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  1. Further to your enquiry, these names are from the Sheffield directories that I have. DAISY BANK 1845 Clayton Wm. Henry. valuer and broker, 22 Paradise sq; h Daisy bank Hancock Wm. spring knife manufacturer, Daisy bank Mason Wm. file manufacturer, court 80 Whitecroft; h 103 Daisy bank Powell George, fork manufacturer, Daisy bank Smilter John, shopkeeper, 71 Daisy bank Smith John, razor manufacturer ; house Daisy bank Sorby Ann, dressmaker, 79 Daisy bank Turton Thomas, warehouseman, 101 Daisy bank Wood John, bookkeeper, Daisy bank ----------------------------------------------- 1849 Birks Thomas, springknife manufacturer. (fish-hook, &c.) 41 Daisy bank Bishop Samuel, cowkeeper, Daisy bank Clayton Wm. Henry. valuer & broker,22 Paradise square; h Daisy bank / maybe brothers Clayton John, auctioneer, valuer, bailiff, and furniture broker, 26 Paradise square; house Daisy bank Cooley Daniel, collector for Infirmary, & Mission school, 93 Daisy bank Hancock Wm. and Sons, springknife manufacturers, Daisy bank Mason Wm. file manufacturer, et 80 Whitecroft; h 103 Daisy bank Powell George, fork and steel maker and cutlery founder, Daisy bank ---------------------------------------------- 1856 Terry Stanley. postman, Daisy bank Clayton Wm. Henry, valuer, 22 Paradise square; h Daisy bank Fleming Mr. Charles James, senior. Daisy bank Hancock Wm. & Son, spring knife manufacturers,Daisy bank Newbould Edwin, table knife mfr. US Campo lane; h 58 Daisy bank Newbould Henry. & Joseph, scissor mfrs. (Geo. & Sons;) h Daisy bank Oxley Joseph. shopkeeper. and coal dlr. Daisy bank (Wm. Jnr) Cemetery rd Pearson John N. engraver's tool mfr. Brownell st; h Daisy bank Powell George, fork maker and cutlery founder, Daisy bank Wood John, traveller, Daisy bank 11 John (jnr) 45 Milton street ------------------------------------------ 1862 Sheldon Wm., Daisy bank Hancock Wm. & Son (Geo.), Daisy bank DAISY WALK Carr Thomas, cowkeeper, Daisy walk Oxley Joseph, shopkeeper and coal dealer,Daisy walk Scholey Robert, bone button and mould mnfr., 19 Daisy walk --------------------------------------- 1879 DAISY :BANK. (Upper St.Philip's rd.) 1 Hall Henry. clock cleaner & confectioner Courts 1 and 3 Bk.43 Cowley Reuben, cartowner 24: Law Thomas, shopkeeper 28 Atkin Mrs Charlotte, dressmaker Court 2 DAISY WALK. (186 Upper Alien st.) 5 Pepper Thomas, shopkeeper Court -Nelson John, coal dealer Court 3 25 Horton Benjamin, cowkeeper Court 5 31 HolIingsworth ·Wm. shopkeeper 39 Goddard William, shopkeeper Courts 7 and 9 71 Gillott Joseph, table blade forger DAISY :BANK. (Upper St.Philip's rd.) 1 Hall Henry. clock cleaner & confectioner Courts 1 and 3 Bk.43 Cowley Reuben, cartowner Court 2 - Allen George, clock cleaner Berry Joseph, spring knife manufacturer Court 4 34 Pollard Miss Lydia, shopkeeper Court 6 Fullelove Mark, file manufacturer Hartley John & Son, cutlery mfrs Hartley John (J. & Son) Hartley Alfred (J. & Son) Wilde Thomas, spring knife mfr Copley Henry, spring knife mfr Fawcett street 70 Oxley Joseph, coal dealer ......... Upper St. Phillips.~ road ---------------------------------------- 1911 DAISY BANK. (117 Upper St. Philip's road.) '{No thoroughfare.) 1 Barker James Henry, herbalist 37 Powell Fredk. Wm. shopkeeper Court 1 Court 3 Atlcin William Henry, coal dlr 18 Sally George, drainer 30 Moulds John, scissors borer &hardener Court 2 50 Oxley Thos. spring knife cutler 54 Swindell Miss Mary A. dress maker DAISY WALK. (188 Upper .Allen street.) Court 1 17 N ad in Mrs. Sarah Ann, coal dlr Court 3 25 Lindley John Arthur, shopkeeper Courts 5 &: 7 Porton Henry, file cutter Court 9 ...... Upper St. Philip's road ..... . BROOMPARK Mission room 93 Watts Luther, caretaker Court 4 Court 6 38 Wheelhouse G. & Co. drysalters Fawcett street ..... Upper St. Philip's road ..... . Daisy bank 8 Blossom John householder : 10 Blossom James. friendly societies' accountant 14 Lee Joseph Wm. car conductor Court 1 16 Shepherd Arthur, householder 18 Robinson John, horsekeeper 20 Abbott Arth. Henry, policeman Fulton road Aizlewood road
  2. The tobacconist, Michael Mower had a ornate Rams Head in his window,with silver mounts on its horns plus other silver embellishments, if I recall correctly in the centre of its head it had a large circular snuff box that had a lid, I’ll never forget that Rams Head it was in the corner window on Norfolk Street.
  3. This is great Edmund, I did try to email you but you’re not receiving any. I went to Howard Street this morning and took photos of Samuels old works plus a few of No’s 42 & 44 Howard Street but I’ve installed a new internet security programme and because I didn’t give the ok for them to be saved via the new program I lost them, so I’m back down tomorrow to re- take them, thank god for digital cameras. Thanks again Edmund and Happy New Year.
  4. In 1974 the first shop past the Upper Chapel, was the Typewriter Centre,(which I think you entered via the Jeffie Bainbridge entrance ) then the S M C Shirt Shop and then the Concord Chinese Restaurant, I have a feeling that the Restaurant was named Hudson's at one time, the dining area was up a flight of stairs as you went in, I can remember going in a couple of times.
  5. Has anyone any information on this chap Mr Samuel Mettam, as you can see he was working at 57 Howard Street, his workshops are still there next to the Howard Hotel. 1825 57 Howard st. Mettam, Roberts and Co. manufacturers. of horn table knife..handles ami scales, umbrella and parasol handles, &c.dealers in bones, horns, horn tips, buck and stag horns, 1879 METTAM FAMILY Mettam John, (j) horn presser, 35 Pomona street Mettam Samuel, wood turner, Pool works, Burgess street; h 114 Wellington street Mettam Thomas, (j) scale presser, Robertshaw street Mettam William, (j) stay busk maker, 38 Eldon street Mettam William, general wood turner, Trippet lane; h 1,Court 7, Rockingham street Mettam William, wood turner, Holly Street Works, 6 and (h) Holly street; h I, Court 7, Rockingham street Mettam George, stay busk, corset fastener and logging
  6. It’s just a common or garden manhole for a sewer probably.
  7. This is a more in depth and eloquent report of the Iris doorway being saved.
  8. I believe the ornate entrance was bought and exported to America when the Iris offices we’re demolished.
  9. This excellent carving was done by the Tory family.
  10. Strange that I’m solving my own mystery picture.
  11. A friend of mine emailed me this picture with the hope I knew where it is or was, seems some kind of dispute was going on between the owner of the barn at the rear and the builder of the house, it written underneath that the house was at Park Head Ecclesall Road and it was built in 1930 and the dispute was resolved in 1931. I’ve drawn a blank on the photo perhaps one of the Sheffield History members can solve the mystery.
  12. I came across this very interesting fact on Geronimo while researching him, what better recommendation for a Sheffield knife, it’s from Wikipedia. When Geronimo surrendered, he had in his possession a Winchester Model 1876 lever-action rifle with a silver-washed barrel and receiver, bearing Serial Number 109450. It is on display at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Additionally, he had a Colt Single Action Army revolver with a nickel finish and ivory stocks bearing the serial number 89524, and a Sheffield Bowie knife with a dagger type blade and a stag handle made by George Wostenholm in an elaborate silver-studded holster and cartridge belt. The revolver, rig, and knife are on display at the Fort Sill museum.
  13. Blacksmith, Farrier, Lead Dresser, Cow Keeper, Leech dealer, Mole Catcher, I was going to say honest politician but they’ve never been honest have they.
  14. I wouldn’t call that occupation a Sheffield one, it’s for the Potteries.
  15. Nearly once a month the parish priest visited his catholic flock on the Manor in the late forties and early fifties, I never saw one after the late fifties.
  16. What about the photographer who went door to door to take photos of your children or grown ups, as most people were not flush with money you could pay weekly, sad to say the photos were not always great.
  17. tozzin

    Hope For 2020

    One thing I would love to see restored is the Montgomery Monument on Broad Lane/Red Hill, for absolute years it been left to decay through the weather and vandalism, when I see stupid projects that have money thrown at them it makes my blood boil when I think of the Montgomery Monument, that’s part of the history of Sheffield, which was paid for by public subscription is left to “Fend for itself “ so to speak, absolutely deplorable.
  18. I hope 2020 sees a halt on the destruction of our old buildings, especially the Victorian factories, we’ve lost far to many for the sake of terrible flats and apartments for students and new buyers. The Croft’s are unrecognisable from what they were to what they are now are, the council should hang their heads in shame, how can anyone blue pencil the total obliteration of such an historic area.
  19. I used to buy around 35 pints a week from our milkman, my family liked drinking milk, but the milkman started putting an empty crate at my door, which I didn’t want or asked for, we would put our empties out religiously every night but he wouldn’t take them away until the crate he put outside my door was full, so we stopped our doorstep delivery. I didn’t mind a couple of bottles being left until another day but not a full crate, we were good customers but it seems he didn’t mind losing our custom. But in the fifties up to the seventies the trundling milk float with its bottles rattling as the milkman made his way along his round, always on time too, Aaah happy days.
  20. Seems the only occupation that’s fairly stable is the Undertaking business, people will always pass away and they will need burying or cremating.
  21. Personally I’m all for any plan that saves the building, the alternative is for it to fall into a more severe state of repair.
  22. I know there’s a thread on the forum about William Flockton Architect but I’m trying to find an image or drawing of William so if anyone has one I would be grateful for a copy.
  23. With regard to the name “ Cambridge Street” I would love to see the old street names re-instated with their original spellings.
  24. As usual Edmund you’ve done the business, it does give me more information of the building, just by looking at the building you can see it’s age.