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1905 Miscellaneous beer related stuff.

Thomas Stephenson Beer & Cart Owner 42 Russell Street
Joseph Northeast Beer & Wine Retailer 28 John Street
Charles Oliver Beer & Wine Retailer 185 London Road
Francis Hoult Beer Bottler Rudyard Road
John Ardron Beer Retailer High Thorn
Frederick W Astill Beer Retailer 709 Attercliffe Road
Nicholas Baines Beer Retailer Marsh Lane Troway
William Henry Ball Beer Retailer 12 & 14 Fitzwilliam Street
Charles Barber Beer Retailer 86 West Street
Charles Edward Barber Beer Retailer 86 West Street
Alfred Bartrop Beer Retailer Hollins End Gleadless
Charles William Beedam Beer Retailer 37 Arley street
Arthur Bell Beer Retailer Slinn Street
Harry John Benbow Beer Retailer 448 Pitsmoor Road
Walt. Bennett Beer Retailer 109 Upper St.Philip's Road
William Bird Beer Retailer 18 Spital Hill
Joseph Bluck Beer Retailer 48 Glasshouse Street Kilnhurst
Alfred Bradshaw Beer Retailer 80 & 82 Addey Street
Fanny Mrs Bradshaw Beer Retailer 61 Upperthorpe Road
Jacob Bradwell Beer Retailer Stubley Lane Dronfield
Clifton Braithwaite Beer Retailer 103 Eyre Street
Harrick Henry Bramall Beer Retailer 1 & 3 Sunderland Street & 164-166 Cemetery Road
Henry Bridges Beer Retailer 2 Carwood Terrace
John Brown Beer Retailer 12 Worksop Road Attercliffe
Maria Mrs Brownhill Beer Retailer 23 Arley Street
Harry Bruce Beer Retailer 88 & 90 Harvest Lane
George Burrows Beer Retailer Lane End Chapeltown
Agnes Mrs Carr Beer Retailer 26 Florence Street Darnall
Thomas Casey Beer Retailer 114 Harvest Lane
Kate Mrs Chambers Beer Retailer 316 South Road
Tom Clarke Beer Retailer 325 Shalesmoor & 2 Matthew street
George Coldwell Beer Retailer 408 Pitsmoor road
Robert Coldwell Beer Retailer 64 Egerton street
Elizabeth Mrs Collingham Beer Retailer 26 Nursery street
Elizabeth Mrs Cook Beer Retailer Bethel Walk
William Cottam Beer Retailer 20 Upwell Lane
Fred Crapper Beer Retailer 75 Worksop Road Attercliffe
Jane Mrs Crookes Beer Retailer Hill Top Dronfield
George Crosby Beer Retailer 2 Fowler Street
Thomas Dewsnap Beer Retailer 184 St.Philip's Road
Frederick Dodd Beer Retailer 106 Addey Street
William Douglas Beer Retailer 52 Rawmarsh Road Masbro'
Matilda Mrs Froggatt Beer Retailer 28 Swinton Road Mexborough
Edwin Frost Beer Retailer 29 Randall Street
Alice Mrs Garner Beer Retailer 41 Marshall Street
John Gath Beer Retailer 32 Change Alley
Charles Gleaden Beer Retailer 79 Bridge Street
Leonard Gleadhall Beer Retailer 95 Worksop Road
Thomas Glew Beer Retailer 82 West Street
William Goodison Beer Retailer 310 Burgoyne road
Frederick Green Beer Retailer 101 Broad Lane
Thomas Grenham Beer Retailer 66-68 Hereford Street
James Hardwick Beer Retailer Apperknowle Dronfield
Thomas Hardwick Beer Retailer Apperknowle Dronfield
Charles E. Harrison Beer Retailer 104 Button Lane
Percy A. Harrup Beer Retailer 49 Broomhall Street
William Heaton Beer Retailer 3 Andrew Street
Annie M. Mrs Hesselby Beer Retailer 91-93 Division Street
Alan Hilbert Beer Retailer Hundall Dronfield
Harry Hodson Beer Retailer 26 Broad Lane
John Housden Beer Retailer 306 Doncaster Road
Sarah Mrs Hudson Beer Retailer 170 Worksop Road
Anthony Linley Beer Retailer 23 Walkley Road
Joseph Henry Littlewood Beer Retailer 74-76 Langsett Road
Joseph Longden Beer Retailer 210-216 Fitzwilliam Street
Charles Edward Marriott Beer Retailer 7 & 9 Hoyle Street
James Marsden Beer Retailer 5 Orchard Street
Herbert Marshall Beer Retailer Mill Lane Dronfield
Charles T. Martin Beer Retailer 88 Carbrook Street
Harry Martin Beer Retailer 20 Adsetts Street
Joseph Patrick McCain Beer Retailer 72 Howard Street
George McGraw Beer Retailer 21 Charlotte Street
John Mrs Meakin Beer Retailer Hill Top Dronfield
David Murdoch Beer Retailer 10 Edmund Street
George Naylor Beer Retailer 1 Adelphi street
Lawrence Naylor Beer Retailer 56 Duke Street Park
Robert Needham Beer Retailer 420 Effingham Road
Henry Newton Beer Retailer Mosbrough
Thomas Edward Nother Beer Retailer 10 Montfort Street
Walter Oates Beer Retailer 105 Neepsend Lane
William Oldham Beer Retailer 376 Neepsend Lane
Charles Oliver Beer Retailer 20 Warren Vale Road
Thomas W Oliver Beer Retailer 38 Fowler street
Robert Oxley Beer Retailer 185 Walkley road
Harry Panton Beer Retailer 161 Attercliffe road & 2 Princess street Attercliffe
Joseph Paskell Beer Retailer 14 Glasshouse Lane Mexborough
William Pearson Beer Retailer 58 Fitzalan Street
Joseph Purcell Beer Retailer 87 Fitzwilliam Street Swinton
Albert Edward Randon Beer Retailer Blackburn Kimberworth
Frederick Redfearn Beer Retailer Woodhouse
Frederick Rodgers Beer Retailer 64 & 66 Doncaster Street
Charles Rollings Beer Retailer 588 Brightside Lane
Clara Mrs Royles Beer Retailer 2 Netherthorpe Place
William Salt Beer Retailer 143 Newhall Road
Charles Joseph Sanderson Beer Retailer Lower Bradfield
Arthur Sandford Beer Retailer 139 Trafalgar Street
Peter Scanlon Beer Retailer 138 Scotland Street
William Sheppard Beer Retailer Crow Lane Dronfield
George Sherburn Beer Retailer 17 Hereford Street
John Smith Beer Retailer 49 Hoyle Street
William Smith Beer Retailer 1 St. Mary's Road
Thirkill Spencer Beer Retailer 47 Ball Street h.32 Firth Park Crescent
Henry Stancer Beer Retailer 2 Worthing Road Attercliffe
William Stanton Beer Retailer 7 Ardwick Road Mexborough
John Talbot Beer Retailer 50 Montford Street & 98 Bramber Street
Ben Taylor Beer Retailer 37 Bellefield Street
Edward Thompson Beer Retailer 114 & 116 Fitzalan Street
George Titterton Beer Retailer 19 Grammar Street
Harry Wainwright Beer Retailer 28 & 30 Oak Street
John A Wainwright Beer Retailer 158 Darnall Road
Frederick Walker Beer Retailer Thomas Street Swinton
Charles Watson Beer Retailer 270 Langsett Road
William Wetton Beer Retailer 39 Graystock Street
George Wheeldon Beer Retailer Mosbrough
Ernest White Beer Retailer 44 & 46 Headford Street
Mary Ann Mrs White Beer Retailer 6 Fawcett Street
Henry Willey Beer Retailer 40 & 42 Pye Bank
William Williams Beer Retailer 9 Willey Street
George Henry Wilson Beer Retailer 97 Headford Street
Joe Marshall Tomlinson Beer Retailer Burcroft Conisbrough
Mary Ann Mrs Scott Beer Retailer & Confectioner 153 Broomhall Street
Edward Milnes Beer Retailer & Furniture Dealer 54 & 56 Chapel Street Rawmarsh
Herbert sen. Buxton Beer Retailer & General Dealer 249 Dunlop Street Crookes
James Ackers Beer Retailer & Grocer Canklow Whiston
Esther Ann Mrs Cotton Beer Retailer & Grocer 160 Darnall Road
James R Coultas Beer Retailer & Grocer 112 &114 Brunswick Road
William Price Beer Retailer & Grocer 146 Woodbourn Road
Walter Rodgers Beer Retailer & Grocer 17 Cardiff Street
Elizabeth Mrs Senior Beer Retailer & Grocer Beighton
George E. Walker Beer Retailer & Grocer 157 Lansdowne Road
Arthur Parkin Beer Retailer & Hay & Straw Dealer 34 Lloyd Street
Frederick Garnett Beer Retailer & Shopkeeper 145 St.Mary's Road
Beatrice Mrs Jackson Beer Retailer & Shopkeeper Hollins End Gleadless
Tom Lupton Beer Retailer & Shopkeeper 215 Queen Street
Paul Brailsford Shaw Beer Retailer Co-Operative Stores Denaby
Thomas Cross Beer Retailer, Wine & Spirit Dealer & Grocer 106 Bridge Street
Elijah Horton Beer Retailer, Wine & Spirit Merchant 75 Coleridge Road
William Chapman Beer Retalier 68 Elton Street
John Charles Bell Beer Seller 1 Walkley Street
Hannah Mrs Rushby Beerseller 162 Cemetery Road

Bored now ...

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For those who like to "do the census" I bet there is a Mr in 1901 for many of those listed as Mrs.

unless they are widows

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1905 "O" Beerhouses

Frederick Ogden Beerhouse 83 Well Road

Henry Oldfield Beerhouse 500 Gleadless Road

William Oldfield Beerhouse Coal Aston Dronfield

Robert C.R. O'Neil Beerhouse 50 Brinsworth Street

William Henry Osborne Beerhouse 100 Ecclesall Road

Emma Mrs Outwin Beerhouse 108 & 110 Corby Street

Arthur Ovendale Beerhouse 20 Paradise Street

William Owen Beerhouse Dronfield

Frank W. Ownsworth Beerhouse 296 Sheffield Road

Do you mean 1905 Richard ?

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For those who like to "do the census" I bet there is a Mr in 1901 for many of those listed as Mrs.

Good little project for somebody here, please form an orderly queue

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1871 (White's) "A" Beerhouses

John Andrew Beerhouse New Grimesthorpe
Wm. Appleton Beerhouse Nags Head 273 Shalesmoor
T. Armeson Beerhouse 189 Pearl Street
Bridget Armin Beerhouse 43 Campo Lane
Geo. Armitage Beerhouse Crookes & C.
Elizabeth Ashmore Beerhouse Brightside
C. Askew Beerhouse Cobden View Road
John Atkinson Beerhouse Scholes
Sarah Atkinson Beerhouse 53 West Street

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1871 "B" Beerhouses

Albert Bacon Beerhouse 54 Woodside Lane (Harvest Lane)
Ann Ball Beerhouse 124 Roewood Lane
Wm Ball Beerhouse 105 King Street
Chas. Banner Beerhouse Platts Common
Wm. Banner Beerhouse Platts Common
William Bannister Beerhouse Stubbing
Henry Bargh Beerhouse Mosbrough
Charles Barker Beerhouse Ocean View Redmires
Francis Barker Beerhouse 16 Wellington Street
Jph. Barker Beerhouse 1 Pinfold Street
Joe Beaumont Beerhouse Darnall
Richard Bellamy Beerhouse Mortomley Market Inn
Isaac Biggin Beerhouse 13 Pond Street (Little)
John Biggin Beerhouse 93 Pearl Street
Mary Biggins Beerhouse Myrtle Road
John Bingham Beerhouse 80 Shepherd Street
Catherine B. Binney Beerhouse Heeley Bank
Jph. Binns Beerhouse 105 Porter Street
J. Birkinshaw Beerhouse 142 Allen Street
Jesse Bloor Beerhouse 94 Arundel Street
Thos. Booth Beerhouse 57 Granville Street (Park)
George Bottomley Beerhouse Brunswick Hotel Woodhouse
Jas Bowling Beerhouse 259 Arundel Street
Chas Bownds Beerhouse 49 Arundel Lane
Mary Boyes Beerhouse 1 Langsett Road
Frdk Bradbury Beerhouse George Street (Cross) (London Road)
George Bramall Beerhouse High Moor
Joseph Breedon Beerhouse Hundow
Isaac Briggs Beerhouse Rawmarsh
Godfrey Brightmore Beerhouse Darnall
James Brock Beerhouse & Grocer 51 Clarence Street (Broomhall Street)
John Brookes Beerhouse 217 Langsett Road
William Broomhead Beerhouse Hallam Head
J. Brough Beerhouse Norfolk Road
Fredk. Brown Beerhouse 23 Bailey Street
John Brown Beerhouse 51 Lambert Street
M. Brown Beerhouse 19 Paternoster Row
James Brummett Beerhouse Upper Heeley
Jph. Burgon Beerhouse 160 Smiths Wheel
Chas. Burkinshaw Beerhouse Upper Hoyland
Ann Burnd Beerhouse Attercliffe Road
Fredk. Burtop Beerhouse Headland

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1871 "C" Beerhouses

John Callis Beerhouse Thomas Street
Joseph Candow Beerhouse 235 Langsett Road
J. Cartledge Beerhouse Roebuck Road
W. Chadwick Beerhouse 70 Cricket Road
Wm Challanger Beerhouse 5 Plum Street (Ecclesall Road)
J. Chapel Beerhouse (out door only) Warren
James Clarke Beerhouse 5 Suffolk Road
Zebedee Clarke Beerhouse 16 Joiner Street
Geo. Clayton Beerhouse 1 Peacroft
Hannah Cliff Beerhouse Oughtibridge
Fras. Clough Beerhouse 113 Thomas Street
Thomas Cook Beerhouse Chapeltown
Eliz. Cooke Beerhouse Globe Works
John Cooke? Beerhouse 54 Charles Street
George Cooley Beerhouse 41 Porter Street
John Cooper Beerhouse Granville Street (Park)
John Cooper Beerhouse 101 Clarence Street (Broomhall Street)
John Copley Beerhouse Chapeltown
Fredk. Corton Beerhouse Pye Bank
Chas John Coward Beerhouse Darnall
Thos. Cowen Beerhouse 90 Wellington Street
Wilfred Croft Beerhouse 4 Paternoster Row
Edmund Cross Beerhouse Parkgate
Robert Cumberbirch Beerhouse Greystones

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1871 "D" Beerhouses

William Daville Beerhouse Scholes
John Davison Beerhouse Dronfield
Richard Dawson Beerhouse Bowling Green Street
Jno. Day Beerhouse Globe Works
John Daybell Beerhouse Railway Inn Blackburn Junction
John Daybell Beerhouse Bradfield
C. Deakin Beerhouse 18 Pearl Street
G Dealtry Beerhouse 277 Allen Street
Harriet Dean Beerhouse 6 Castle Green
William Dean Beerhouse 325 Langsett Road
William Dennis Beerhouse 22 Thomas street
T Devereux Beerhouse 321 Langsett Road
E Dewsnap Beerhouse Oxford Street (Upperthorpe)
James Dillon Beerhouse 65 Campo Lane
Sarah Dixon Beerhouse 58 Charles Street
John Dobbs Beerhouse Rovers Rest 106 Allen Street
Hugh Drabble Beerhouse Lower Bradfield Cross Inn
Samuel Dunwell Beerhouse Darnall
Thomas Dyson Beerhouse Nether Hoyland

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1871 "E" Beerhouses

John Eggleston Beerhouse Handsworth
Ann Elliott Beerhouse Darnall
Jno. Elliott Beerhouse Manchester Road
John Elliott Beerhouse Stephen Hill
William Elliott Beerhouse Chapeltown
Ezra Ellis Beerhouse 15 Campo Lane
Jas. Ellis Beerhouse 55 Brown Street

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1871 "F" Beerhouses

Benjamin Fairclough Beerhouse Nether Hoyland
Alfred Farey Beerhouse 46 Garden Street
John Fawcett Beerhouse 325 Attercliffe Road
Maria Fearn Beerhouse Saville Street (East)
Wm. Fellows Beerhouse Globe Works
William Field beerhouse 112 Westbar
Charles Firth Beerhouse Dronfield
Henry Firth Beerhouse Stubbing lane
Mary Firth Beerhouse Eckington
John Ford Beerhouse ~ Westgrove
Joseph Ford Beerhouse & Printer 1 & 3 Union Lane
James Foster Beerhouse 64 Allen Street
Chas. Fox Beerhouse 24 Smithfield (Cross)
John Fox Beerhouse Netherfield
Joseph Fox Beerhouse 87 Carlisle Street East
Joshua Fox Beerhouse 41 Portland Street (Upperthorpe)
Thomas Fox Beerhouse Darnall
Margaret Foxon Beerhouse Wadsley
T. Freeman Beerhouse 18 Pinstone Street
Thomas Froggatt Beerhouse Kilnhurst

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1871 "G" Beerhouses

John Garner Beerhouse 162 Young Street
Benjamin Gate Beerhouse Saville Street (East)
Sarah Gibson Beerhouse 73 Arundel Street
Susannah Gilbert Beerhouse Button Lane
H Gill Beerhouse 8 Peacroft
Joseph Gill Beerhouse Stocksbridge
Elijah Gillott Beerhouse 18 Johnson Street
Frederick Gleadall Beerhouse Eckington
Tom Gleadhill Beerhouse Thurgoland
Edmund Godfrey Beerhouse Prospect View
J. Goodman Beerhouse 52 Silver Street Head
G Gouldthorpe Beerhouse 7 Orange Street
Reuben Gratton Beerhouse Wellington Inn New Grimesthorpe
Elizabeth Gray Beerhouse Darnall
William Gray Beerhouse Woodhouse
E. Grayson Beerhouse 17 Corporation Street
Charles Greaves Beerhouse Oughtibridge
Thomas Greaves Beerhouse Fulwood
Geo. H Green Beerhouse 91 Broomhall Street
John Green Beerhouse 106 Leeds Terrace
Joseph Gregory Beerhouse Dykes Hall Road
Selina Grosby Beerhouse Orchard Road
Frederick Grundy Beerhouse 12 Langsett Road

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1871 "H" Beerhouses

John Hague Beerhouse Eckington
John Haigh Beerhouse Stubbing lane
T. Hallam Beerhouse 129 Hillfoot
Mary Jane Hammerton Beerhouse Hoyland Common
Henry Hardwick Beerhouse Hundow
Mary Hardy Beerhouse 2 Suffolk Road
John Harper Beerhouse Potter Hill
Annie Harris Beerhouse 42 Wellgate
Jabez Harris Beerhouse Parkgate
Fredk. Harrison Beerhouse Crookes & C.
Eliz. Havenhand Beerhouse High Lane
Edward Hawke Beerhouse Nether Hoyland
M. Hawke Beerhouse 47 Pearl Street
Jph Hawley Beerhouse 193 Arundel Street
Catherine Heath Beerhouse & Shopkeeper 110 Masbro' St.
T. Heathcote Beerhouse 148 Leeds Terrace
John Helliwell Beerhouse Bolsterstone
William Helliwell Beerhouse Haywood
Wm. Helliwell Beerhouse 35 Button Lane
William Hepworth Beerhouse Prince of Wales
Joseph Hibberd Beerhouse Cliff Street
T Hibberson Beerhouse 37 Addey Street
Jno. Hicks Beerhouse Cricket Road
John Hicks Beerhouse Burton Road (Neepsend)
Jas Hides Beerhouse 106 Addey Street
George Higgins Beerhouse Blackburn Moor.
Benjamin Hill Beerhouse 76 Button Lane
John Hill Beerhouse Apperknowle
M Hinchcliffe Beerhouse 270 Langsett Road
Wm. Hinchcliffe Beerhouse ~ St Stephens Road
Wm. Hobson Beerhouse 86 Peacroft
William Hodgkinson Beerhouse Millhouses
Wm. Hodgkinson Beerhouse Abbeydale Road
J. T. Holmes Beerhouse 30 Corporation Street
John Hopkin Beerhouse 75 Talbot Street (Park)
William Hoult Beerhouse Stubbing
Grace Howson Beerhouse ~ Shude Hill
John Hoyland Beerhouse Dronfield
Jno Hukin Beerhouse 80 Addey Street
Jabez Hunt Beerhouse Heeley Common
W Hurrell Beerhouse 77 Hillfoot
Thomas Hurt Beerhouse Oak Street

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1871 "I" Beerhouses

William Ibberson Beerhouse 29 Wellington street
Edwin Ibbotson Beerhouse 107 Young Street
Jonathan Ibbotson Beerhouse Storrs

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1871 "J" Beerhouses

John James Beerhouse ~ Sharrow Vale
Joseph Johnson Beerhouse Railway Hotel Brightside
Mary Johnson Beerhouse Mosbrough
W. Johnson Beerhouse 200 Brook View
Wm. Johnson Beerhouse 1 St Philip's Road Upper
Charles Jones Beerhouse 164 Langsett Road
Mary Jones Beerhouse Hurlfield
Richard Jowell Beerhouse Wadsley

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1871 "K" Beerhouses

Ann Kay Beerhouse 3 Andrew Street
John Kay Beerhouse 38 Gloucester Street
Benjamin Keeton Beerhouse Wadsley Bridge
Thos. Kelly Beerhouse 13 Silver Street
William Kelly Beerhouse ~ School Croft
Jno. Kershaw Beerhouse 75 Wentworth Street (Upperthorpe Rd)
Charles King Beerhouse Kilnhurst
Harriet Kirby Beerhouse Grimesthorpe
John Kirk Beerhouse 88 Pond Street
William Kirk Beerhouse Pigeon Bridge Hotel near the Toll Bar Wales
Thomas G. Kirkby Beerhouse Mosbrough
Wm Kirkman Beerhouse 123 Infirmary Road
Alfred Knutt Beerhouse 94 Cricket Road

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1871 "L" Beerhouses

William Lake Beerhouse Commercial Inn
Samuel Lancaster Beerhouse & Saddler Dronfield
William Leake Beerhouse Dronfield
W. Leavesley Beerhouse 192 Allen Street
Henry Lee Beerhouse 20 Thomas Street
C. Leedham Beerhouse 20 Peacroft
Thos. Linley Beerhouse 31 Pond Hill
Charles Littlewood Beerhouse Northfield
George Littlewood Beerhouse Bradfield Dale Reservoir
Mark Littlewood Beerhouse Dronfield
P. Littlewood Beerhouse ~ Willey Street
Alfred Lomas Beerhouse & Dining Rooms 19 Charlotte Street
J. Lovett Beerhouse 94 Button Lane
James Lowcock Beerhouse ~ Sheldon Street
Henry Lowe Beerhouse Forge Inn Brightside
John Lunn Beerhouse 163 Woodside Lane (Harvest Lane)
Samuel Lycett Beerhouse Nether Hoyland

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1871 "M" Beerhouses

H. Mallinson Beerhouse 16 Dixons Yard
Jno. Maloy Beerhouse 26 Peacroft
Tom Marr Beerhouse 67 Porter Street
Chas. Marriott Beerhouse 83 Verdon Street
Elizabeth Marsden Beerhouse Fulwood
Wm. Marsden Beerhouse 72 Silver Street Head
Joseph Marsh Beerhouse Blast Lane
Isaac Marshall Beerhouse Apperknowle
Geo. Mason Beerhouse ~ St Johns Road
John Mason Beerhouse Neepsend
William Mason Beerhouse 24 Sycamore Street
Geo. Mc Nulty Beerhouse 38 Bailey Street
John McMann Beerhouse Parkgate
John Mellor Beerhouse Thurgoland
William Midgley Beerhouse 18 Nelson street
Saml Mills Beerhouse 167 Allen Street
John T Milner Beerhouse & Painter 71 Cambridge Street
Joseph Milner Beerhouse 266 Langsett Road
William Milner Beerhouse Stubbing
J.F. Mitchell Beerhouse Cricket Road
Charles Moore Beerhouse Wath
V Morley Beerhouse 143 Gibraltar Street
Eliza Morton Beerhouse Blackburn
Joseph Myers Beerhouse 15 South Street (Park)

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1871 "N" Beerhouses

Mary Nall Beerhouse 118 Wentworth Street (Upperthorpe Rd)
Clement Needham Beerhouse Totley
Henry Needham Beerhouse Dronfield
J Needham Beerhouse 84 Addey Street
Thomas Newey Beerhouse 1 Pond Street
Charles Newton Beerhouse 34 Lambert Street
James Newton Beerhouse Coal Aston
W. Nicholl Beerhouse 63 Broom Spring Lane
G.H. Nixon Beerhouse, Nottingham House 125.5 Portmahon
M Norbourne Beerhouse 46 Pond Street
Thomas Nuttall Beerhouse Netherthorpe

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1871 "O" Beerhouses

Thomas Ogden Beerhouse Charlton Brook
Joseph Owen Beerhouse Wath
James Oxley Beerhouse Kimberworth
Wm Oxley Beerhouse Carlisle Street

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1871 "P" Beerhouses

W. Paramore Beerhouse 61 Brown Street
Alice Park Beerhouse South Anston
Charles Parker Beerhouse 21 Arundel Street
Chas Parker Beerhouse 3 Arundel Lane
John Parker Beerhouse 92 Trafalgar Street
Alice Parkin Beerhouse South Anston
John Parkin Beerhouse 70 Tenter Street
John Parkinson Beerhouse Brightside
Geo. Pickles Beerhouse 133 Broad Lane
Thomas Pilkington Beerhouse Eckington
Eliz. Pinder Beerhouse 134 Albion Place
George Plant Beerhouse Mosbrough
Isaac Plant Beerhouse Mosbrough
George Platts Beerhouse Dronfield
Benj. C. Pope Beerhouse 28 Smithfield
William Price Beerhouse Nether Hoyland
Jas. Pridmore Beerhouse Claywood

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1871 "R" Beerhouses

J. Rackstraw Beerhouse 24 Westbar Green
Henry Reaney Beerhouse Dronfield Woodhouse
Alfred Reckless Beerhouse Rawmarsh
Ann Reece Beerhouse 29 Pond Street (Little)
Aaron Revill Beerhouse 57 Langsett Road
John Richards Beerhouse Wadsley
Wm. Richardson Beerhouse Penistone Road
William Ridgeway Beerhouse Marsh Lane
Wm. Riley Beerhouse Neepsend
Jas Robinson Beerhouse 166 Arundel Street
James Rodgers Beerhouse Intake
John Rodgers Beerhouse 46 George Street (New) (London Road)
John Routledge Beerhouse Penistone Road
H. Rowan Beerhouse 96 Weston Street
John Rowbotham Beerhouse Hackenthorpe
Saml Rowley Beerhouse 74 George Street (New) (London Road)

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1871 "S" Beerhouses

W Sanderson Beerhouse 35 Addey Street
William Sanderson Beerhouse Brightside
Sarah Sarson Beerhouse Crosspool
Thomas Scott Beerhouse & Carrier Mosbrough
James Searstone Beerhouse Stubley
Alfred Senior Beerhouse Stubbing
George Senior Beerhouse Swallow Nest
Mary Ann Shaw Beerhouse 88 West Street
Elijah Silcock Beerhouse & edge Tool Maker Coal Aston
Mary Silcock Beerhouse Milnthorpe
E. Simmons Beerhouse 129 Princess Street (Attercliffe Road)
Henry Simonite Beerhouse 91 Thomas Street
George Simpson Beerhouse Bailey Street
Fras. Smith Beerhouse 60 Broad Street (Park)
Jno Smith Beerhouse 62 Addey Street
Jno. Smith Beerhouse Park View Road
William Smith Beerhouse Lower Wincobank
Joseph Snape Beerhouse 85 Oxford Road (Ecclesall Road)
Eliz. Somerset Beerhouse 101 Infirmary Road
Samuel Sprintall Beerhouse 110 Lansdowne Road
John Stacey Beerhouse 174 Broomhall Street
Mark Staniforth Beerhouse Eckington
Mark Staton Beerhouse Mosbrough
Thos. Steel Beerhouse 18 Paradise Street
George Stenton Beerhouse Mortomley Lane End Bridge Inn
William Sterland Beerhouse New Grimesthorpe
Luke Stevenson Beerhouse Renishaw
Wm. Stewart Beerhouse Globe Works
John Storey Beerhouse 66 Orchard Place Orchard Street (Church Street)
Horatio Stray Beerhouse 165 Granville Street (Park)
Benjamin Street Beerhouse & Farrier Woodhouse
Joseph Street Beerhouse 10 New Thomas Street (Bramall Lane)
B. Sweeney Beerhouse 21 Corporation Street
George Swift Beerhouse St Philip's Road Upper
Joseph Swift Beerhouse 184 Young Street
Thomas Swift Beerhouse Peacroft
Hy. Swinscoe Beerhouse 65 Westbar

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