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  2. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    For your information the letters on the bridge BB & JH refer to Benjamin Blonk and John Huntsman. Blonk Street was so called because when it was made the "tilt" shown on the map on the river side of Blonk St.was "The Wicker ***" belonging to the Blonk Family. On the other side of Blonk St. was "The Wicker Wheel" also belonging to the Blonk Family. You will also see a third grinding shop belonging to the Blonks at the end of the dam to the right of "Blonk Island". Later on John Huntsman had a Huntsman Melting Furnace at the end of the Wicker Tilt building. If you look through the large window nearest to Blonk Bridge you will see the chimney of the Huntsman furnace preserved as a monument. Remember the old Sheffield saying "Down T'Wicker were t'water goes o'er t'weir" the weir on the upstream side of Ladys Bridge diverted water to the Wicker Tilt and Wicker Wheel. I learnt all about this by carrying out research for descendants of this branch of the Blonk family who live in Australia. My Blonk family come from a later branch of the Blonk family
  3. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station - Then & Now

    Working now! Second to last shows some remains of foundations and cobblestones on the approach to the subway.
  4. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station - Then & Now

    Yes. Here's a picture of how it once looked (I took some photos of the underpass but it won't let me upload, says 'queued' but never does anything). The wall is a good reference point, I wonder if it's the same one? You can see the remains of the kerb running with it on your picture. The building seems to cover the entrance to the subway, I don't know the year but I don't think it was there in the station's later life. I'm sure I can remember the white fence being there though before they demolished the remains and put up the metal fence.
  5. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    Quote from Picture Sheffield, ------- " The development was built 1899-1900 for John Henry Bryars, an animal breeder & vet. Royal Exchange Buildings comprised 20 two bedroomed flats, houses for the veterinary surgeon & groom; shops;veterinary surgery and dogs home. Castle House belonged to the Veterinary Surgeon. Further along a multi-storey stables with iron frame and internal ramps for access. In 1931 the stables were converted to a pea-canning factory for Batchelors and later occupied by Hancock & Lant Ltd., furniture store. See: Pevsner Architectural Guides, Sheffield, Ruth Harman & John Minnis Ref: 720.94274 S " http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;C03394&pos=50&action=zoom&id=3636 and the buildings are on the British Listed Buildings site here ------- https://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101246501-royal-exchange-buildings-and-adjoining-castle-house-city-ward
  6. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    The Alexandra Theatre was to the right of your picture at the end of Blonk Street over hanging the River Sheaf. Explained better on this post. ----------
  7. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station - Then & Now

    Would it be round here on the right where the gate is?
  8. Help needed - Was this Wicker building a hotel?

    Ahhh!! A few people wrong on Facebook who insist it was a hotel Thanks guys
  9. The building next to Wicker Arches in Sheffield City Centre

    Thank you That's what I was hoping to film but couldn't find it
  10. Sheffield's Underground Rivers

    Patrick Dickinson is one of my favourite Youtubers and I've subscribed to his channel Soooooo good
  11. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    So where was the Alexandra Theatre then? Surely not the same place?
  12. SADACCA building on The Wicker in Sheffield

    A few photo's on Picture Sheffield, there is also a bit of information with this one -------- http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s27784&pos=16&action=zoom&id=30174
  13. Sheffield's Underground Rivers

    Thanks for the link, plenty to go at there.
  14. SADACCA building on The Wicker in Sheffield

    oooh interesting. Gonna hunt down some photos of that then
  15. Did anyone used to work at the old abandoned DYSON Factory in Sheffield? Do you recognise any of this?
  16. The Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield

    I think it was the end of the line for Sheffield's other railway station and the hotel was named the Royal Victoria Hotel. Without researching it, my recollection is that the trains came into the base of the hotel and people had direct access to the hotel.
  17. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    I think the Royal Exchange was a later name as Castle House is literally set in stone, the building was also used by Batchelors
  18. Sheffield's Underground Rivers

  19. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    The main building fronting the Wicker was called the Royal Exchange building, or Royal Exchange Flats. Built sometime around 1900 I think. Castle House was the headquarters of The Fellowship Of The Services for many years. If picturesheffield.com and it's search wasn't so useless these days I could post links to some interesting photos.
  20. Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    I've read somewhere that the flats that face Lady's bridge and Nursery Street were originally called Castle House, the windows just above the river was where the dogs were kept when it was a Dogs Home when it re-located there from the Pond Street area in c1900 I think , it wasn't used for long as it was always damp because of the river often flooding the place. The ornamental front door was the entrance and you can still make out the name. At the end of the walk on Blonk Street bridge you can see the initials of one of the men who ran the stables there plus possibly the vets initials too, the chap that owned and ran the stables also had stabling and shoeing available at 30-36 Burton Road now known as the Yellow Arch Recording Studios but the Horseshoe above the arch tells just what it was .
  21. There was a lift and stairs leading up to the station.
  22. SADACCA building on The Wicker in Sheffield

    Steelmaker Samuel Osborn's offices.
  23. The Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield

    It still is the Royal Victoria Hotel, I've never known it without royal in the title. Its proper name now is the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Hotel. http://royalvictoriahotel.co.uk/phone/index.html
  24. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station - Then & Now

    It closed to general passengers in 1959, but was in occasional use for football special services the last of which was in 1996 (I guess that was for Euro '96). I didn't know the subway was there until they dug it out last year some time. I've seen some old pics though and there was originally a building there which you would have had to pass through to access the subway, maybe the ticket office so that customers could pay on the way to access the platforms? Might be going down that way today, if I do I'll get a photo of the excavations.
  25. It wasn't a Hotel it was a Bank. The Sheffield & Hallamshire.
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