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    If you drive along the road that leads from Stannington village towards Hollow Meadows/Moscar for about two and a half miles, you will see on the right-hand side, close by a house called Crawshaw Lodge a wooded copse on the Rod Moor hill. Within this copse, which is surrounded by a stone wall, is an ancient cemetery. I discovered this many years ago in my push-biking years and at the time I was told by an old gentleman walking by, that it was the Bowcroft Cemetery. I have now learnt that the Bowcroft Cemetery is in fact a different cemetery situated much closer to Stannington on the Rivelin Valley side of the road. The cemetery by Crawshaw Lodge/Rod Moor is very similar in character to the Bowshaw one but rather bigger. I think that the Bowcroft Cemetery is mainly occupied by the quaker Shaw family. Perhaps the Society of Friends were not so friendly and different families had their own final resting places. Interestingly the cemetery at Rod Moor is marked on the 1:25000 OS map but Bowcroft isn't. Can anyone shed any light on the Rod Moor Cemetery which is a very spooky place even in broad daylight. HD
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    I seem to remember a former "Buffer girl" serving in the late 1970's. Lot of tattoos, parts of several fingers missing from her previous work. (My first post here for just over 2 years - Welcome back me !!)
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    Call me boring, and I wouldn't say this is the place to be scoring political points, but the upcoming election is a parliamentary general election, not a local election. The council aren't elected by a general election.
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    I'm sure you're right - PictureSheffield have this photo taken in October 1949 of the Broadfield Road/ London Road junction. The Flood photo is older though - in 1925 Boots Cash Chemists (Eastern) Ltd had a branch at 514,516,518 London Road and they'd been there since 1891.
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    Looks like the back of Hillsborough Library.
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