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  2. Here's a picture I think I scraped off eBay (and possibly flattened out in photoshop)
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  4. If you are looking for an event to visit this JULY, there is :- GLOSSOP CARNIVAL in Manor Park, SAT 6th & SUN 7th, with allsorts of attractions including, Live Music, Displays, Fun Fair, Mini Train Ride, Classic Cars, Tea Tent, Bar, Stalls. STANNINGTON CARNIVAL Pavillion Field, SAT 13th, Lots of Assorted Stalls to Browse, Live Entertainment, Arena Displays, Assorted Refreshments. https://www.eventyas.com/GB/Sheffield/Stannington-Carnival-2019
  5. I have an ongoing listing of gigs at the City Hall here, contributions welcomed! http://www.sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/
  6. Thank you again for all this very interesting information.
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  8. Hello Folks, Just posted a new podcast about the first time I went to The Limit in the summer of 1978. Follow the link to listen - http://smarturl.it/MyLifeInTheMosh Thanks Dodger
  9. in the top one of these 3 you can see where they are cutting it up.
  10. The small bit exposed the other day at Exchange/Blonk now more exposed.
  11. Possibly Moorfield Farm in the distance, Fulwood Lane, the llamas are between the bend in the road and Ringinglow? Is the trough hidden in the long grass?
  12. I think there used to be an advert for Dixon's Mint Rock featuring the figure of the rock man (if you google Dixon's Mint Rock, you can see the figure). "Mint rock King"
  13. I went past the old Beauchief Hotel this afternoon (that project seems to be going on forever) and noticed that the triangular pediment above the front door had been cleaned up - the text "Abbeydale Station" can now be seen, although partly hidden by an old fashioned lamp mounted there. No photo as I was in the car. In reference to the Sutcliffes: In January 1919 the licence of the Queen Adelaide on Hermitage Street / Bramall Lane was transferred from Mary Elizabeth Sutcliffe to George Sutcliffe. They took on the Queen Adelaide following their arrival from Shropshire in August 1909 and were there until 1923. In 1939 George (junior) was treasurer of the Abbeydale (Station Hotel) bowling club - the newspaper article below includes his photograph.
  14. Sorry, just seen the duplication! Some great pics on this thread.
  15. Further to the wheat growing, it's more or less opposite this site that was on the other side of Gleadless Road , photo from Troughs & Wells. The wheat is growing just beneath the trees off centre left.
  16. Fitzalan Square this morning. Nice section exposed.
  17. I made sure I took enough background in these ones, as placing them, may be more difficult in future (like with Blonk St ones) This should be easy to find old photo for
  18. Most troughs you would find in the Sheffield area would have been carved from a single block of gritstone or sandstone. In some areas of Yorkshire and Derbyshire where slate was easily available they were made of sheets of slate bound together with iron staples to make them watertight, I wonder if there are any of those left in the Sheffield area.
  19. An update on the model bus, I got one of the other EFE buses, the one running with 95 Intake on it, M.C.W. Orion body. And found it easy to convert the numbers. You can get transfers from Fox Transfers with some not all destinations and bus numbers. And you can populate with people too. That's a bit more tricky as you have to go under the bus and you will see two plastic lugs with EFE on them around the base of the metal poles that go all the way to the top of the roof. What you then need to do is prise out the lug with a small watchmakers screw driver. One both are removed the top section of the bus with come away with the floor and windows. I painted the seats and floor areas and glued suitably seated figures, (HO scale (1.87) are a bit smaller but will fit them better, even though the bus's are 1.76 scale. You might have to use the type with no legs on the middle seats, but the side seats and front have space for the legs! The driver and conductor are another matter. And like the real bus companies I have a shortage of both!! I did get one, the driver, though who was a legless type - reminds me of the Douglas Barder - bus company The conductor was converted from a postman, but his bag does look like the money bag they had. He stands on the door to the bus! The reason why the bus crew are adapted is because for 6 bus crew figures the charge is over £15! Lastly I did a small amount of dirt in place, mostly on the engine hood and some muck around the wheels and the roof looks less pristine. I did not fit the poles back, as they don't look right and it only needed a small amount of Bostick Solvent Free to stick it back on. Don't stick the people in the seats to close to the window sides or you will have problems getting it back together! To detach the poles from the roof just bend them over to the base of the roof. You think they might be held by a screw, but actually it's a pin head! I'll post a picture soon, it now goes to Firth Park on the number 4 route, which did go under the Wicker Arches. As for the Atlantean bus I have got the model. I will have to fit some people and change the number to a 277 bus, which went via Furnival Road. The back of that bus will also get dirty around the engine as most of them where mucky in that area, even worse during the winter! Buses tend to be a bit cleaner these days, but a 60's to early 70's bus were mostly grimy in some place or other! I have also added two more buses to the collection a Leyland DP2 which already has a 69 Rotherham on it! And a Leyland Leopard in green West Riding on the X33 heading to Sheffield. So I am recruiting for 3 bus drivers, who must be legless! And two conductors maximum height 20mm! I am assuming the driver took the money on the X33. The pictures: Some work still needed to tidy up the route numbers etc.
  20. A word of caution with anything like wheat and seed plants growing in now heavily populated areas. People feed birds these days and seeds they used are sometimes those type of plants. Indeed we ourselves have seen such plants growing in our garden. But these are down birds and other wildlife dropping them. Not what is left of farms. Not that I am saying that wheat plant is a bird seed dropped.
  21. Whilst we are on the subject of Fulwood village.Are there any photos showing the shops in the 60's & 70's ? The one on Picture Sheffield isn't very good.
  22. I noticed yesterday while walking home that despite the loss of the farmers that worked this valley, their crops are still coming through after around seventy years. The photo shows ears of wheat growing at the side of Gleadless Road just opposite where Newfield farm stood, the wheat isn't a solitary plant there's quite a few growing under the two trees. Just a reminder of a more leisurely life that we have now lost only to be replaced by a horrible environment. You can also see to the right of the wheat wild garlic is growing.
  23. I've often wondered how stone troughs were made. Did they just chip out the middle with a hammer and chisel or was there some way of cutting out the middle section?
  24. Thanks, I'll have a look at some old maps.
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