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  2. Hopman

    Tinsley Park Cemetery - plot number map

    Failing that contact Bereavement Services at City Road and they should be able to help. I doubt if any memorials have been laid flat and covered over. More likely is that the plots never had a memorial.
  3. jimmydunneclone

    Commonside - anyone got photos?

    There's a photo on Picture Sheffield of where the bungalows are opposite the Hallamshire House just below The Closed Shop ; just after the previous properties were demolished in 1971.
  4. Sheffield History

    Say hello and introduce yourself to the community!

    Hi Jack! Welcome!
  5. Hi.My name is Jack Vickers,i was born in Gleadless,Seagrave Crescent in 1947,i went to Gleadless county school and then Hurlfield,had lots of different jobs,mostly as a sales rep.Lived in Dronfield,intake,Bradway and now North Anston,been married for 51 years 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.
  6. Jen13

    Wednesday FA Cup team 1883 pictures

    Found this article in the Sporting Life 9th January1883. Jenny Edit: try Owlstalk.co.uk they have some old photos but not sure of dates.
  7. Jen13

    Tinsley Park Cemetery - plot number map

    Put a posting on Sheffield Indexers and I'm sure someone will find them for you. I did this for a neighbour and he has now found the 3 graves he was searching for, One didn't have a headstone but he managed to locate it by looking for nearby headstones with similar numbers and worked it out from that. Hope you are lucky. Jenny
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  9. John Cartwright

    Tinsley Park Cemetery - plot number map

    Hi Leipzig, Thanks but the map only gives the location of the sections. I need the plot numbers within the section.
  10. Operation Pluto was an important part of the invasion of Europe by the Allies in 1944 leading to the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. Below is a newspaper cutting (newspaper title and date of publication unknown), which gives thanks to the important part played by a Sheffield company. in the operation. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article which gives a brief background to Operation Pluto: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Pluto
  11. Leipzig

    Tinsley Park Cemetery - plot number map

    Hi John The Sheffield Indexers site under the 'Site Map' section has al list of Cemetery maps (http://www.sheffieldindexers.com/SheffieldIndexersSiteMap_Index.html). one of which is Tinsley Park Cemetery. Regards Leipzig
  12. leksand

    Sheffield's Lost / Closed Pubs

    Many years ago, I used to walk past that every morning on my way to and from the pool, before I discovered a back route. I seem to remember it retained it's Ward's livery for a few years before Pubmaster got rid of the red sashes. Although the pub wouldn't have lasted into the 2010s, I think it got fairly close.
  13. I recently visited Tinsley Park Cemetery in search of a family grave. I know the section ref and the plot number as I have the originals receipts for the burials dating from 1915 to1942. Unfortunately finding the actual plot was difficult as few plots show a reference and there are a lot of grassed over plots where I suspect the gravestones have been either removed or laid flat and been covered over time. Does anyone have map of the plot numbers in section Mc so that I can confirm my estimate of where the plot is?
  14. robrob_11

    Izal Factory

    Think I might have found what your talking about RichardB and dunsbyowl 1867. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ww2-homefront-genuine-satirical-1774134466
  15. lysandernovo

    Blacking Factory

    Do we know if Adams produced the full range of cleaning pastes and polishes as well as "blacking" ?
  16. Calvin72

    Water Pumps

    I'm looking into Sheffield's surviving water pumps at the moment and any information or examples gratefully received. The one on Carterknowle Rd is claimed as being 17th century. That looks too early to me - any info on that?
  17. Hi all, This is a pretty specific request, but I thought I'd try anyway. Does anyone have any photos of the 1883 FA Cup Wednesday side? Specifically the side that faced Nottingham Forest in January 1883, as there was a guest in the side called William Harrison who came from the same town as me. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  18. Edmund

    Blacking Factory

    A better picture (and the answer) on PictureSheffield: Blacking Factory John Adams, Chemist, born about 1816 in Selby. At the 1861 census he was living at Ashdell Grove (now Westbourne School) opposite the end of Southbourne Road. The other half of the (large) semi-detached house was built and occupied by Thomas Moore, brewer, and later Mayor. Whites directory for 1862 shows him at 12 Orchard street and Victoria park. John Adams died at Victoria park aged 61 on 26th March 1876, one month after the death of his wife Anne, on 25th February (she died of acute bronchitis). Lots of old advertisements here: Graces Guide By 1887 the Adams Company Victoria Park works were in Valley Road, Meersbrook.
  19. lysandernovo

    Blacking Factory

    We used black lead on our Yorkshire range but never on our boots....We used boot/shoe polish.Were black lead and boot polish the same?
  20. RLongden

    Blacking Factory

    Can see Rutledge on the 1890 map and the original frontage looks largely the same today. However, looking up Southbourne Road, no sign of the Blacking Manu(Factory) or chimney of any sort, just nicely appointed villas with spacious gardens. Maybe an artist with a (black 😁) sense of humour?!
  21. Snozzle

    Sheffield's Lost / Closed Pubs

    Wow, you must be reading my mind SteveHB as that was going to be my next pic which I took last week. The building was covered in scaffolding and was half gone when I cycled past today.
  22. SteveHB

    Sheffield's Lost / Closed Pubs

    Burgoyne Arms, 246 Langsett Road. Demolished. April 2019 August 2008
  23. syrup

    Ash Farm Gleadless

    Ash Farm Contents up for Auction. Sheffield Independent 24 February 1883
  24. nonleaguiesnapshots

    Pictures of Sheffield football 1881-1885

    Hi guys, I'm putting together some pieces on behalf of a football club called Redcar Athletic FC about the history of football in the town. It's actually really interesting; from local rivalries with Boro in the Sheffield Challenge Cup, to reaching the quarter finals of the FA Cup, to having an ex-Arsenal player as a guest in the local park on Christmas Day. One thing I'm really struggling with, though, is pictures. There was a man called William Harrison who was Redcar's captain, who also frequently guested for a Sheffield side in the early 1880s. Does anyone have any photos from these sides from around this time? Specific games he played in were: -January 1881: London v Sheffield -December 1882: Sheffield v Berks and Bucks -December 1883: Lancashire v Sheffield He also played for Redcar in a game against Sheffield in October 1885, and in the FA Cup for Sheffield against Nottingham Forest in January 1883. Any help or info on the above would be hugely appreciated. Either reply here or you can contact me on [email protected] Thanks!
  25. tozzin

    Blacking Factory

    Boot polish or Black Lead.
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