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  2. The shop that was the tv repair shop used to be Eric Broadhead butchers until he moved to take over the other butchers in Derbyshire Lane when he retired
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  4. I went into Bernards firm to visit a mate, it’s was like walking into a Victorian scenario but then again most cutlery firms were like that, they were very reluctant to invest in modern machinery. In the trade Bernards was pronounced “ Ber - nards” , don’t know why but it was.
  5. Hello, I saw on line, the below of image of manufacturer’s marks on a piece of non- bladed table cutlery. “Sheffield” is obvious, and the maker or possible retailer appears to be “M Bernard & Co”. There is another mark “X-NS” that could be a trademark. I looked on line for a bit more information and found few more useful images. Happily for some Forum members most were of bladed cutlery. Better than this they generated an actual trademark “Duracut”. I love a trademark because trademarks often give rise to or stem from the company’s “Works” name. There is in fact a post on our forum from 2010 mentioning a “Duracut Works” but predominately concerning a joinery tool making company “Robinson Hall Ltd” (I was unable to make a link work. The post is in this Made in Sheffield section) Here there is the reference concerning “Bernards” shown below, an extract from “Archaeological survey on Rockingham Street / Newcastle Street” “Duracut. Alan Wasden Limited, Hand Tool Manufacturer. Has a dedication stone which reads: "M Bernard & Co April 1939. This stone was laid on behalf of the above by Miss Shifra & Master Derek Hiller" The building had been used continually from 1939 to 2004 for the production of hand tools, notably hard steel punches and cold chisels.” The “Rockingham Street/Newcastle street” address of “Duracut works” is confusing as there is an images on line for “Duracut” works and it gives the address of “Rockingham Street at the junction with St Thomas Lane”. Though the company at this address may be a development as it is called “M Bernard & Son Ltd”. We have 2 addresses for 2 “M Bernard” companies just for confusion. Were they at different periods, using more or less of the same building? And what is there to indicate their production period? "M Bernard & Co” seemed to have been at “Duracut” works in April 1939 and the yellow and black handled carving set looks to me of the Art Deco period and likely product of the 1930’s. Robinson Hall Ltd was registered on 04/04/1942 at “Duracut” works so does this mean "M Bernard & Co” ceased production in 1942? The only other piece of dating I can easily find is going back to my first photo. That mark “X-NS” is not a proper trademark but was the mark allowed to be put on generic cutlery made for civilian use during WWII. That cutlery in my first photo item says that it was made in Sheffield but it had to have been made in Sheffield, as during WWII, cutlery production was concentrated in Sheffield and the Birmingham factories were changed exclusively to wartime production needs. This inference comes from the book by “John Price” (of Birmingham’s Arthur Price & Co), the “Cutlers Tale”, relating his family’s bemoaning not even being able to make generic type “XNS” cutlery items in the War when Sheffield makers could. There is a last image just to add to the interest and I wonder where it might fit in? Its cutlery does look of a slightly later style. I have found a few fragments of information about “M Bernard” and “Duracut”. I hope there is a lot more to be added from the Forum. Kalfred
  6. Kelly's directory, published 1957.
  7. Having just joined Sheffield History, I would be interested to know if anyone has any information on the families arrival in the U.K. in the mid nineteenth century (1851) and which members of the family emigrated from Wurttemberg in Germany. Apparently there was a shortage of Pork Butchers at that time. Regards Brian Smith
  8. Prior to becoming ‘Lift Up Your Skirt and Fly’ 157 Norfolk St was the offices of USDAW - The Union of Shop Distributors & Allied Workers. USDAW moved to new offices on High Court off High Street in the mid 60’s which allowed for the boutique to move in. As already mentioned, the whole building disappeared when the Town Hall extension was built. Wazzie Worrall
  9. New series: Back in Time for the Corner Shop starts on Tue the 25th Feb 8pm BBC 2
  10. Hi Folks, I just posted a new podcast episode. Two night with Vice Versa at the Blitz club in 1980 and the birth of ABC. Link to listen here - http://smarturl.it/MyLifeInTheMosh Enjoy! Rog
  11. In 1826, Mr.Henry Moorhouse, the Master, and Mr.William Sansom, the Senior Warden, with Mr.Hugh Parker, the leading magistrate, were deputed to convey a handsome present of Sheffield cutlery to the Duke of York. His Royal Highness, genially amused at the free and racy vernacular of the Senior Warden, affably engaged him in friendly conversation. Expressing curiosity as to the sources of Sheffield’s large consumption of ivory, the Duke was assured that the Cutlers “keep a pack of elephants, and grow us own ivory.” From R.E.Leader’s History of the Cutlers Company
  12. In 1875/6 Wilfred Warrington was living at 33 Orchard lane. He was the son of William and Rebecca (nee Edley). His wife Margaret died in 1895:
  13. Hello Edmund Sorry I have only just seen your reply, I do have his marriage's information and his son Franks info ( he was my mother's brother ) but I would love to see the newspaper notice about his father assaulting his wife Thank you Janet
  14. New video exploring the Megatron and the culvert tunnel system - contains history of the rivers and plans for the future of the culverts:
  15. 1826 Fairbanks map showing Port Mahon and Philadelphia: https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;arc03896&prevUrl=
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  17. We lived on Archer Lane (off Bannerdale Rd) in the 80's. Our semi had bullet holes in wall under the rear upstairs windows. The old lady who lived next door and who had lived there during the war maintained that they were anti aircraft rounds. Bullets returning to earth are always a problem, many people were killed and injured by 'friendly' anti aircraft fire. Wazzie Worrall
  18. Does anyone know what year the Royal Oak shut? Mid 80s???
  19. A similar incident re bullets, was in an antique dealers shop on Abbeydale Rd when a young couple came in with some medals of their grandfather who was in the first war, together with a bullet that hit him in the rear and apparently saved his life as he was hospitalized and missed some big push which wiped out most of his pals, he secretly blessed the german who shot him. I was shown the bullet by the antique dealer but said nothing until the couple had departed, it was a british bullet not german, easily recognized by the "Enfield" rifleing impressed upon it, german rifleing is only four groove and very different in appearance!! The dealer and I had a chuckle about him being shot by his own side, but he lived through it so all ok in the end.
  20. There’s a house on Collegiate Crescent that has a hole in its living room window, nothing to do with a rouge German gunner I’m afraid, the owner of the house told me it was a bullet hole when I was photographing her property, she invited me in to see it but I thought it looked like an air gun pellet had done the damage but I didn’t tell the lady as she seemed to be fond of it.
  21. Sounds like this is the same incident:
  22. Sorry for somewhat late reply but I have only just found this topic having googled bullet holes Ecclesall Road. Having served 30 years in the Police in Sheffield I had ample time to ask comrades and older members of the public about the Last War and Sheffield ( a hoby of mine). They are indeed bullet holes on the wall just above Colliegate Crescent, they were made 3rd July 1942 by a belly gunner on one of two Junkers 88 bombers that carried out a long low level attack on aircraft factories around Manchester, not very successfully, they flew very low back across the Penines , bombing a quarry at Stony Middleton, also straffing Chatsworth House before flying across the southern edge of Sheffield and straffing Ecclesall Rd. before flying towards the east coast. they were caught by fighters from 303 squadron who shot both planes down, one crashed no survivors the other belly crashed and all got out then set fire to their plane. more info can be found via google. I was also shown the B17 crash site by an elderly Sgt and we found scraps of metal still on the surface, about 50 years ago! Hope this answers your queries.
  23. OLD THREAD. NEW POST. I went to see Culture (Joseph Hill) Reggae Band, at the Top Rank in 1977 or 78? I have photographs from the gig, but they are stuck heavily into a photograph album, and I can't see the date I might have written on the back. I must have heard Culture-Two sevens Clash, on John Peel? then bought the album....and then the gig turned up at the Top Rank. I know I was still at school, so for me, it would definately have been 1977 or 78, as I left in 78. Did anyone go to the gig? Does ANYONE know what month and year that would have been?
  24. There was a spring/stream that ran down that bank from the side of Earl Marshall Road. There was also an old mine air shaft very close.
  25. I would have thought it’s a natural spring, there’s quite a number where I live.
  26. I have lived near and used the Sportsman for more than 30 years. Prior to this Billy Calvert the boxer was landlord and the pub sign is a painting of him. In the last 30 years there have been a number of licencees, some of whom I can't remember the surnames, but here is what I can remember. Bill and Val Augwain Jamie Young aka fatpiggymc Russ Peace and Wendy Adam and Gary Russell Carol Williams and Kevin Another Kevin and his wife who formerly had The Ball Maria??? Steve and Craig two brothers And for the last 11 years until Nov 2019 Paul Frith Hope this prompts somebody to fill in the gaps.
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