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    I've just had a look around Nichols Antique rooms on Shalesmoor, I must say there is a lot of interesting stuff in there amongst the junk of course. What I did notice were some leather bound books of old news sheets, the Sheffield Telegraph and the Sheffield Star with dates going back to the early 1900s. Ok they are not in immaculate condition as the leather bound is rotting and the pages are yellow but there is lots of interesting reading in there. I know the bigger ones the Telegraph are selling at £50 but I never found out about the Sheffield Star ones. Maybe the Telegraph and Star have mucked them out now everything is on the computer. I did find the Star edition that was the year I was born and also the years through the second world war with plenty of news and pictures of bombed Sheffield.
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    Have a look at this photo this is one of a huge collection from Eddy Saxby and shows a typical Sheffield scene, cobbled streets, terraced houses, a small handful of cars on the street etc This to me is Sheffield and I love this photo so much. In everyone's drawers and cupboards there has to be hundreds and thousands of these. Do you have any lying around that you could/would share
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