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  2. DaveJC

    The Sheffield Flood

    Sheffield disaster victims Flood 300 (circa) Blitz. 660 Hillsborough 96 Pre Clean Air Act respiratory fatalities. Many thousand, but somehow it appears to be more acceptable to kill many over a longer period of time.
  3. The time captured in one small paragraph, my Dad took me into the fish market on Saturday Afternoon for a plate of cockles or mussels, the place was heaving so I had to hold his hand all the time we were in there otherwise I could be swept along with the crowd, it was the only place I’ve ever seen a deer hung up ready to be butchered. All gone, Sheffield is a shadow of what it use to be, the Market is a poor substitute for what we lost. I hate the supermarkets, I would much rather see the small independent shops, grocers, butchers, green grocers, clothes shops, shoe shops, toy shops but their
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  5. fentonvillain

    Photos of Sheffield City Centre from the 1950's

    A walk down town on a Saturday morning was a snapshot of life in its entirety. People everywhere. And you always bumped into someone you knew! Not like now ! Both my mum and dad worked on Saturday mornings so it was up to me to do a regular trip round the various bills to be paid......the estate agent in Norfolk Row for the rent, Burnett and Hallamshire in Change Alley to pay the coal bill, the YEB in Commercial Street and so on. Dodging the crowds, hearing the hawkers, the whine of the trams....absolute joy! Not so much fun when coal was in short supply, though. The wheelbarrow trip to
  6. Sheffield History

    Funeral Scene - anyone recognise this cemetary?

    Awesome thank you!! Appreciated!
  7. ManoutotCity

    Darnall Territorial Army Centre

    Actually, in a sense, it does. If we assume that ALL local units participated in this ‘Saturday Night’ TA recruiting shot - on the basis that it would be unlikely that any would abstain (as the aim of the mini-adverts would be to increase their individual manpower levels - a competitive exercise) then we can see the TAC locations within each of the inserts. There is no mention that I can see, of a TAC at Greenland Road. Conclusion? There may have been a building, derelict or otherwise but it wasn’t occupied or active. It was possibly a product of the inter-Wars response to the impending NAZ
  8. I've never been in so don't know whether the interior is (or has been) that austere, but the patterning of the glass that the bloke is peering over appears a close match to that at the Rivelin, Under Tofts.
  9. Edmund

    The Sheffield Flood

    Here is the text of Mary Walton's Foreword to the reprint of the Samuel Harrison book in 1974: FOREWORD At the time of the major air raid on Sheffield in 1941, there were jokes around which rather shocked some people about it being “the only exciting thing which had happened in Sheffield since The Flood”. It is not really at all unnatural to find a disaster exciting; and indeed the combination of stunned horror and counteracting frenzy of activity were alike at both times. Certain it is that “The Flood” (which was the most destructive event of its nature in England) has always r
  10. Patricia

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    I worked there for a coupleof years. The white boots were awful to wear. By the end of the night your feet were soaking wet because the boots were plastic. When I got home I took mine off and left them outside the back door because of the smell. Anybody remember one of the dancers....Linda Go Go
  11. Two girls with arch, time office to the left Dixons.
  12. Hello! Since November we've been running rare archive films and television from the region on Sheffield Live TV (Freeview ch.7 / Live Stream) Details here: https://www.instagram.com/memorydance/ Local History Society returns with new episodes in 2021. We start next Wednesday with a special community video documentary from the 1990s produced by SCRAP (Sheffield Community Recycling Programme), Don't Rubbish The Inner City! Weds 27th January Weds 3rd February 7PM-8PM DRTIC was made as a snapshot of 're-use, repair and recycling' in the City and features initiatives an
  13. Full film up here on my vimeo alongside all other Sheffield Film Co-op titles https://vimeopro.com/alexglenwilson/sheffield-film-co-op digitised from original material with blessing of SF
  14. Edmund

    Darnall Territorial Army Centre

    Below is a page from the Green Un in 1951 - interesting but doesn't help with the Greenland Road question. The volume of National Servicemen needing to be accommodated was such that prefabs were needed for some Regiments HQs despite War Office policy that future TA Centres would be permanent buildings.
  15. ManoutotCity

    Darnall Territorial Army Centre

    I did wonder if there was anything on an old period/map... Well spotted! But I’m afraid it’s still without my personal knowledge which covers, fairly comprehensively, local military installations, in particular. Moreover, at one time, I had friends living in that area who, even knowing my interest, never mentioned such a place. Clearly we never know as much as we think/hope we may do but I haven’t a clue about that location - more particularly, any unit which may have been based there and again I’ve a particularly long- standing and extensive knowledge of units in the Sheffield Area over
  16. There was a guy on the tv a couple of days ago saying that the high street is now dead, so best get used to it. Well I had worked this our a few years ago when I started buying clothing from the likes of Sainsbury’s and Tesco and electrical appliances on-line. However I just wonder what the folk pictured in some of the turn of the 19th century images would have imagined the city centre to look like in say the 1960’s, in essence all that we are part and parcel of is change, some of it going full circle, just have a Google at the amount of city centre living there is now compared to then, you mi
  17. RLongden

    Darnall Territorial Army Centre

    Would this be the place I wonder? Map from 1960-65 Current aerial view puts it approximately in the red circle... https://www.old-maps.co.uk/index.html#/Map/439500/388500/13/100765
  18. History dude

    Photo Of Redgates !

    Some pictures from the Sheffield Star 2018. The model railway is a Hornby Dublo layout so late 1950's early 60's. It looks like the later two rail trains.
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  20. ManoutotCity

    Darnall Territorial Army Centre

    I’m sorry for such a late reply to this enquiry but Im fairly new to the SH site. If the moment hasn’t passed, for yourself, or others, for what it’s worth, here’s my response to your interesting question. Although the study of military installations, including barracks sites ,is a significant area of my work as a specialist, military, historian as well as a former, long-term resident of Sheffield (and someone in their second, half-century!) I’m afraid I know of no TAC ever been on Greenland Road an area Im fairly familiar with. The nearest TAC being at Manor Top, situated between
  21. skelton

    laver family

    1891 census, 14 Southern St. Attercliffe-cum-Darnall, Sheffield. Robert Laver, 53 Colliery engineman, born Ardsley, Yks. (In 1901 he gives Silkstone as his place of birth). Sarah A Laver, wife, 42, born Wath-upon-Dearne. Horace Laver, son, 14, born Masbro. Albert Laver, son, 13, born Masbro. Kate Laver, dau, 10, born Treeton. Minnie Laver, dau, born Staincross. Lucy Laver, dau, born Platts Common. Edith Laver, dau, born Sheffield. In 1881, there is also Emily Laver aged 10 and Fred Laver aged 8. They are at 2 Orchard Place, Wath-upon-Dearne.
  22. Used to visit there with the various Volvos I had the pleasure of owning (like VW Beetles, where have they all gone to - there used to be hundreds/thousands of 240s,7’s among others, on the roads 70s-90s?) Always helpful. We were discussing how strong those cars were one day, when the fella there told me, of him, in the absence of a proper recovery truck, recovering a LORRY (I think, off the A1) with I think, he said, using one of the more powerful 265 six cylinder cars! Knowing how they pulled, I didn’t doubt the tale... Great cars, great times and as others have recorded here,
  23. Roger Stevenson

    Nunnery colliery shaft cap

    Hi miamivice and apologies for a late response. I worked at the BT depot, that car park was for the lads that worked from there. I watched as lorries came and dumped 100's of loads of waste bricks / materials etc down the shaft.
  24. Okay, so, I have tried not to count the ones you have already mentioned above, and this is what I have got so far: William Lawson, '2' (Hornby) Thomas Black '49' (Bachmann, triple set with next two wagons) Tinsley Park Collieries '2241' (as above) Newton Chambers '3751' (as above) Renishaw Iron '917' (Oxford Rail) Nunnery Colliery '1574' (limited edition, by Bachmann for Geoffrey Allison) Manchester & Sheffield Tar Works '19' (limited edition, by Bachmann for Rails) Sheffield & Ecclesall Co-op 'No 13' (limited edition, by Dapol for unknown)
  25. ManoutotCity

    Gentleman's Outfitters

    I well recall, periodically, spending Saturday afternoons in BGs sumptuous tailors shop, shown here. I was only a kid, 10 or so but even at that tender age couldn’t but be impressed at premises ...the spaciousness of the place - big soft leather couches, piles of expensive ‘coffee table magazines’ which probably cost a chunk out of an average working persons wage, though mainly directed at men in those days, so no ‘Hellos’ or ‘Beanos’ for long - suffering wives and kids waiting for husband or dad to be measured up, fitted, or whatever. Tea, Coffee provide in a civilised way - NO confounded, v
  26. lysandernovo

    The CRUCIBLE THEATRE in Sheffield City Centre

    Before it was built an appeal went out for funds. One offered the chance to "sponsor" a building block. My Church "sponsored" a couple. For the life of me I can't remember how much we paid but it was for a good cause!!!
  27. I tend to agree. Sheffield , post War , was a thriving town...with full employment, purpose and, as you say, lots of hope . Sheffield's politicians, of either persuasion, seemed to want the best for the City and were, perhaps, a little patronising....they tended to know "best". Decades earlier the City had been described as...."dull but well run" By the mid 60s it was still well run but becoming, outwardly, less dull with the opening of night clubs and changes in entertainment... but pubs and clubs were probably at their zenith. I well remember the tram stop outside C and A Modes..... the
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