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  1. At that time, High Storrs would have been the Central Technical School located on Leopold Street in the city centre
  2. I wonder if the TT accelerates faster than the older trams and where road drivers have been used to going thru 'just red' traffic lights and beating the tram these two have been 'caught' by the TT? Only a thought and may be completely wrong. As noted by ysander that 'the "experiment" being years behind schedule and £millions over budget' does rather make one wonder what to expect from HS2.
  3. Hi @boginspro, I saw that and wondered myself. Hopefully someone on here can provide an answer. @SteveHB, now you mention that, I remember the proposal but the letter infers that the 'large underground station' actually existed rather than being proposed. I wonder if it has something to do with any link between Midland stn and Victoria stn, didn't there used to be some goods terminal below Victoria (?) but I may well be completely wrong with that
  4. It's changed a bit but I think Snig Hill, same as RichardS
  5. I believe the Yorkshire Bank used to be the Yorkshire Penny Bank
  6. I don't know if they still do but I am sure I remember The Star (Sheffield Star) used to print an article giving full directions for a walk each week. There also used to be information in the notices section from the various rambling clubs about the walk(s) they would be doing the next weekend with time and place for meeting up.
  7. I missed your post, I need to go to Specsavers (other opticians are available) Many thanks for information, I have made a forward note in diary to try and remind me to look out for the next fair
  8. May be thinking of Hyde Park Dog Track. There was also a dog track (Darnall Stadium) at Acres Hill (I believe)
  9. Looks like it would have been great. However this is the first I have heard anything about it
  10. Many thanks for doing the leg work, it was the second of the two threads I was remembering.
  11. Not exactly 'quirky', there used to be a lot of police boxes around Sheffield (and painted this colour). I am sure I have seen another thread on here with information about these police boxes, I will have a look round later.
  12. I knew it as Black Swan and the nickname of the mucky duck
  13. Was the 'pub/club' underneath the bridge The Barrow Boys, open early for the market workers? Great video by the way.
  14. No it wasn't a 'ghost town'. The problem is the Manpowers Services building (or whatever it is called now) that was built straight across the bottom of the Moor cutting off direct access from the Moor to London Road. There was supposed to be foot access via an arch beneath the building which is still there, I believe, but has always been blocked.
  15. What I could never understand was why ever it was built as it did not 'fit' into any of the architecture of the area and certainly not with the town hall. It was just a designer's fancy and presumably they didn't have to work in there. A bit like Park Hill, of course a vast improvement on old back to backs etc, and now Grade II listed but was (is) there the same community spirit as before? The designers don't have to live in there. A bit like the 'new' Gaumont with the 'scaffolding' and mirror glass. In answer to complaints that it didn't fit in, especially with the City Hall opposite, there was the response that the mirror effect reflected views of the City Hall to help it 'fit in. If that was the case then why not build something more in keeping with the surroundings?
  16. Forgot to say earlier, great video - in fact all your videos great. Been some time since last in centre of Sheffield so very interesting to see changes.
  17. Have they renamed Snig Hill Police Station? I thought West Bar Police Headquarters used to be just up from the National Emergency Services Museum on West Bar at the corner with Scotland Street. The building has been converted into a 3* hotel called Hampton by Hilton Sheffield. I think many will remember The Boardwalk as The Black Swan or its nickname Mucky Duck
  18. Well, on your right alongside the first part of your walk, up to Blonk Street and Blonk Street bridge, used to be Samuel Osborn works. As you approach the bridge is where the swing grinders were situated, sort of in 'sheds' built out over the Don, and below in the water used to be numerous old / broken grinding wheels.
  19. Hey we've all done it, but it gets extra people involved and thinking (me included)
  20. The two 'hotels' in that area were The Station (the building on the right in the photo behind the bus) and The Viaduct which is out of shot to the left of the photo and is now the Palmyra Restaurant I believe.
  21. Are you sure that is the canal? I think this is the river Don. The tall white building being Savile House on Savile Street.
  22. The Samuel Osborn offices extended along Wicker, above the shops, from Willey Street (actually the ground floor on the corner was the computer room in early 1970's) to Blonk Street and round the corner. Through the entrance door (on the left in the photo) was a sweeping stair case, curving to the right, to the reception on the first floor.
  23. Must admit, I thought this had already been posted here but it looks like the mysterious 'tunnel' has been identified as a culvert - https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/this-is-what-the-mysterious-tunnel-found-underneath-sheffield-social-club-is-1-9049794