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  1. CABARET VOLTAIRE INFORMATION PICTURES LINKS Official Cabaret Voltaire Website - http://www.brainwashed.com/cv/ Coming soon _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Anyone remotely interested in the Sheffield music scene of the 70's and 80's should buy 'Made In Sheffield' which we can recommend as being a fascinating and brilliant watch, and tells the story of Pulp, Heaven 17 and others.. BUY THE DVD - CLICK HERE
  2. Sheffield History

    Crazy Daisy Sheffield

    THE CRAZY DAISY LOCATION High Street - Sheffield (red marks where the entrance used to be) STAFF DJ - Martin Manterfield (unfortunately he passed away) You had to go downstairs to the below street level late night bar. It was probably most famous for it being the venue that Phil Oakey from the Human League met Suzanne and Joanne and signed them up for the band ! PICS magdelaine - live @ the craisy daisy - 1975 Do you have any memories of the Crazy Daisy ? (no matter how hazy !) let us know, click reply and tell us about the place, what it was like and what kind of music was played..
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    Old Sheffield Shops...

    Old Sheffield Shops.. Let's see how many you can remember and name ? I'll start you off with a few Bradley's Records Harringtons Redgates Pauldens Beatties Model Shop Sexy Rexy's Tramps Wilson Peck Pippys Philip Cann the Music Man Violet Mays Revolution Records Vallances Cockaynes Schofields Walsh's Chelsea Girl Rebina Shoes Colvins
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    Ladybower and Ashopton

    Construction of Ashopton Viaduct and Ladybower Reservoir. Pic credit: picturesheffield.com
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    Victoria Hall

    VICTORIA HALL LOCATION Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 2JB INFORMATION We are currently researching Victoria Hall which has a very interesting history. If you can help out with any details or information please post below and let us know ! PICTURES
  6. Sheffield History

    Sheffield in the 1970's

    SHEFFIELD IN THE 70'S Another book we can highly recommend is this one detailing Sheffield in the 1970's and loads of photographs to look at of times gone by that I'm sure you'll remember! Take a look at the book here 400 captivating photographs chronicling Sheffield through the 1970s. It documents people and events as well as the expected photographs of buildings, streets and landscapes. Welcome to Sheffield in the Seventies! It seems only a short step back in time - until you realise that any Sheffielder under 35 probably won't remember Fargate when traffic ran through it, the landmark Grand Hotel on Leopold Street where visiting celebrities stayed, Davy's famous restaurant and popular meeting place on Fargate, the Vogue Cinema at Sheffield Lane Top, the jingle of sixpences and threepenny bits in your pocket as you set off for a night out... Neither will they recall the days before the Parkway linked the city to the MI or the industrial problems and power shortages which led to television having to finish at 10.30pm and motorists not being able to drive over 50mph. Not to mention Billy Smart's circus, Yorkshire playing cricket at Bramall Lane football ground and the sheer artistry of Tony Currie and Willie Henderson as they thrilled crowds at Sheffield United and Wednesday respectively. The early Seventies were the days when T-shirts came without slogans and it was legal to drive without seatbelts. Streakers ripping their clothes off at sports events hadn't been heard of. And it wasn't until 1970 that you were allowed to vote at 18 instead of 21. The decade wasn't without its freak weather either. In 1975, snow actually stopped play at a cricket match - in June! Then followed two of the hottest summers in memory. What nobody noticed halfway through the decade was a 19-year-old computer whiz called William Henry Gates dropping out of college in America in 1975 to start his own business. He was a bit quicker than the rest of us and finished up a billionaire before he was 30. Even this briefest of reviews of the things we lost and gained in the Seventies serves as a reminder that time has rushed on, played tricks with our memories and persuaded us that from then to now was a mere cockstride. So enjoy looking back to Sheffield in the Seventies and the many photographs which reflect that era. There are hundreds of identifiable faces in the book - and yours might just be one of them. Get Sheffield In The 70's HERE
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    SUGG SPORT on Pinstone Street

    Here's a terrific photo of Sugg Sport on Pinstone Street in Sheffield which also shows an interesting tunnel/passageway that I'm guessing is now long gone. Also in the photo you'll notice the house of Barney Goodman and also a Vidor batteries delivery van What do you know/remember of these places?
  8. THE BUCCANEER LOCATION Leopold Street - City Centre FACTS Closed in 1973 - when the Grand Hotel was demolished to be replaced by the Fountain project PEOPLE Landlord/Lady - Alma ? DJ - George Webster (of limit club fame) DJ - Dave Bates Bouncer - Mark Melluish PICTURES We need your help with this one folks - can you provide any information that would help us in this Buccaneer section ? There's a Buccaneer web page here - http://www.moss-net.co.uk/buccaneer/index.htm
  9. Sheffield History

    Josephines Nightclub Sheffield

    JOSEPHINES NIGHTCLUB SHEFFIELD LOCATION Barkers Pool - Sheffield City Centre Owner - A&S Leisure (Dave Allen) Working Director - Rod Johnson Managers - Alex Beverley (mid 70's - scottish chap), Maggie, Dave Growns, , Bob Bacon, Robbie Kingsman (previously a doorman) Doormen - Alan Kilby (professional wrestler), Chris Salt, Terry, Tim, Big Nige DJ's - Mitch, Chris Cross (ex watch repairer) Restaurant Managers - Ted The Italian, Jean PICTURES We need pictures - can you help ? If you have any email them to pics@sheffieldhistory.co.uk TRIVIA The first track ever played @josies was stevie wonder "isnt she lovely"
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    Owls Fans & Crowd Pictures..

    Owls Fans & Crowd Pictures Young owls fan at the 66 F.A Cup Final North Stand crowd - Hillsborough West Stand crowd - Hillsborough South Stand crowd - Hillsborough Kop crowd - Hillsborough
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    Gary Bannister

    Some absolutely fantastic shots of Gary Bannister's match worn third shirt whilst playing for Sheffield Wednesday Sadly not for sale any longer but thought you'd like to see the photos!
  12. Does anyone remember Sheffield Wednesday player John Sissons? What can you tell us about him?
  13. Sheffield History

    Ron Springett - what a save !

    Here is a photo of Ron Springett making a brilliant save against Arsenal when Sheffield wednesday visited highbury at the start of the 1959 season, wednesday ran out 1-0 winners despite being newly promoted.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club 1966 Team
  15. Great photo here of John Pearson smashing in the second goal against Leeds United at Hillsborough. What a great player John was and he's now a firm favourite of Owls fans for his commentaries too. What's your memories of this fella?
  16. Morning all! Does anyone recognise this unique place and tell us something about it?
  17. Recognise any of this scene?
  18. A few photos from The Lord Mayors Parade in Sheffield City Centre Taken at The Hole In The Road by Kev Dunnington Big thanks to Kev for sharing these on the internet - great work!
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    THE OLD BLUE BELL (now Cavells) LOCATION 31 High Street, Sheffield City Centre The Old Blue Bell was originally built as a replacement for 'The Blue Bell' that used to be located opposite, across the road on High Street. My memories of this pub was that it was dark and more rock influenced than other townie pubs around it. I know before it changed to Cavells that the owner was a former DJ called Brian who launched the radio station that was piped into other bars on a network (basically a radio station based at the Fountain Bar where music was piped into places like Legends, The Blue Bell and other venues that paid for the service) The layout of the Old Blue Bell was pretty simple - a long dark room with the DJ on a slight platform directly to your right as you walked in the high street front door. The bar was down the right hand side and the floor was (I think) black stone slabs/tiles ? There's also (still) a downstairs of an even bigger dimension - this was used as practice rooms for bands I think I know that during the early 80's and late 70's that the place had a 'bit of a reputation' and was avoided by some folk The back entrance opened up straight into the yard and the door that was the Radio Hallam front door too ! As Cavells (same owners and owners of West Street Live too) the place is totally different, much lighter, brighter, cleaner and obviously now a cafe bar that serves food throughout the day. LAYOUT MUSIC
  20. Dixon Lane in Sheffield City Centre in the early 1960s showing Burton's clothes shop is it?
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    where is this and what did it used to be?
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