trail. However Green Estates took it over, because they wanted to make money from charging people to go on the trail. They excluded members from the trail and stop the meetings. They even set it up as it's own group, electing members from projects closely connected to Green Estates. The whole idea of the Trail was for the different groups and projects to come together to discuss with equal say the ups and downs of the Trail. I don't know how it's now operated, since I haven't heard a thing for years. However if that's how community groups operate connected with heritage, then you can see how easy it is for those not concerned with heritage to bypass any of the concerns of heritage groups or bodies and individuals.
  17. For some reason I can't ignore the register screen as there is nothing to click to get shut of it. My personal hatred of the Star goes back many years when they constantly attacked the Manor Estate, even on positive stories. Such as when the slagged off Manor Development Company site opening by Princess Anne. The centre was nearly full with small business before it opened and was soon full, so much so that they had to build a second site to cope with demands! I suspect other estates would benefit from such projects, run by local people. As opposed to building very large industrial units in Attercliffe, because the developers doesn't want to collect rents from small individual units, which there is a high demand for from small business such as those seen on the new Amazon TV advert.
  18. Just to let people know that posting Star Newspaper links is a waste of time, since any page is blocked by the registering process they use. You might be registered, but other people are not. And as the Star is a bad publication which attacks working class people, some of us will not support the publication by registering. I suggest if it is important for others to view than use a screen capture on the story and past it as a picture.
  19. Children were employed in all industries till 1880, when an act was passed that made school compulsory for anyone between 5 and 10. But it wasn't till 1918 that this was raised to 14. However some factory acts cut down the hours Children could work. Even so children were paid very little. Of course if you think that is bad, you should remember these days they can go to 18 without being paid at all! Probably why our economy is really bad, since we are subsidising children, who could in fact do some work and get paid. Instead of sending them to University were they paint murals on the hoardings surrounding the site of Sheffield Castle! See latest week 8 video of Sheffield Castle!
  20. Sheffield featured heavily in the first episode, with Norton Water Tower, Norfolk Park (at night) and also the Bus Station, plus other streets and places.
  21. It was only the passenger electric loco's (Class 77) that were sold to the Dutch, with the closure to passengers of the line. The other loco the Class 76 were kept running. As they were built in 1950, they were just knackered by the end of their service and scraped.
  22. I got on without doing a thing today. So whatever the fault was it has now cleared.
  23. It appears that the dig is only a nine week dig and that means only about three weeks are left now. From what I can see it looks like they have only dug in a few areas. One of which is a cross section of the moat. So I'm not really expecting a great deal from it. What remains to be seen if the rest of the site is fully dug up, before they start doing the make over of the site. Or is the nine week dig going to be all that happens? I think that will be a major disappoint for the hype there has been about the site.
  24. I'm having constant problems viewing this site still. When I got on the site to post this, and even selecting this thread produced a white screen, which only uploaded when I refreshed the screen. I have seen so many blank white screens I beginning to think that the site has a snow infection!