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  2. The Wicker in the 1960's - recognise these shops?

    I occasionally worked at that Timpson shop as a relief manager about the time of this picture. On the top floor was a machine to spray shoes a different colour, Shoes from all the other branches were sent there for that service, it had a special name but I can't remember what it was.
  3. Can you guess where this is?

    Amazing really, as to how so many of the buildings have remained so little changed, except superficially The only really big change is that the bridge has been widened and the parapets rebuilt.
  4. Street name help please

    Could the word be 'Union' ?
  5. When was this built and when did it close?

    It was still open in 1980. To the top left is the Central Library with Arundel Gate snaking away into the distance. The oblong building is part of Sheffield Hallam University, formerly the Polytechnic. On the horizon is Hyde Park Flats. The Wedding Cake Register Office isn't on this image, so the image predates that missed building.
  6. When was this built and when did it close?

    Where was it exactly? I left Sheffield in 1970 and I can't place it. Maybe because I never saw it from that angle.
  7. When was this built and when did it close?

    Built in the second half of the 1960's .... around '65 to '68. Don't know the date it closed.
  8. When was this built and when did it close?

    I’m not sure when it was built but I can remember driving through it in the later part of the 90’s. You allowed both ways at first then it went to one way and finally closed altogether. Always enjoyed aride ride through there.
  9. Yesterday
  10. The Austin Sheerline Ambulance, there's a short interesting thread here.....https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=620137
  11. We are quite lucky...

    Love this photo, so beautiful, thanks for sharing. My favourite gem in town has to be the beautiful town hall building, I have never fully had a tour round here though, has anyone else? I have seen the odd room when I have had meetings but not a full tour. I also like the old town hall building, this looks interesting. Has anyone been in here? Both buildings have wonderful architecture, its a shame the council doesnt look after the Old town hall as much as the new.
  12. Hi boginspro. I’m not at all knocking the site. I really wouldn’t have joined if I didn’t think it was worthwhile. Neil does an excellent job and does try to please everybody. Regarding your comments re History and Expats on Sheffield Forum, I really do believe that the vast majority log on to these sites to reminisce about modern history. That means that memories of the 50s and onwards are where most people’s interests lie and they’re the threads that get the most response. Im nearly 70 and a proud Sheffielder. I’m interested in all things related to our city’s history but reminiscing is really what most of us like to do. The reason I’ve joined is because it offers something that SF doesn’t. I just feel that on here you can post and post and if you get no reaction then ultimately you’ll lose interest in posting at all. With Neil’s other site, the Matchday Section is by far the most popular and though he tries to divert things into different sections that isnt popular I don’t believe that most people are aware of Unread Content or other functions. They google Sheffield History then hit on the most frequented section which is the Chat Section and even if they join they may not use those functions. I believe that you’re a longtime regular poster on here and I really don’t want to upset the status quo. I just think that a lot of people could be encouraged to post with a more stripped down format.
  13. PAULDENS Department Store in Sheffield City Centre

    They also had a food hall on the ground floor (to the left as you entered from The Moor, I recall.
  14. Street name help please

    I am thinking the same, could we please have a scan of that document?
  15. Sorry but I am going to stick up for this site, I am on Sheffield Forum but only use the History and Expats bit, but to me a lot of what is on there is not really history, just , modern memories ( OK I am getting on a bit) and a problem on that site is the lack of pictures and maps. Anyone on this site can use the Unread Content or Activity button to be up to date all the time.
  16. The Wicker in Sheffield City Centre on a wintery evening Recognise anything?
  17. 65 Westbourne Rd

    Nice photo though.
  18. 65 Westbourne Rd

    This is no.51....... close, but no cigar! No. on right hand gatepost.....
  19. 65 Westbourne Rd

    I'm afraid this isn't 65 Westbourne Road I don't know who put it up but this is No 65, garden overgrown not like the one with pristine Privet hedge. Also here's the Roundel mentioned.
  20. 65 Westbourne Rd

    I think this article does the job, however it does skate over the circumstances of his bankruptcy just prior to his death. On 9th January 1884 in Sheffield County Court, the first meeting of the creditors of James Herbert Stacey of 65 Westbourne Road, hatter, in partnership with Willaim Turton Stacey, trading as Stacey and Son. Their joint account showed liabilities of £1069 and assets of £312. Possibly his failed business with his son as hatters brought down the rest of his empire? In 1851 W.T. Stacey was living at his Music Selling premises at 101 West street. In 1871 W.T.Stacey was living at 61 Wesbourne Road: In 1881 W.T. Stacey had moved into 65 Westbourne Road (assuming the numbering had not changed) Lucy Pottenger and family were at No 61 and Marriott Oakes at No.63.
  21. Where is this?

    C.V. Blows and Company, Road Haulage Contractors of 110 Bellenden Road S.E.15 went into liquidation in February 1951
  22. Where is this?

    Hours? More like many days for some of us Revisited it many times and concluded some time ago that it wasn't Sheffield, but that meant it was (for me) like looking for a needle in a haystack. It looks to me like BASSWRITER has found that needle.
  23. Where is this?

    I remember this thread when it was first posted - kept us all guessing for hours!
  24. Still Searching:

    Hi there. I went to TAPTON Sept 1964 to July 1968. My two form teachers during those years were Mr Grant and Mr Phillips. I remember the school houses were Brown, Firth, Mappin and Osbourne, and the lady who took us girls for sewing classes was Mrs Korklin. ( spelling might be wrong ) I am still good friends with two other girls that went there at that time. I remember on 'hot days', an ice cream van was allowed to park at the gate entrance, and we could buy all kinds of flavoured ice lollies.
  25. Oh yea, Mum and I would sometimes go up there for a 'rest' on a Friday, after a long trape round the market, with my fidgety toddler in a pushchair, resulting in a load of weekend shopping, and a need for a sit down. Mum would take the shopping, and I would carry my daughter and pushchair up the stairs. We usually had to wait a bit, as it was such a busy little place, I think often, kind folks took pity on us saying, " 'ere ya are love, sit 'ere, we're just goin' ", it was much appreciated. The staff were 'good old yorkshire lasses', serving good hot food ,in good portions, with a good cup of tea, and always had a friendly chat with everyone. Shame, it's all gone.
  26. I still agree - don’t think it needs 3 separate ones for pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. or 2 for cinema and movies etc.
  27. Street name help please

    Don't know an "Open Bridge St", just a Bridge St. Any chance it could be a different word?
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