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  2. Prior to being Toyland, it was Wells Toyshop, owned by a brown smocked Mr. Wells. I remember being glued to the window at every opportunity in my childhood, a magical wonderland indeed. Our new Raleigh bikes for Christmas 1964 came from there, secured months earlier with a 10/- deposit.
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  4. At least these prove it existed : https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s37159&prevUrl= https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s37160&prevUrl=
  5. I would love to see a photo of this shop.There's nothing on Picture Sheffield.
  6. Fire Map shows it clearly http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/onlineex/firemaps/england/yorkshire/largeimage149995.html
  7. Thanks Tozzin, It's just strange that a man who owned a house on Fir Street Walkley had a property on Daisy Bank in 1864-5 according the Burgess Rolls. None of the family seem to known of it's existence so I wondered if it had been a nursing home as he died a few years later.
  8. Thanks for your information.
  9. Further to your enquiry, these names are from the Sheffield directories that I have. DAISY BANK 1845 Clayton Wm. Henry. valuer and broker, 22 Paradise sq; h Daisy bank Hancock Wm. spring knife manufacturer, Daisy bank Mason Wm. file manufacturer, court 80 Whitecroft; h 103 Daisy bank Powell George, fork manufacturer, Daisy bank Smilter John, shopkeeper, 71 Daisy bank Smith John, razor manufacturer ; house Daisy bank Sorby Ann, dressmaker, 79 Daisy bank Turton Thomas, warehouseman, 101 Daisy bank Wood John, bookkeeper, Daisy bank ----------------------------------------------- 1849 Birks Thomas, springknife manufacturer. (fish-hook, &c.) 41 Daisy bank Bishop Samuel, cowkeeper, Daisy bank Clayton Wm. Henry. valuer & broker,22 Paradise square; h Daisy bank / maybe brothers Clayton John, auctioneer, valuer, bailiff, and furniture broker, 26 Paradise square; house Daisy bank Cooley Daniel, collector for Infirmary, & Mission school, 93 Daisy bank Hancock Wm. and Sons, springknife manufacturers, Daisy bank Mason Wm. file manufacturer, et 80 Whitecroft; h 103 Daisy bank Powell George, fork and steel maker and cutlery founder, Daisy bank ---------------------------------------------- 1856 Terry Stanley. postman, Daisy bank Clayton Wm. Henry, valuer, 22 Paradise square; h Daisy bank Fleming Mr. Charles James, senior. Daisy bank Hancock Wm. & Son, spring knife manufacturers,Daisy bank Newbould Edwin, table knife mfr. US Campo lane; h 58 Daisy bank Newbould Henry. & Joseph, scissor mfrs. (Geo. & Sons;) h Daisy bank Oxley Joseph. shopkeeper. and coal dlr. Daisy bank (Wm. Jnr) Cemetery rd Pearson John N. engraver's tool mfr. Brownell st; h Daisy bank Powell George, fork maker and cutlery founder, Daisy bank Wood John, traveller, Daisy bank 11 John (jnr) 45 Milton street ------------------------------------------ 1862 Sheldon Wm., Daisy bank Hancock Wm. & Son (Geo.), Daisy bank DAISY WALK Carr Thomas, cowkeeper, Daisy walk Oxley Joseph, shopkeeper and coal dealer,Daisy walk Scholey Robert, bone button and mould mnfr., 19 Daisy walk --------------------------------------- 1879 DAISY :BANK. (Upper St.Philip's rd.) 1 Hall Henry. clock cleaner & confectioner Courts 1 and 3 Bk.43 Cowley Reuben, cartowner 24: Law Thomas, shopkeeper 28 Atkin Mrs Charlotte, dressmaker Court 2 DAISY WALK. (186 Upper Alien st.) 5 Pepper Thomas, shopkeeper Court -Nelson John, coal dealer Court 3 25 Horton Benjamin, cowkeeper Court 5 31 HolIingsworth ·Wm. shopkeeper 39 Goddard William, shopkeeper Courts 7 and 9 71 Gillott Joseph, table blade forger DAISY :BANK. (Upper St.Philip's rd.) 1 Hall Henry. clock cleaner & confectioner Courts 1 and 3 Bk.43 Cowley Reuben, cartowner Court 2 - Allen George, clock cleaner Berry Joseph, spring knife manufacturer Court 4 34 Pollard Miss Lydia, shopkeeper Court 6 Fullelove Mark, file manufacturer Hartley John & Son, cutlery mfrs Hartley John (J. & Son) Hartley Alfred (J. & Son) Wilde Thomas, spring knife mfr Copley Henry, spring knife mfr Fawcett street 70 Oxley Joseph, coal dealer ......... Upper St. Phillips.~ road ---------------------------------------- 1911 DAISY BANK. (117 Upper St. Philip's road.) '{No thoroughfare.) 1 Barker James Henry, herbalist 37 Powell Fredk. Wm. shopkeeper Court 1 Court 3 Atlcin William Henry, coal dlr 18 Sally George, drainer 30 Moulds John, scissors borer &hardener Court 2 50 Oxley Thos. spring knife cutler 54 Swindell Miss Mary A. dress maker DAISY WALK. (188 Upper .Allen street.) Court 1 17 N ad in Mrs. Sarah Ann, coal dlr Court 3 25 Lindley John Arthur, shopkeeper Courts 5 &: 7 Porton Henry, file cutter Court 9 ...... Upper St. Philip's road ..... . BROOMPARK Mission room 93 Watts Luther, caretaker Court 4 Court 6 38 Wheelhouse G. & Co. drysalters Fawcett street ..... Upper St. Philip's road ..... . Daisy bank 8 Blossom John householder : 10 Blossom James. friendly societies' accountant 14 Lee Joseph Wm. car conductor Court 1 16 Shepherd Arthur, householder 18 Robinson John, horsekeeper 20 Abbott Arth. Henry, policeman Fulton road Aizlewood road
  10. Hi Lois I've had a look on the 1861 census! A couple of the dwellings on Daisy Bank have a nurse living within the household, but there doesn't appear to be a Nursing Home. The General Infirmary was located in the area!
  11. I believe the pond in the photo is a modern development used as a hazard for the golf course. A stream runs down from Bocking Lane direction that could have been dammed or diverted to create various ponds near the Abbey. I would guess that stone would have been cut from natural outcrops, there are plenty in the area, right up into the moors.
  12. Does anyone know if there was a nursing home on Daisy Bank in 1860 and has anyone got any information about it? Thanks, Lois.
  13. Hi I also come from a large family of Ellis’s and Elliott’s from around that area, including several Frank’s and Walter’s. I will double check my tree later and let you know if we are connected Sharon Ellis
  14. The tobacconist, Michael Mower had a ornate Rams Head in his window,with silver mounts on its horns plus other silver embellishments, if I recall correctly in the centre of its head it had a large circular snuff box that had a lid, I’ll never forget that Rams Head it was in the corner window on Norfolk Street.
  15. Norfolk Street, (Norfolk Row to Surrey Street), 1957 directory.
  16. This is great Edmund, I did try to email you but you’re not receiving any. I went to Howard Street this morning and took photos of Samuels old works plus a few of No’s 42 & 44 Howard Street but I’ve installed a new internet security programme and because I didn’t give the ok for them to be saved via the new program I lost them, so I’m back down tomorrow to re- take them, thank god for digital cameras. Thanks again Edmund and Happy New Year.
  17. Samuel, son of Luke and Sarah Mettam of Scholes was born on 29th September 1789 and baptised at Rotherham Minster on 25th October. On 21st October 1811 he married Hannah Mettam at Rotherham minster. His father Luke was a Haft Presser at Barker Pool in 1841. At the beginning of September 1832, during the cholera outbreak, a soup kitchen was opened on the premises of Roberts and Mettam at the bottom of Howard street. The disease had paralysed local trade and caused an upsurge in poverty. In August 1833 Mettam, Roberts and Mettam were operating from premises in Hollis Croft owned by the Trustees of the Hollis Hospital. In March 1826 the partnership between James Roberts and Samuel Mettam (unable to sign his name) (Wholesale and Retail Brewers) was dissolved. In 1837 Samuel, Horn Presser &c was living at Clough Cottage (White’s Directory) At the 1841 census Samuel was a Merchant living at Clough Bank with wife Hannah and offspring James 15,Caroline 20, Eliza 15, Sarah 13, and Maria 10, also married daughter Mary Anne Pearce and her husband. In 1851 they were still at Clough lane, St Marys, Samuel was a Horn Merchant employing 15 men, 3 boys and 3 girls. As well as wife Hannah, living with him was widowed daughter Mary Ann, son George Henry 30, born in Jamaica), James 28, Sarah Ann 23, Maria 20 and grandchildren Alfred, Hannah and Thomas. On 3rd April 1854 James Roberts of Roberts and Mettam, Barker Pool died aged 52. In March 1854 Samuel advertised that Samuel Mettam – Horn Cutter and Presser (late of the Firm of Roberts and Mettam Pool Square) has removed to Howard Horn Works, Howard Street. In October 1854 on the premises formerly occupied by Mettam and Roberts in Barkers Pool , a 10 horsepower beam engine was offered for sale. In December 1854 the partnership between James Roberts and Samuel Mettam (unable to sign his name) Haft Pressers and Merchants, was dissolved due to the death of Mr Roberts. In May 1856 Samuel (of the Howard horn works) entertained his workmen to a substantial dinner at Mr Hydes’ house, the Sportsman’s Inn on Paternoster Row. In December of that year, George Henry died aged 36, he was the only remaining living son of Samuel’s, and had worked for his father at Howard street. In December 1857 William and John Mettam of Rockingham lane, Umbrella Handle Manufacturers assigned all the material belonging to their partnership to John Merrill, Horn Merchant of Holly street, presumably to be sold for the benefit of their creditors. In January 1860 Samuel was advertising for Haft Pressers for his works at Howard street In 1871 at the census, Samuel was a widowed Horn Merchant, living at Cherry Mount (St Peters) with daughter Maria, her husband Thomas Hodgkinson who was a clerk for Samuel, and a grandson. On 25th July 1870 Samuel died aged 84 at Clough Cottage.
  18. In 1974 the first shop past the Upper Chapel, was the Typewriter Centre,(which I think you entered via the Jeffie Bainbridge entrance ) then the S M C Shirt Shop and then the Concord Chinese Restaurant, I have a feeling that the Restaurant was named Hudson's at one time, the dining area was up a flight of stairs as you went in, I can remember going in a couple of times.
  19. The Concord chinese was at 106 Surrey Street. The Childrens Shelter itself appears to have used the first and second floors (marked 2 & 3 on the map). The Halifax Building Society first moved in during 1917, following the loss of premises jointly operated with the Halifax and District Permanent Banking Co. at 53/55 Surrey Street, which were lost on the takeover of the latter by the Union Bank of Manchester.
  20. Has anyone any information on this chap Mr Samuel Mettam, as you can see he was working at 57 Howard Street, his workshops are still there next to the Howard Hotel. 1825 57 Howard st. Mettam, Roberts and Co. manufacturers. of horn table knife..handles ami scales, umbrella and parasol handles, &c.dealers in bones, horns, horn tips, buck and stag horns, 1879 METTAM FAMILY Mettam John, (j) horn presser, 35 Pomona street Mettam Samuel, wood turner, Pool works, Burgess street; h 114 Wellington street Mettam Thomas, (j) scale presser, Robertshaw street Mettam William, (j) stay busk maker, 38 Eldon street Mettam William, general wood turner, Trippet lane; h 1,Court 7, Rockingham street Mettam William, wood turner, Holly Street Works, 6 and (h) Holly street; h I, Court 7, Rockingham street Mettam George, stay busk, corset fastener and logging
  21. Looks like it The Childrens Shelter certainly has two of those large carriage sized entrances.
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  23. On the subject of punk, I'm sure you are probably aware that The Clash played their first ever show in Sheffield, incase you aren't then check this link... https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/the-birth-of-the-clash-956305.html
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