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    Came across these old postcards in an album with lots of others, collected by my Dad and although on different pages, they seem to be very similar in style and possibly real locations? They are very stylised and one caption on the back talks about the image being picturesque, even if the subject matter was prosaic. But, I'm not sure if they are of actual places, or just stylised in the eye of the artist? I thought the one titled 'White Rails' (with the church) may have been near Millsands / Nursery St., but the steeple doesn't look right? The other titled 'A Sheffield Forge' must be one of the many on the Don in that area along Neepsend? Maybe the stilts hanging out over the river are a clue??? Delighted to find that one postcard was actually used, with Annie telling a Mrs. Bacon that they would be visiting her on Sunday next, all been (sic) well. Postmarked June 16 1887? 1907? Must have been the quick phone call or text of the time, with a ha'penny stamp, just dropping a note to Mrs. Bacon. Thought I'd share and maybe someone would recognise the locations, if they were actual scenes?
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    I think the other view may be looking towards Kelham Island from the weir. If so that may be the Russell Works and electricity power station on the right. This is a clip from a Picture Sheffield image, the nearest to that angle I can find. ------------- http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;u07267&pos=263&action=zoom&id=100389
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    Nursery Street was called White Rails at one time, the rails on the left look rather neglected and have lost their white appearance, the steelworks on stilts maybe Samuel Osbornes.
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