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1879 Beer Retailers " G "

Gardiner Henry , Neepsend Lane.

Gardener W, 129 Upper St Philips Road.

Garnett Joseph, 47-49 Bridge Street.

Garnett Joseph , 1 Cranworth Road

Gascoigne Emanuel 116 Barkers Pool.

Genders Thomas , 26 Ball Street.

George Gent , 58-60 Bailey Lane.

Gent Joseph , 26 Wicker.

Gibson Mrs Jane , 96 Queen Street.

Gilbert Richard, 116 Fitzalan Street

Gill George , Club Gardens Walk

Gill Henry , 8 Pea Croft.

Gill Joseph , Stocksbridge.

Gill Richard, 55 Townhead Street.

Gillott Elijah , 18 Johnson Street.

Gleadhill T, Crane Moor Thurgoland.

Glenn Mrs Rebecca, 46-8 Verdon Street

Glossop Mrs Harriet , 195-7 Granville Street

Glover Edmund C Glover , 27 Church Street

Glover John W , 76 Creswick Street.

Godfrey Edmund , 500 Gleadless Road , Heeley.

Godley Samuel, 28-30 Silver Street.

Goodison John, 15 Upper St Philips Road.

Goodlad Mrs Harriet M , 15-17 Wellington Street.

Goodman Benjamin, 64 Martin Street.

Goodson Edward, 22 Forster Road. Heeley.

Goodwin Dennis D, 399 Shoreham Street.

Gordon Thomas , 53-55 Pear Street.

Gough John , 41 Porter Court.

Gould William. , 24 West Bar Green

Guest William, 317 High Street Attercliffe.

Grafton William , 53-5 Marcus Street East.

Grant William, 78 Woollen Lane

Grantham Keeling, 85 Pye Bank.

Gratton Reuben , 122-6 Carlisle Road.

Graves Samuel , 21 Neville Street.

Gray George, 24-28 Church Street , Attercliffe

Gray Percy, 26 Barber Road.

Greatorex William , 55 Chester Street.

Greaves Charles, Oughtibridge.

Green Alfred, 15 Martin Street.

Green Mrs Annie, 30-32 Burnt Tree Lane.

Green Edmund, 134 Carlisle Street.

Green John, 146 St Philips Road.

Green Joseph, 126 London Road.

Green Patrick, 32 Pea Croft.

Green Patrick, 3 Hawley Lane.

Green Samuel, 25 Hampton Street.

Greenwell Thomas, 77 Franklin Street

Gregory James, 227 Johnson Street

Gregory John, Grey Hill Ecclesfield.

Gregory John, 92 Brightmore Street.

Gregory Michael, 94 Cricket Inn Road

Gregory Walter, 74 Powell Street

Grub William, 46 Fentonville Street.

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You will find many of these that are down as beerhouses also come under the A to Z with a title as a pub eg :

James Dickens 70 Russell Street = Spotted Cow.

Mrs Ann Foster 26 Furnace Hill = Odd Fellows

Charles Greaves , Oughtibridge. = The Hare & Hounds.

There are many many more , I do try to connect them up when I spot them but it takes alot of time

going through them all. Some of them must have became licenced later in years.

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1879 Beer Retailers " H "

Habbajam Joseph , 151 Tinsley Road.

Hague Miss A. M. M. 24 Sedan Street

Hague Benjamin , Stannington.

Hague George Thomas, 33 Change Alley.

Hague Mrs Sarah , 351 Brightside Lane.

Hague Thoomas , Wadsley.

Hall James, 113 Pye Bank.

Hall John, 19 Grammer Street

Hall Michael, Bradwell.

Hall William , 89 Fitzalan Street

Hancock Anthony, Redmires.

Hancock Henry, 215-19 Granville Street.

Hancock William . 31 Chester Street.

Handley Benjamin, 170 Church Street , Attercliffe.

Handley George, 8-10 Fornham Street.

Hardwick Walter. 140 Arundel Street.

Hardy Edwin, Carlton Road. Attercliffe.

Hare Thomas, 28 John Street.

Harker Thomas , 74 Cambridge Road , Heeley.

Harland John, 106 Bard Street.

Harrison Frederick, 94 Crookes.

Harrison Harriet , 184 Burgoyne Road

Harrison James, 52 Morpeth Street.

Harrod William, 61 Silver Street Head.

Hartley Samuel , 68 Montfort Street.

Hartley William , 712 Brightside Lane.

Hartley William J , 310 Burgoyne Road

Hawks Mrs Margaret , 47-49 Pearl Street.

Hawley Henry , 34 Lambert Street.

Hawthorne Mrs Harriet, 16 Montgomery Terrace Road.

Hayes Charles , 42 Russel Street

Hayes James, 275 Shalesmoor.

Haywood Mrs Ann, 65-7 Carlisle Street

Hearn John, 138 Scotlamd Street.

Heath Joseph , Cross Turner Court.

Heathcote Mrs Betsy C, 126 Attercliffe Common

Heathcote James , 29 - 31 Evans Street

Helliwell Samuel, Wadsley Bridge.

Hendrick Mrs Sarah J, 3 Leavygreave Road

Henstock Mrs Fanny , 11 Effingham Street

Henstock James, 310 High Street, Attercliffe

Herbutt William , 51 Penistone Road.

Heselwood George, 59 Broad Oaks Attercliffe.

Hewitt John, 45 Carlton Road, Attercliffe

Heywood George, 12 Fitzwilliam Street.

Hibberd Abraham , 113 Carbrook Street, Attercliffe

Hibberd Walter, 1 Powell Street

Hicks William, Cricket Inn Road

Hides James , 1 Arthur Street

Hides James , 106 Addey Street.

Hides John 11, 133 Pond Street

Higgett George E , 208 South Road.

Higgingbottom John, 125 South Street ,

Higginson Christopher, 48 Martin Street

Hill Elizabeth, 27 Sheaf Street, Heeley

Hill Frederick , 37 Bellefield Street

Hill John F , 229 Burgoyne Road.

Hill Thomas, 33 Don Road, Attercliffe.

Hinchcliff Mrs Sarah, 34 Lord Street, Attercliffe

Hinchcliffe Sarah 64-66 Princess Street

Hinchcliffe William , 11 St Stephen's Road

Hines Geoege , 91 Garden Street.

Hitchcock Edward, 9 Polka Street.

Hobson David, 83 Carbrook Street,

Hobson Mrs Martha , Grenoside.

Hobson Mrs Mary , 61 Cricket Inn Road.

Hodkin George, 47-9 Hodgson Street

Holland George, 22 Upper St Philips Road.

Holland Samuel, 59 New George Street.

Hollingworth William, Derbyshire Lane, Norton.

Hollinrake John, 145 Pond Street.

Hollord Mrs Elizabeth , 2 Walkley Bank Road,

Holmes David , 57 New Meadow Street.

Holmes Mrs Hannah , 24 Bethel Street

Holmes John, 34 Infirmary Road.

Holyland John, 48 Mowbray Street

Hueson Isaac G , 151-3 St Philips Road. [ Spelt Huuson on addresses ]

Hopkinson Thomas, 116-8 Birch Road, Attercliffe

Horton Joseph, 34 Cricket Inn Road

Howis Edward , 20 Pinstone Street

Howson Charles, 31 Shude Hill.

Howson Thomas, Green Side Chapeltown.

Howson Thomas , 37 Suffolk Street

Hoyes Thomas, 145-7 London Road.

Hoyland Alfred, 61 South Street.

Hoyland Jonathan, 73 Bath Street.

Hoyland William, 93 Tinsley Park Road

Hoyle Charles, 79 Matilda Street

Hubband John L ,20 Douglas Road

Hudson Frederick, 23 Reginald Street

Hudson George , 67 New Meadow Street

Hudson John, 19-21 Edward Street

Hudson Robert, 95 Sussex Street.

Hudson Thomas, 79 Clifton Street, Attercliffe

Hughes Henry, 210 Savile Street

Humphrey Wheatley 151 -3 Ecclesall Road

Hunt Jabez, 203 Gleadless Road. Heeley

Hunt John, 9 Washington Road

Hunt Joseph , Redhill

Hurrell William , 307 Penistone Road

Hurt Thomas, 83-5 Well Road Heeley

Husband John W, 84 Addey Street

Hydes James, 42 Jericho Street

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1879 Beer Retailers "I"

William Ince, 175 Carlisle Street

George W Innocent, 88 & 90 Harvest Lane

even me, full of cold found this easy ...

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1879 Beer Retailers "J"

Edward Jackson 55 Holly Street
Edward Jackson 37 Dun Street
Enos (I think) Jackson 327 Langsett Road
George Jackson 211 Carbrook Street, Attercliffe
Joseph Jackson 3 Allen Street
Thomas Jacobs 69 Alderson Road
John James Sharrow Vale Road
Robert Jaques 76 Spital Street
Iddo Jenkinson 352 Attercliffe Common
George Jennings 36 Infirmary Road
Joseph Jennings 21 & 23 Hunsley Street
Samuel Jepson 51 Eldon Street
George Joel Ecclesall Road
Benjamin Johnson 2 Egerton Street
Henry Johnson 52 & 54 Common side
Joseph Johnson 109 & 111 Alfred Road
Richard Johnson 14 Cross Bedford Street
Timothy Johnson 38 Attercliffe Common
Mrs Ann Jones 76-8 Weston Street
Anthony Jones 48 Fawsett Street
Charles Jones 161 Langsett Road
Henry Jones 28 Langsett Road
Thomas Jowett 67 Hermitage Street
John H Jubb 796 Grimesthorpe Road

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1879 Beer Retailers "I"

William Ince, 175 Carlisle Street

George W Innocent, 88 & 90 Harvest Lane

even me, full of cold found this easy ...

You jammy devil, I didn't notice that or I would have beat you to it. :P

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1879 Beer Retailers "K"

Kay George,159 London Road

Kay Matthew, 306 pitsmoor Road.

Kellett Job, 42 Clun Street

Kelly Alfred , 40 Bailey Lane.

Kelsey John , 2 Elton Street

Kendall & Co, 47 Fowler Street

Kenning Reuben, 72 Gower Street

Kershaw Frederick, 105 Upper St Philips Road

Kettlewell John, 100 Hoyle Street

Kilner Edmund , 6 Fawsett Street

King Harry, 617 Attercliffe Common

Kirby Mrs Harriet, 20 Upwell Lane.

Kirk Jno, 491 Pothouse Lane, Darnall

Kirk Willoughby, 16 Kirk Street

Kirkby Samuel R, 105-7 Church Street , Attercliffe

Kirkman Soulby. 103 Broomhall Street.

Kirkman William, 197 Infirmary Road

Knight James, 133 Pyebank

Knight Thomas , Norton

Knott Joseph, 13 Maltravers Street.

Knott Stephen, Dykes Hall Road. Hillsborough

Knutton William, 40 Nottingham Street

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1879 Beer Retailers "L"

Francis Larey 66 & 68 Hereford Street
Henry Langley 28 Sutherland Street
George Lant 32 Ellesmere Road
William A Laughten 9 Willey Street
Patrick Lawless 238 Forncett Street
Charles Lawson 141 South Street
Paul Lawton 70 Bramall Lane
William Lawton 49 Danville Street
Henry Lee 41 Carlisle Road
John Lee 67 Weigh Lane
John Lee 7 Hoyle Street
John Lee 74 New George Street
John Lee 48 & 50 Green Lane
Jonathan Lee 26 Grimesthorpe Road
Arthur Leonard 23 Finlay Street
William Leonard 26 Abbeydale Road
Thomas Lidster 137 Trafalgar Street
Mrs Mary A Liles 32 & 34 Adsetts Street
William Lilliman 39 & 41 Upwell Street
Alfred Lillyman 27 Station Road
Henry Lindley 48 & 50 Broomspring Lane
Mrs Sarah Lindley 2 Pye Bank
Charles Lister 49 Broughton Lane, Attercliffe
Mrs Eliza. Lister 138 Ellesmere Road
Mrs Sarah Lister 122 Duke Street
Mrs Mary A Litchfield 112 Button Lane
William Littlehales Cross Turner Street
George Littlewood Springvale, Penistone
George Littlewood Bradfield
Jno. Liversidge Britannia Road, Darnall
William H Locker 96 & 98 Verdon Street
Edward Locking 97 New Meadow Street
Thomas Lockwood Wisewood
William Lockwood 452 Penistone Road
Joseph William Longley 85 Carver Street
John Loukes 40 Greystock Court
Henry Lowe 95 & 97 Newhall Road
John Lowe 198 London Road
William Lowe Dronfield
William Lowe 51 Newhall Road
William Lownds 357 Glossop Road
Joseph William Lund 167 Upper Allen Street
John H Lusby 365 London Road
Thomas Lygo 186 Upper Allen Street

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I too thought about this; then I had a lucid moment and decided that madness lay in that direction ... so I bravely ran away.

You will find many of these that are down as beerhouses also come under the A to Z with a title as a pub eg :

There are many many more , I do try to connect them up when I spot them but it takes alot of time

going through them all.

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1879 Beer Retailers "M"

Lawrence McCann 54 Howard Street
Alfred Machin 350 High Street, Attercliffe
Mrs Ann Machin 9 Main Road, Darnall
Partick McLoughin 23 Corporation Street
James McTaggart 61 West Street
Mrs Mary Makin 96 Weston Street
William Malin Greaves Street, Walkley
Samuel Mallaband 74 Sedan Street
William Mallinder 5 Dolphin Street, Attercliffe
Henry Mallinson 72 Silver Street Head
James Malloy 51 Hawley Croft
Amos Maltby 58 Bramber Court
James Markham 30 Cross Bedford Street
William Marlow 53 Apple Street
William Marples 39 Charles Street
David Marr 284 Neville Street
Jacob Marriott 81 Wallace Road
Mrs Elizabeth Marsden Lodge Moor
Henry Marsden 18 Hardy Street
James Marsden 45 Park Hill Lane
Joel Marsden Bracken Hill, Chapeltown
Mrs Martha Marsden 152 Bramall Lane
William Marsen 126 Woodside Lane
Henry Marsh Crow Edge, Thurlstone
John Marsh 48 Matthew Street
Mrs Mary Marsh 54 Carlton Road, Attercliffe
Mrs Thersa Marsh 190 St Philips Road
Charles Marshall Walker Street
George Marshall 27 Hill Street
Henry Marshall 7 Bowling Green Street
George Martin 316 South Road
Lawrence Martin 74 Hollis Croft
George Mason 17 Crown Alley
George Mason 2 Fowler Street
George Mason 82 Pea Croft
Thomas Mason 52 Abbeydale Road
William Mason 21 Catcliffe Road, Darnall
Miss Alice Matthews 410 Pothouse Lane, Darnall
Edward Maxted 103 Neepsend Lane
Edward Maxted 2 Candow Street, Darnall
John Mellar 41 Apple Street
John Mellor Thurgoland
George Memmott 53 Heeley Green, Heeley
Henry Memmott 30 Penns Road
Mrs Elizabeth Middleton 38 Summerfield Street
Stephen Middleton 51 Harvest Lane
William Middleton 79 Spital Street
Joseph Midwood 24 Union Lane
Francis Millns 26 & 28 Castle Street
George Mills 43 Thomas Street
Charles H Milner 216 & 218 South Street, Park
George Milner 59 Albert Road, Darnall
John T Milner 71 & 73 Cambridge Street
Mrs Sarah Milner 325 Langsett Road
Henry Moore 2 Newhall Road
Joseph Moore 134 Lord Street
Thomas Moore 73 South Street
James Moorhouse 18 Spital Hill
William Moorhouse Grenoside, Chapeltown
William Moorwood 90 Peter Street
John Morrill 39 Wallace Road
George Morton 51 Broad Lane
George Morton 25 Powell Street
Thomas Mosby 48 Birch Road, Attercliffe
Charles Mosley 19 Paternoster Row
George Moorfield 89 Thomas Street
John Monks 71 Spital Hill
Michael Murray 60 Shepherd Street
Michael Murray 184 St Philips Road
Arthur Muscroft 128 Clarence Street
Henry Muscroft 18 Bond Street
John Muscroft 88 Ipper St Philips Road
Joseph Myers 25-27 South Street

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1879 Beer Retailers "N"

Joseph Nash 130 Cemetery Road
John Naylor 24 Sycamore Street
Clement Needham Totley
George Needham 42 Rowland Road
Robert Needham 1 Glocester Street
Mrs Margaret Nellor 169 Nottingham Street
Charles Nelson 75 Pothouse Lane, Attercliffe
Joseph Nevers 34 South Street
George Newbould 189 & 191 Whitham Road
Joseph Newton 81 & 83 Carlisle Street
Henry Nicholson 161 Tinsley Road
Joseph Nicholson 3 & 5 Andrew Street
George Nixon 64 Brown Street
George H Nixon Portmahon
Norris & Parsons 71 Arundel Street
Charles Norton 17 Corporation Street
Henry Norton 52 Brightmore Street
Joseph Norton 181 Grimesthorpe Road
Thomas E Nother 112 Fawcett Street

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By 'eck Lawrence me old mucker it's taken a while but I think we are on the task again now ....

Post any details you have, keepers, photographs, memories.

Thank you.

Links only please for Picture Sheffield pics.
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1879 Beer Retailers "O"

John Oakley 184 Bramall Lane
Alfred Oates 54 Bard Street
Benjamin T Oates 312 Bramall Lane
Daniel Oates 296 Langsett Road
Daniel Oates 50 Greaves Street
George Oates Owlerton
Walter Oates 9 Lambert Street
Thomas O'Brien 68 Campo Lane

Mrs Rebecca Ogden Charlton Brook, Chapeltown Thanks for the help ...

Mrs Mary Oldale 66 Ecclesall Road
Mrs Ann Oldham 88 Carbrook Street, Attercliffe
John Orran 28 Corby Street
Mrs Emma Ormerod 115 Broomhall Street
George Osborn 213 Tinsley Road
Francis Osborne 28 Smithfield
Joseph Osler 209-11 Douglas Road
George Ovey 59 Pea Croft
Denison Owen 37 Addey Street
Mrs Martha Oxley 101 Sorby Street
William Oxley 46 & 48 Ellesmere Road
George Oxspring 45 Campo Lane

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Oh, good grief ...

Thomas O'Brien, 68 Campo Lane


Mrs Rebecca O??en, Charlton B????, Chapeltown

1879 beer retailers, can't make it out ...

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Oh, good grief ...

Mrs Rebecca O??en, Charlton B????, Chapeltown

Mrs Rebecca Ogden, Charlton Brook, Chapeltown.

1879 Beer Retailers "P"

Padmore Edward , 40 Catherine Road

Pagdin Thomas , 2 St Charles Street , Attercliffe

Paine Mrs Elizabeth, 41 Sorby Street.

Palfreyman Mrs Mary Ann , 241-3 St Philips Road

Palmer Joseph , 244 Upper Allen Street.

Parker John , 35 Broad Lane.

Parker William , 277 Upper Allen Street

Parkin Alfred , 46 Ellison Street & 13 Dover Street

Parkin Mrs Elizabeth , 2 Suffolk Road

Parkin John , 73 Blackburn Road

Parkin Joseph , 164 Cemetery Road

Parkin Miles , Mill Lane Attercliffe

Parkin Thomas, 2 Fulton Road

Parkin Thomas , 1 Walkley Street

Parkinson William , 75 Wallace Road

Parr Samuel , 42-4 Chapel Street

Patrick John , 4 Sedan Street

Payne William , 106 Upper Allen Street

Pearson Alfred, 84 Sheldon Street

Pearson Joshua , 11 Bramall Lane

Pearson William , 3 Canal Street

Peckett Thomas , 23 Burton Street

Pepper Frederick , 118 Carlisle Street vEast

Perkin Mrs , 11 Lower Wincobank

Philips Mrs Mary , 15 Sutherland Street

Pickering George , 95 Church Street, Attercliffe

Pickering Joseph F , 178 Brunswick Road

Pickles George , 133 Broad Lane

Pickwell Ralph , 85 Brown Street

Pickworth Mrs Elizabeth , 114 Clarence Street

Pinder Mrs Elizabeth , 184 Broomspring Lane

Pinder Henry , 94 Weston Street

Platten William , 44-46 Edward Street

Pollard Mrs Jane, 54 Nottingham Street

Porter Thomas , 25 Dunfields

Potter Job F , 88 Upperthorpe

Potts Matthew , Hollins End

Poules Robert, 1 Langsett Road

Pratt James , 62 Princess Street

Pressley Harvey , 181 St Mary's Road

Price Joseph , 259 Petre Street

Priestley Henry, 17 Snow Lane

Priestley Jonathan , 90 Eyre Lane

Proudler John , 108-10 Carlisle Road

Pryce Henry, 10 Dun Street

Puley Jno , 82 Nicholson Road, Heeley

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1879 Beer Retailers "R"

Thomas Rabjohn 80 Edward Street
William Ramsden 83 Winter Street
Simeon F Rayovski 2 Carlton Road, Attercliffe
William Read 64 Malinda Street
Henry Reaney Woodhouse, Dronfield
Thomas Reaney 81 Hill Street
Joseph Redfern 56 Duke Street
Peter Reilley 109 Corby Street
Benjamin Renshaw 99 Ecclesall Road
John Renshaw 26 Fornham Street
Thomas Renshaw 97 Leadmill Road
William Renshaw 46 Netherthorpe Street
Samuel Retchford 162 Cemetery Road
Aaron Revill 115 Langsett Road
Frank A Reynolds 205 Gibraltar Street
Mrs Elizabeth Rhodes 36 Hawley Croft
John Richards Wadsley
Charles W Richardson 323 Shales moor
George Richardson 9 Charles Street
William B Richardson 5 & 7 London Road, South Heeley
Mrs Catherine Richdale 60 Egerton Street
William Ridgin 128 Corby Street
Henry Riley 2 Furnival Road
Mrs Sarah Riley 185 Carlton Road, Attercliffe
William Rimington 75 Church Street, Attercliffe
James Rippon 58 Montford Street
John Roberts 98 Grimesthorpe Road
Miss Julia Roberts 67 Carlton Road, Attercliffe
William Roberts 26 & 28 Leavygreave Road
William Roberts 47 Bolsover Street
George Robinson 143 Ipper St Philips Road
Henry Robinson 21 Pitt Street
John Robinson 12 & 14 Brackley Street
Thomas Robinson 31 Kilton Street
William Robinson 13 Bower Street
Mrs Elizabeth Rodgers 52 Howard Street
Paul Rodgers Owlerton
Mrs Ruth Rogers 395-7 Bright Street, Attercliffe
Thomas Rogers 123 Trafalgar Street
Edwin Rose 70 Carlisle Street
Enos Rose 159 New Edward Street
Frederic R Rose 51 Powell Street
William Rosten 60 Earsham Street
Joseph Rowbottom 87 Backfields
John Rowley 118 Trafalgar Street
Thomas Royle 190 South Sreeet
William Royston 133 Carlisle Street
Mrs Frances Rudd 134 Upper Hanover Street
Alfred Russell 190 Wentworth Street
Mark Rutter 197 Duke Street
Samuel Rutter28 Broad Oaks, Attercliffe
Thomas Ryding 7 Exchange Street

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Oh, good grief ...

Thomas O'Brien, 68 Campo Lane


Mrs Rebecca O??en, Charlton B????, Chapeltown

1879 beer retailers, can't make it out ...

Rebecca Ogden, wife of beerhouse - keeper, Thos Ogden, Charlton Brook.

S&R Ind. November 22nd, 1876

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Rebecca Ogden, wife of beerhouse - keeper, Thos Ogden, Charlton Brook, Ecclesfield.

S&R Ind. November 22nd, 1876

And, 1886 ...........

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<p>For Stuart and his little side-project, a few corrections</p>


<p>Title&nbsp;First&nbsp;Surname&nbsp;First should be&nbsp;surname should be&nbsp;Address&nbsp;Directory&nbsp;Year<br />

Mrs&nbsp;Alice,&nbsp;M Carrigan &nbsp;Alice M,&nbsp;Carrigan &nbsp;317 Penistone Road &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;Edmund &nbsp;H Coldwell &nbsp;Edmund&nbsp; H&nbsp;Coldwell &nbsp;235 Langsett Road &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;George &nbsp;H Cashmore &nbsp;George&nbsp; H&nbsp;Cashmore &nbsp;709 Attercliffe Road &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;William &nbsp;L Cooke &nbsp;William&nbsp; L&nbsp;Cooke &nbsp;70 Princess Street Attercliffe &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;Geo&nbsp;Mc Nulty&nbsp;George&nbsp;McNulty&nbsp;38 Bailey Street&nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1871<br />

Mrs&nbsp;Esther &nbsp;Ann Cotton &nbsp;Esther&nbsp; Ann&nbsp;Cotton &nbsp;162 Darnall Road Attercliffe &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1911<br />

Mrs&nbsp;Mary &nbsp;Ann Robinson &nbsp;Mary&nbsp; Ann&nbsp;Robinson &nbsp;33 Red Hill &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

Mrs&nbsp;Sarah &nbsp;Ann Clow &nbsp;Sarah&nbsp; Ann&nbsp;Clow &nbsp;3 Sussex Street &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;John &nbsp;Henry Coldwell &nbsp;John&nbsp; Henry&nbsp;Coldwell &nbsp;104 Button Lane &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1911<br />

&nbsp;John &nbsp;Henry Coldwell &nbsp;John&nbsp; Henry&nbsp;Coldwell &nbsp;104 Button Lane &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;James &nbsp;Herbert Carter &nbsp;James&nbsp; Herbert&nbsp;Carter &nbsp;7 Hodgson Street &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1919<br />

&nbsp;John &nbsp;Griifin Stevenson &nbsp;John&nbsp; Griifin&nbsp;Stevenson &nbsp;Little Sheffield &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1833<br />

&nbsp;John &nbsp;William Bland &nbsp;John&nbsp; William&nbsp;Bland &nbsp;Luke Lane Wadsley &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1911<br />

&nbsp;John&nbsp;Woolhouse Booth&nbsp;John Woolhouse&nbsp;Booth&nbsp;Wadsley&nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1871<br />

&nbsp;William &nbsp;Blackburn Ripley &nbsp;William&nbsp; Blackburn&nbsp;Ripley &nbsp;Edward Street &nbsp;Whites&nbsp;1833</p>


<p>looks better on the spreadsheet ! I will send it on ..<br />


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I'll get 'em all eventually. Getting text file updates periodically.

Do you want copies of the others that I did and have sent to Stuart ?
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