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Got to work out which is the latest version first ...

Let's go with this lot, May 2008 sounds about right.

Yes hopefully. Is there any chance of having the beerhouses " pinned " along with the pubs?

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UKL, the 2nd image is blurred, can you get a photocopy,

I'll try again tomorrow with some others I have to post.

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1797 Beerhouses from the Directory of Sheffield.

21 Church Lane, William Pearson

27 Gibralter Street. Thomas Pinder

15 Water Lane. Robert Pilkington

34 Trinity Street, Thomas Platts

9 Ratten Row. John Parker.

31 Pinstone Lane. Thomas Outram.

27 Forge Lane, Thomas Mosley

11 Haymarket, Samuel Housley

5 High Street Timothy Millington

6 West Bar Green. Jonathan Moore

31 Cheney Sq. William Marshall

24 High Street. George Mellor

10 Silver Street . Thomas Mills

62 West Bar Green . Widow Machin.

33 Campo Lane . Hannah Marshall

22 Bank Street. Thomas Matthews.

7 Ratten Row . John Wild

22 Spring Street . William Wood

1 Watson Walk. John Woodward

91 West Bar Green Alexander Vause

31 White Croft. Charles Marshall.

15 Edward Street. Samuel Marsh.

70 Scotland Street. Widow Ludlam

22 Head of Silver Street. William Turner.

36 Pea Croft. Aaron Tyas.

16 Shude Hill. William Trickett

12 Jehu Lane. John Tomlinson.

27 Snig Hill . William Thackery.

15 Fargate. Thomas Taylor.

8 Silver Street . joseph Taylor.

29 Hollis Croft.William Stocks.

17 Scotland Street. Henry Smith.

1 Angel Street. [12 court ] George Slack.

20 West Bar. Thomas Smith

7 Silver Street . John Roberts.

15 Paradise Sq. Ann Richardson.

crt 36 no 6 High Street. James Richardson.

78 Scotland Street. Widow Pryor.

62 Fargate. Widow Potter

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I have everything in this topic on a text file

Except for the images ukl has posted

Does anybody have the time to transcribe them


The patience to OCR them

Could than be added to txt file

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okay i am a bit out of touch with all of this but do we have a listing for Beerhouse Golden Fleece, owner Robert Smith in the area of Queen's court.

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Not even sure we are into anything this late but here goes ...

1968 Beer Retailers

Awdas M, 81 Hill St,, S2

Barrowclough J E 109 City Road, S2

Bellamy Mrs K J 259 Petre St S4

Broadhead G & B 158 Baslow Road T R (T R ... ?)

Broughton W H 376 Fulwood Road S10 Tel. no. 31158

Burke L 45 Herries Road S5

Clarke G 28/30 Attercliffe Common S9

Crookes A 133 John St S2

Duckworth Mrs A 101 Whitehouse Lane S6

Ellse George 587 Chesterfield Road S8

Flaherty Mrs J A 118 Clay St S9

Gillvray Mrs A 126 Staniforth Road S9

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Not even sure we are into anything this late but here goes ...


Awdas M, 81 Hill St,, S2


Are these actual Beerhouses by this date, a bit confused now

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1968 more. Beer retailers.

Haddershaw E 137/139 Staniforth Rd S9

Hall Albert Edward 148 Derbyshire Lane S8

Hall E 796 Grimesthorpe Rd S4

Hargreaves Jn 54 Greystones Rd S11

Hird W (off) 96 Hutcliffe Wood Rd S8

Hobbs Mrs E 171 Attercliffe Common S9

Horseman F T 99/101 Woodhead Rd S2

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Beer Retailers, updated original post, Thanks. Just for interest, wouldn't say they qualify as beerhouses. Sorry.

Are these actual Beerhouses by this date, a bit confused now
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1968 more. Beer retailers.

Hargreaves Jn 54 Greystones Rd S11

Early 1900s?:


As it is now (courtesy Google):

I lived round the corner on Louth Road til 1968 but don't remember no. 54 as a beer off. Mind you I was 8 years old, so probably Mrs Scotson's sweet shop memories are more permanent.

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1905 "A", erm ... Beerhouses

Charles Hy. Acaster Beerhouse 291 Attercliffe Road

Joseph Addy Beerhouse Stocksbridge

Alexander Allen Beerhouse Troway

Harry Allen Beerhouse 49 Burlington Street

George Allford Beerhouse 94 Cricket Inn Road Park

John Henry Allison Beerhouse 44 Sidney Street

Aaron Allott Beerhouse Thorpe Hesley

Rachel Mrs Allott Beerhouse 94 Crookes

James W. Almond Beerhouse Warren Chapeltown

Herbert Amory Beerhouse 24 Sycamore Street

Charles Anderson Beerhouse 53 Effingham Street

Thomas Anderson Beerhouse 56 Effingham Street

George Andrews Beerhouse 83 Carbrook Street

John Louis Andrews Beerhouse 1 Langsett Road

Charles Applewhite Beerhouse 95 Newhall Road

Fred Arnold Beerhouse 60 Lansdowne Road

Herbert Arthur Beerhouse 238 Forncett Street

Charles Ashley Beerhouse 24&26 Harvest Lane

William Astill Beerhouse 480 Brightside Lane

Thomas Atherton Beerhouse 41 Pond Hill

Healey Atkin Beerhouse 25 Dunfields

Thomas Atkin Beerhouse Hackenthorpe

George Archie Atkinson Beerhouse 236 Crookes

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1905 "B" Beerhouse

Alfred Bagnall Beerhouse 32 College Street
Georgina Bagnall Beerhouse 25 Union Street
Robert Thomas Bagnall Beerhouse 49 Midland Road
John Bailey Beerhouse 104 Broad Street Parkgate
William Baines Beerhouse 277 Upper Allen Street
William Baker Beerhouse 84 Masbro' Street
Tom E. Bamford Beerhouse 124 Duke Street
Edwin Banks Beerhouse 147 Carlisle Street East
Arthur Banner Beerhouse 93 Tinsley Park Road
Edward Bannister Beerhouse 71-75 Meadow Hall Road
Harvey Barber Beerhouse Bents Totley
Florence Mrs Barker Beerhouse 46 Sims Croft
Walter Barraclough Beerhouse 255 Kimberworth Road
Joseph Barrett Beerhouse 61 South Street
George Bartholomew Beerhouse 76 Greasbrough Street
Priscilla Mrs Batty Beerhouse 22 Thomas Street
William Battye Beerhouse 41 Porter Street
Thomas Beadsley Beerhouse 95 Dunlop Street
Elizabeth Mrs Beaumont Beerhouse 64 & 66 Princess Street. Attercliffe
John Thomas Beaumont Beerhouse 19 Paternoster Row
Sarah Beaumont Beerhouse 467 Meadow Hall Road
Sarah Ann Mrs Beaver Beerhouse 78 Macro Street
Mary Mrs Beeley Beerhouse 2 Eldon Road
Elizabeth Bellamy Beerhouse 87 Carlisle Street
Herbert Beresford Beerhouse 44 Bank Street Mexborough
Joseph Biggin Beerhouse 291 Derbyshire Lane
William Biggs Beerhouse 22 High Street Mexborough
Edwin Birks Beerhouse 11 St.Stephen'S Road
William Blackburn Beerhouse 86 Brightmore Street
Tom Blundy Beerhouse 30 Burgess Street
Isaiah Blunt Beerhouse 11 High Street Mexborough
Robert Bocking Beerhouse 24 Turner Street
James Bodman Beerhouse 25&27 Button Lane & 174 Rockingham Lane
John Bolsover Beerhouse 74 Powell Street
Joseph Henry Booth Beerhouse 7 Bowling Green Street
Daniel Borrows Beerhouse 57 Chester Street
George Boucher Beerhouse 25 &27 South Street Park
Charles Bowling Beerhouse 75&77 Pond Street
George S. Bramall Beerhouse 14 Scotland Street
Sarah Mrs Bray Beerhouse 97 Leadmill Road
Patrick Breheny Beerhouse 50 School Croft
John Brett Beerhouse 712 Brightside Lane
William Broadhead Beerhouse 52A Apple Street
Frederick Brock Beerhouse 85 Brown Street
Alfred Brown Beerhouse 30 Campo Lane
David Brown Beerhouse 28 Doncaster Street
David Brown Beerhouse 39 Shepherd Street
John Brown Beerhouse 103 Sussex Street
Willie Bryant Beerhouse 7 & 9 Greasbrough Road
Charles William Buffton Beerhouse Pitt Street Eckington
Robert Bunting Beerhouse 380 Attercliffe Road
Herbert Burch Beerhouse 39 Mitchell Street
James Burchell Beerhouse 107 Button Lane
Joseph Burgin Beerhouse 235 Langsett Road
Henry Burton Beerhouse 55 Ellesmere Road
George Butler Beerhouse 10 & 12 Langsett Road
Mary Ann Mrs Butterworth Beerhouse 2 Percy Street
Joseph Buttery Beerhouse 18 Dun Street
Herbert jun. Buxton Beerhouse 62 Princess Street & 2 Lovell Street Attercliffe

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1905 "C" Beerhouses

James L Cammack Beerhouse 113 Broomhall Street
Charles Carr Beerhouse 69 Alderson Road
Frederick William Carr Beerhouse 19-23 Watery Lane
Peter Carrigan Beerhouse 317 Penistone Road
Henry Carter Beerhouse 13 Orange Street
James Cartledge Beerhouse 27 & 29 Hill Street
Charles Edward Cartwright Beerhouse 206 Dunlop Street Carbrook
Samuel Cartwright Beerhouse 114 Matlock Road
Emmanuel Casswell Beerhouse 23 Burlington Street & 83 Martin Street
John William Cavill Beerhouse 85 & 87 Cemetery Road
Mary Mrs Cawkwell Beerhouse 25 Westgate
Reuben Chambers Beerhouse 14 South Street Park
Richard Champion Beerhouse 103 Broomhall Street
Edwin Chandler Beerhouse 200 Brook Hill & 1 Upper St.Philip'S Road
Albin Chapman Beerhouse 193 Arundel Street
Thomas Charles Beerhouse 73 Milton Street
Henry Cheetham Beerhouse 29-31 Mill Sands
Alfred Clark Beerhouse 50 Boston Street
John Clarke Beerhouse 432 Attercliffe Road
John Clarke Beerhouse 5 Princes Street Masbro'
Joseph Clarke Beerhouse 67 & 69 Rotherham Road
Harriet Mrs Clayton Beerhouse 255 Rockingham Street
Thomas Clow Beerhouse 3 Sussex Street
Walter Coates Beerhouse 55 & 57 Egerton Street
Joseph Charles Cobley Beerhouse 2 Bond Street & 156 Wentworth Street
John Henry Coldwell Beerhouse 76 Sorby Street
George Comins Beerhouse 5 Court 11 Cricket Inn Road Park
Albert Constable Beerhouse 70 Russell Street
John William Cook Beerhouse Woodhouse
William L. Cooke Beerhouse 55 Holley Street
Elizabeth Mrs Cooper Beerhouse 14 Cross Bedford Street
William Henry Cooper Beerhouse 101 Green Lane
Charles Copperswaith Beerhouse 16 Ellin Street
John Corbett Beerhouse 623 Attercliffe Common
Henry Crampton Beerhouse 2 Walkley Bank Road
George Crawshaw Beerhouse 75 St.John'S Road & 40 & 42 Rubens Street Park
William H. Creber Beerhouse 113 Psalters Lane Masbro'
Joseph H. Creswick Beerhouse Chesterfield Road Dronfield
Arthur Crisp Beerhouse Bellefield Road
Henry Crisp Beerhouse 67 Meadow Street
Robert Crookes Beerhouse Twenty Well Bradway Norton
Fred. Crossland Beerhouse 683 Attercliffe Common
James Crossland Beerhouse 106 Upper Allen Street
Hannah Lambert Mrs Crowcraft Beerhouse Low Road Conisbrough
Harriet Mrs Crowther Beerhouse 107 Corby Street Attercliffe
William John Cunningham Beerhouse 133 Pye Bank
Patrick Cusack Beerhouse 55 Solly Street
James Cutts Beerhouse Spink Hill Renishaw

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