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  2. Brian Furniss


    In the mid 1950's, living in High Green, Potato Picking week was a couple of weeks before bonfire night. I guess what they now call "half term". I would only be ten or eleven at the time and around a dozen of us would spend the week up on Bank End Farm, Wortley with the farmer Alec Scholey. Yes it was hard work, cold and damp, especially if there had been a frost. We used to take our own metal bucket to collect the potatoes (plastic buckets weren't around in those days). We took sandwiches and his wife made us all a hot drink at lunchtime, when we were allowed to shelter from the damp and cold
  3. 31dec1966


    I grew up in Tibshelf, Derbyshire. In the 1960's it was common for kids to potato pick for local farmers at half term I think in the autumn. Some adults used to do it too, perhaps unemployed or housewives, I don't know. The farmer I knew was called Billy Hill, a lovely bloke, I used to go to his farm for eggs and straw/hay for my rabbits. I only went potato picking once. We lined up on our knees in the field and the tractor would be driven along turning up the spuds and you had to put them in buckets. At the end of the day we were paid a small amount and given a sack of potatoes to take
  4. Lysanderix


    Certainly back in the early 1950'sPotato Picking Week was a regular Autumn occurrence in the old Wortley Rural District Council area. Us kids, who played on the "Brook" ( the then boundary between Sheffield and the WRDC) were always envious of our mates who schooled t'other side of the stream and had a more interesting week, or so we thought, than did we .....On reflection a week bent over picking up spuds in a muddy field might not have been such a good way to spend a week but I seem to remember they received some sort of remuneration!
  5. James Houston

    Electoral Register 1920-23

    Has anyone got any access to the Electoral Register for 1920-23 for:- 83 Bolsover Rd and 32 Vickers Rd Sheffield Many Thanks Jim
  6. My late mother worked there in the 1940’s and 50’s, along with her work mates who remained lifelong friends, and strangely enough most went on to far bigger things. All were working class class women, which didn’t inhibit them, perhaps John Banners had something special going on.
  7. paulhib48

    Boys Brigade

    Does anyone have any recollection of the Savage family that were involved in the BB in Totley in the 50s? Dad and 2 sons, one called Michael and the other Brian, who was deaf. My old primary school mate and neighbour, Dave Lilleyman,was in the same troop.
  8. DaveJC

    Benalmadena Pueblo in Spain

    We’ve stayed at the La Fonda Hotel, to say we were slap bang in the middle of town it was one of the most laid back weeks we’ve ever spent, a lovely little place, thoroughly recommended. 👍
  9. Meersbrook

    Boys Brigade

    Hi John, Thank you so much for that. Think my father or uncle was Captain. Please also thank Tony for info
  10. At primary school in the 50s some of the pupils were absent for a week because they were going 'potato picking'. Not only did they get an extra holiday but they apparently got paid as well. The rest of us were miffed because we weren't allowed. It was all a bit of a mystery, - where did they go and was it officially endorsed? I understand it was regular practice in rural areas and school holidays would be arranged around harvest time. But we lived in an industrial city and I don't recall seeing any potato fields around here. Did anyone go potato picking?
  11. johnm

    Boys Brigade

    Hi Meersbrook, I understand from Tony Drury Smith that the Meersbrook company was 46th Sheffield. Cheers, John
  12. MartinR

    Us or Them?

    It's strange how childhood tribal loyalties stay with you isn't it? I've not lived in the city since 1974, and the last game I watched at Bramall Lane they still had the cricket square. However, whenever the Blades come up on the telly I check the score and hope for success. Crazy really, no-one in the family cares a fig for sports and yet you still wish your childhood team on!
  13. I’ve always, until recently, referred to my lifelong support of the Owls as being so close that I used the collective ‘us’ when mentioning anything Wednesday. Sadly and unintentionally I’ve started to say ‘them’, I guess that I’ve thrown in the towel. 😢
  14. Yesterday
  15. Meersbrook

    Boys Brigade

    Hi, Is there anyone out there with records of what BB Coy number it would be for Meersbrook Bank Methodist Chapel around 1930/1934. Cheers
  16. Meersbrook

    Norton Aerodrome

    Hi, If the building that you are on about is on Norton Ln it was built about 1939 as a AFS/NFS Fire Station for the war and was in operation as Sheffield Fire Brigade station No 3 till Low Edges Station was built
  17. Lysanderix

    What Happened?

    My belief is that Whitsuntide became "downgraded" when Harold Wilson's government created Spring Bank holiday. A few areas struggled on with Whit walks on the Sunday for a few years but, alas, another tradition "hit the dust".
  18. Lysanderix

    Express Dairy Milk Floats - Remember These ?

    Do we still have milk delivery rounds? I haven't seen a milk delivery vehicle ( electric or IC) in years... in my neck of the woods...everyone around here seems to buy their milk ,as and when, from a supermarket!
  19. BornOnShorehamStreet

    Closed Schools

    I have also heard many negative statements about DLS and like you, I enjoyed my time there which was from 1961 to 1969. I repeated my first year of 6th Form as I had missed quite a bit due to illness. I was the last Head Boy in my final year, 1968-1969 and I played for the Rugby first team and captained Clitheroe house football 2nd team. Played cricket for the school second eleven as well and played once for the school basketball team. I had friends who went on to play United and Huddersfield Town, some of whom I'm still in touch with. Great school trips in the summer holidays as well. France,
  20. Last week
  21. Dave Watson


    Thank you. Any idea where they were produced? Kind Regards, Dave
  22. Lysanderix


    As previously stated many of the early landings were in connection with the exploration/exploitation of North Sea oil and gas. The Geologists at Sheffield University were deeply involved and flights brought them samples to examine and estimate the viability of the fields.
  23. I've one similar, again from Birmingham, with a date mark of 1908. I was told by my grandfather it was a football medal, but I can't give any details.
  24. kidneystone


  25. Lemmy117


    I would think the Rutland Road heliport is no longer used, most landings were for hospital use, and they now have a helipad at the Northern General. Weston Park is still used for the children's hospital and Hallamshire, but they now land on the grass, not where the pad used to be marked. Nigel L
  26. Calvin72


    Great stuff! They are indeed often placed for an underground water course.
  27. Dave Watson


    Remnants of Watery Lane. Inspection chamber covers along the course of Watery Lane on what is now The Ponderosa which survive as markers of where the street was originally laid. I recorded them in the following order walking east to west and estimate them to be situated near the following positions in comparison with the old streets that also existed at the time. 1 = Watery Lane/Adelphi St/Fountain Square 2 = Watery Lane /Adelphi St 3 = Watery Lane 4 = Watery Lane near the junction with Hammond St. Watery Lane originally existed as a track that ran from Port Mahon
  28. Dropout


    Old thread, New Post. I was reading about the work of Sheffield Wildlife Trusts lately.... & wondered how "The Helibase", aka Parkwood Springs, was doing now. We lived at "Shurcliffe", when I was a boy, (4 - 18yrs) (though we called it Shirecliffe), so the Footy pitches, the Helibase & all that surrounding waste scrubland, were our "play areas". From the Top of Cookswood Road/Shirecliffe Road, there was an old Holly/Ivy/scrubby/grass and bush area, which had been part of the Barrage Balloon/military encampment during WW2 - and some of the old "Dug in gun turrets" were st
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