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    Are you sure that is the canal? I think this is the river Don. The tall white building being Savile House on Savile Street.
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    The Samuel Osborn offices extended along Wicker, above the shops, from Willey Street (actually the ground floor on the corner was the computer room in early 1970's) to Blonk Street and round the corner. Through the entrance door (on the left in the photo) was a sweeping stair case, curving to the right, to the reception on the first floor.
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    Some nice aerial photos from 1949, showing views of the station and underpass / subway...
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    Quote from Picture Sheffield, ------- " The development was built 1899-1900 for John Henry Bryars, an animal breeder & vet. Royal Exchange Buildings comprised 20 two bedroomed flats, houses for the veterinary surgeon & groom; shops;veterinary surgery and dogs home. Castle House belonged to the Veterinary Surgeon. Further along a multi-storey stables with iron frame and internal ramps for access. In 1931 the stables were converted to a pea-canning factory for Batchelors and later occupied by Hancock & Lant Ltd., furniture store. See: Pevsner Architectural Guides, Sheffield, Ruth Harman & John Minnis Ref: 720.94274 S " http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;C03394&pos=50&action=zoom&id=3636 and the buildings are on the British Listed Buildings site here ------- https://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101246501-royal-exchange-buildings-and-adjoining-castle-house-city-ward
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