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1871 "T" Beerhouses

Alfred Taylor Beerhouse Carlisle Street East
Benjamin Taylor Beerhouse & Saddler Kilnhurst
Charles Taylor Beerhouse & Shopkeeper 22 Albert Street
Edwin Taylor Beerhouse 61 Bath Street
John Taylor Beerhouse Kimberworth
Joseph Taylor Beerhouse Golden Cup 84 Masbro Street
William Taylor Beerhouse Golden Cup 84 Masbro Street
Wm Taylor Beerhouse 36 Charlotte Street
Emma Terry Beerhouse Penistone Road
Emma Terry Beerhouse 2 Bedford Street (Philadelphia)
Thomas Thickett Beerhouse Marsh Lane
Brocket Thomas Beerhouse 14 Orchard Lane
Joseph Thompson Beerhouse 32 Lambert Street
Richard Thompson Beerhouse & Shopkeeper 156 to 160 Pond Street
Jarvis Thorpe Beerhouse 55 Townhead Street
H. Tingle Beerhouse 30 Union Lane
Mary Toothill Beerhouse 15 Orange Street
Thomas Tuke Beerhouse Rawmarsh
Geo. Turner Beerhouse Abbeydale Road
George Turner Beerhouse Abbeydale Road
John Turner Beerhouse Platts Common
Thomas Turner Beerhouse Swallow Nest
Thomas Turton Beerhouse Crookes & C.
Edwin Twigg Beerhouse 158 Woodside Lane (Harvest Lane)

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1871 "W" Beerhouses

David Wait Beerhouse 28 Langsett Road
Geo. Walker Beerhouse 71 Green Lane
Thomas Walker Beerhouse Nether Hoyland
William Walker Beerhouse & Shopkeeper 16 College Rd
William Walker Beerhouse Attercliffe Road
Wm. Walker Beerhouse 37 West Street
George Ward Beerhouse Normanton Springs Hotel
John Ward Beerhouse Dronfield
Robert Ward Beerhouse Albion Street
William Ward Beerhouse 9 Charles Street
William Ward Beerhouse & Wine Dealer Banner Terrace
Joseph Webster Beerhouse Spinkhill
Outram Westnidge Beerhouse Hilltop
Benjamin White Beerhouse White Bear
James Whitefield Beerhouse Westthorpe
Eliza Whitehead Beerhouse Roewood Lane
C Wilby Beerhouse 143 Carlisle Street East
Ann Wild Beerhouse 1 St Mary's Road
Joseph Wilkes Beerhouse 80 Allen Street
Henry Wilkinson Beerhouse 11 Pontefract road
Charles Wilson Beerhouse 136 Lansdowne Road
John Wilson Beerhouse Dronfield
William Wilson Beerhouse 26 Shepherd Street
Jno. Wood Beerhouse Cricket Road
John Woodhouse Beerhouse Intake Road (Park)
John Woolhouse Booth Beerhouse Wadsley
Gregory Wordsworth Beerhouse Gardener's Arms
Samuel Wordsworth Beerhouse Platts Common
Ellen Wright Beerhouse Neepsend
George Wright Beerhouse Dronfield
John Wright Beerhouse & Stone carter, Pikelet & Muffin Baker 109 Sheffield road

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1879 Beer Retailers - currently transcribing ... (slow, tough on the eyes).

"A" Beer Retailers

John Adams 63 Fitzwilliam Road
John Adamson 4 Sims Croft
Albert Addy 29 Harmer Lane
Thomas Addy 174 Upper Allen Street
Samuel Alcock 191-3 Carlton Road, Attercliffe
David Allen 377 Penistone Road
Thomas Allen 242 Gleadless Road, Heeley
William Allen 373 Penistone Road
Joseph Allsop 266-8 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe
George Altoft 58 West Bar Green
Mrs Isabella Ambler 12 Langsett Road
Henry Ames Old Hall Road, Attercliffe
Thomas Ameson 139 Pearl Street
Thomas Anderton 133 Upper Hanover Street
Charles Andrew 124 Infirmary Road
George Anson 34 Brown Street
Joseph Appleyard 79 & 81 Leadmill Road
George Archer 114 Freedom Street
Robert Archer 59 Bramhall Lane
George Armitage 236 Crookes
Stephen Arnold 113 Button Lane
Henry E Ashby 107 Porter Street
Mrs Eliza Ashmore Blackburn Road
John Ashmore 170 Pond Street
Charles C Askew 106-8 School Road
Thomas Askn & Son 74-6 Scotland Street
Henry Asquith 52 Brightmore Street
Thomas Atkin Woodhouse
Mrs Eliza Atter 15 Kenninghall Road
William Axe 72 Howard Street

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Current betting has Vox favourite to solve this one ... what with his carpet connections.

Just a " wild " guess,

? Toby Wild

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1879 Beer Retailers "B", this is tough going, hard to read ...

George Bacon 66 Doncaster Street
Thomas W Bagley 125 & 127 Carlisle Street East
Alfred Bagnall 23 & 27 Button Lane
Thomas Bagnall 2 Percy Street
Thomas Bailey Lower Wincobank
Walter T Bailey 184 Rockingham Street
Mrs Sabina Baines 26 Lambert Street
Joel Baker 125 Ellesmere Road
William Baker 15 & 17 Sitwell Road
Nicholas Banner 95 Broughton Lane
Richard Bannister 20 Alfred Road
Josiah Barber 103 Bright Street, Attercliffe
Thomas Barber 166 Arundel Street
Thomas Barber Slinn Street
William Barber 80 & 82 Hill Street
Thomas Bardsley 95 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe
W Henry Barge Castle Green
Francis Barker 15 & 18 Wellington Street
George Barker 189 St Philips Road
John Barker 10 New Thomas Street
Joseph Barker 1 & 3 Pinfold Street
Joseph Barker 33 Cliffe Street
Joseph Barker 1 Hardy Street
Thomas Barker Woodhouse
George Barlow 112 London Road
James Barnard 115 & 117 Carlisle Street
William Barnes 193 Eyre Street
Daniel Barratt 127 Corby Street
William Bashforth 38 Sorby Street
George Bates 28 & 30 Spring Street
Thomas Bates 80 Allen Street
Thomas Bates 118-20 Broonhall Street
Joseph Batt 99 (?) Upper St Philips Road
Thomas Battersby Sothall, Beighton, Woodhouse
Thomas Batty 480 Brightside Lane
Thomas Batty 2 Worthing Road, Attercliffe
William Batty 22 Sutton Street
William Baylis 672 Brightside Lane
John Beadle 341 Shalesmoor
John Beal Langsett Road
Joseph Beard Chapeltown
William Beard Ecclesfield
Charles Beatson 33 Furnace Hill
James W Beaumont 25 Campo Lane
John Beaumont 21 & 23 Addsetts Street
Thomas Beaumont 113 Pye Bank
John Beckett 10 Montford Street
James Beecroft 2 Robert Street
Henry Beeson 185 London Road
Charles Bell 225 St Marys Road
Henry Bell 1 Bramber Street
R Bellamy Mortomley, Chapeltown
John Bennett 14 Fitzwilliam Street
Charles Bentley 104 Milton Street
John Best 123 Fitzalan Street
Thomas Betts 49 Portland Street
Thomas Beverley 80 Carlisle Road
Alfred Biggin 27 Headford Street
John Biggin 93 Pearl Street
Joseph Biggin 86 (?) Brightmore Street
Thomas Biggin 92 Oxford Road
Mrs Mary Biggins 30 Oak Street, Heeley
Alfred Bingham 227 Broomhall Road
George Bingham 114 Oxford Street
Thomas E Bingham 160 (?) Harvest Lane
Joseph Binney Hackenthprpe, Beighton
Walter T Binns 242 Lower Hanover Street
William Birch 46 Grimesthorpe Road
Mrs Sarah A Birks 197 Rockingham Street
James Birtles Derbyshire Lane, Norton
Harry Bishop 38 Bailey Street
Aaron Blackshaw 73 Neville Street
Mrs Elizabeth Blackwell 42 Ashberry Road
James Blakeley 25-7 Summerfield Street
Thomas Blakemore 53 Montford Street
John Blendy 30 Burgess Street
Henry Blockley 651 Attercliffe Common
Robert Bloom 164 Petre Street
Frederick Blythe 105 Rock Street
Daniel Boadley 43 Carlisle Road
Abraham Bocking 67 Fitzwilliam Street
Henry Bocking 11 New Church Street
Robert Bocking 2 Bond Street
Stephen Bocking 120 Matilda Street
Tom Bocking 235 Langsett Road
Thomas Boddy 23 Charlotte Street
Mrs Elizabeth Bone 65 Pomona Street and 13 PearStreet West
Alfred Booth 80 Addy Street
Edward Booth 11 & 13 Talbot Street
John Booth Thurlstone
Walter T Booth 57 Granville Street
William Booth 48 School Croft
William Bouskill 29 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe
Charles Bower Woodhouse
James Bowling 293 Arundel Street
Joshua Bownes 37 Cross George Street
Frederick Bradbury 37 Cross George Street
John Bradbury 127 Clarence Street
Robert J Bradbury 91 Thomas Street
Joseph Bradley 188 Duke Street
Joseph Bradley Stannington
Charles Bradshaw 264-5 Langsett Road
George Bradshaw 78 Macro Street
Mrs Harriet Bradshaw 49 & 51 Cricket Inn Road
Michael Bradshaw 44 Frederick Street
William Brailsford 79 Princess Street
John Braithwaite 31 Whitehouse Road
George Bramhall Bradway, Norton
William Bramley 163 Broomhall Street
Thomas Brammall 1 Duke Street
Joseph Branham 13 Rockingham Street
Martin J Brawn 19 Mill Lane, Attercliffe
Michael J Brawn 47 Short Street, Carbrook
William H Bray 16 Ball Street North
Mary Brendon Unstone
James Briggs 57 Malinda Street
Tom Briggs 167 Pond Street
Walter T Brittain 76 Matilda Street
Peter Broadbent 249 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe
George Broadhead 22 Thomas Street
William Brocklehurst 52 Nursery Street
Joseph Bromlay 65 Thomas Street
Joseph Brookes 25 Longden Street
William Brookes 120 Prospect Road, Heeley
Nocholas Brophy 15 London Road
Edward Brown Millhouses
Enoch Brown 163 Woodside Lane
George Brown 76 Attercliffe Common
John Brown 74 Jameson Street, Attercliffe
Joseph Brown 16 Shepherd Street
William Brown 53 Eldon Street
Brownhill & Horton Hunshelf
Walter T Brunt 137 Stoke Street
Edward Bryan 130 Ipwell Street
John Bulay 683 Attercliffe Common
William Bullement 61 Grimesthorpe Road
Frederick Burden 251 Newhall Road
John Burgan 2 & 4 Manderville Street, Darnall
Benjamin Burgin 23 Walkley Road
George Burkinshaw 123 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe
George Burley 16 & 18 West Bar
George Burley 35 Tinsley Road
William Burley 25 Sheaf Street, Heeley
Mrs Ann Burnd 20 Tinsley Road
Thomas Burns 135 Wentworth Street
Alfred K Burrows 117 Penistone Road
Mrs Hannah Burrows 55 Montford Street
George Butler 196 Whitham Road
George W Butler 210 High Street, Attercliffe
William Butterill 17 Queen Street
Nathaniel Buxton 66 Victoria Street

and needs quality checking ...

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I'll get you back at playtime UKL for the 1879 scans, my eyes hurt ...

You should have gone to Specsave. lol

Guess who I bumped into today at Specsavers?? Everybody. he heB)

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1879 Beer Retailers "C"

William Cadman 36 Sheldon Street
Herbert Camm 27 Asline Road
George Camm 89 Trippet Lane
Jonathan Camm 14 Scotland Street
Peter Campbell 5-7 Suffolk Road
William Cant 104 & 106 Industry Road, Darnall
Daniel Carney 37 Hawley Croft
Isaac Carr 108 Carver Street
John Carr 31 Pond Hill
John Carr 68 Scotland Street
William Carter 106-8 Saville Street East
Mrs Jane Cartledge 26-8 Summerfield Street
Mrs Sarah Cartledge 39 Burns Road
Joseph Castle Normanton Spring
William Castleton 2 Bernard Street
Stephen Cavill 86 West Street
George Cawton 114 Harvest Lane
Mrs Maria Challenger 2 Earsham Street
William Challenger12 Plumpton Street
William Champion 295 Shoreham Street
George Chapman 70 Charles Street
John Chappell Warren, Chapeltown
Joseph Chappelow 1 St Marys Road
George Charlesworth 2 Mowbray Street
Nathan J Charlesworth Thurlstone
Thomas Chatterton 19 & 21 Talbot Road
Henry Cheetham 21 Ellis Street
William Chester 41 Allen Street & 2 Doncaster Street
Henry Chetwind 64 Bolsover Street
William Chewey 14 Twelve O'Clock Street
Thomas Chilton 30 Little Pond Street
John Clark 144 & 146 Solly Street
John Clark Hollins End
Mrs Maria Clarke 24-6 Weston Street
George Clarke 20 & 22 Montford Street
James Clarke 265 Infirmary Road
William Clarke Wadsley
Joseph Clarkson Jr. 220 Duke Street
Samuel Clayton 103 London Road
Tom Clayton Bole Hill
Richard W. Clifford 104 Button Lane
William Clift 325 Shalesmoor
Robert Coates 91 Egerton Street
Robert M. Coates 53 Clarence Street
John Cockayne 92 Trafalgar Street
Edward Cocker 16 Apple Street
Mrs Rhoda Cocker 152 Grimesthorpe Road
Charles Robert Coe Thurlstone
James Coe 155 & 157 Industry Road, Darnall
Henry Coggan 133 & 135 Nottingham Street
Mrs Priscilla Coleman 35 Water Lane
James I. Collins Carbrook Street, Attercliffe
James Conroy 55 Pea Croft
Samuel Cooley 629 Attercliffe
Samuel Cooley 172 Portobello Street
Charles Cooper 26 Broad Lane
Edwin Cooper 169 Woodburn Road, Attercliffe
Mrs Mary Cooper 42 Furnace Hill
William Copestake 140 Washington Road
John L Copland 132 Eldon Street
George Copley 103 Sussex Street
Joseph Copley 10 Leicester Street
George Corker 16 Fitzwilliam Street, Attercliffe
Samuel Corker 64 Charles Street
William Corker 28 Bolsover Street
Corringham William 93 Upper St Philips Road
Joseph Coupland 75 St John's Road
John Cousins Cricket Inn Road
James Cowan 195 Tinsley Road
Waltham Cowham 39 Greystock Street
Charles Cowood 20 & 22 Adsetts Street
David Cox 167 Gibraltar Street
Arthur Cragg 2 Russell Street
Benjamin Crampton 60 Allen Street
James Crawshaw 184 Saville Street East
Edward Cripps 59 Hunsley Street
Henry Crisp 1 Adelphi Street
William Crofts 58 Fitzalan Street
George Crookes 116 Addey Street
John Crookes 623 Attercliffe Common
William Crookes 18 Orange Street
Henry Crosby 19 & 21 Charlotte Street
Ben Crosland Thurlstone
Henry Croyden 5 Barlington Street
Charles Croyden 34 Radford Street
Martin Illegible Cru??? 5 Hawley Lane
Matthew Cutts 129 Corby Street
Walter Cutts 134 Porter Street

Should have this done by the end of Feb.

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1879 Beer Retailers "C"

Martin Illegible Cru??? 5 Hawley Lane

Matthew Cutts 129 Corby Street

Walter Cutts 134 Porter Street

Should have this done by the end of Feb.

Looking on the original , it looks like Martin Cruise 5 Hawlley Lane.

Just to re-check that I looked on the addresses of 1879

3 Hawley Lane beerhouse,Patrick Green

5 Hawley Lane beerhouse, Stanley Hall.

It's enough to send you potty.

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1879 Beer Retailers "D"

Currently being transcribed by UKL.

Dakin Edward , 60 Western Street.

Darabrough William, 60 Landsdowne Road

Davis A , 66-70 Richard Road , Heeley.

Davis Joseph , 63 West Bar.

Davison George, 1 Upper St Philips Road.

Dawes William , 498 Brightside Lane.

Dawson Alfred .44 Mitchell Street

Day Frederick, 103-7 Clarence Street.

Day George , 10 Fowler Street.

Day Mrs Mary, 456 Penistone Road.

Deakin Charles, 18 Pearl Street.

Dent Henry,2 Parker's Road.

Denton Miss Sarah A, Upper Middlewood. Oughtibridge.

Denton William Henry. Mill Sands.

Dewick William H , 235 Carlisle Street East.

Dickenson George, 52 West Bar.

Dickins James, 70 Russell Street.

Dickinson Miss Eliza, 34 Gower Street.

Dickinson Thomas, 12 East Street .

Dickson Frederick, 32 Bailey Lane.

Dobson Charles, 51 Gower Street.

Dodson Mrs Mary,83-5 Broad Lane.

Dodson William 61 Arundel Lane.

Downs Matthew, 3 Mount Road.

Drabble Hugh , Bradfield.

Dungworth Joseph. 2 Thomas Street.

Dunwell Samuel. 160-62 Darnall Road.

Dyson Samuel. 29 Henry Street.

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1879 Beer Retailers "E"

Samuel Eades Alma Street
George East 28 Hollis Croft
John Easton 12 Rowland Street
John Eaton 33 Alexanda Place, Heeley
John Edley 121 Walkley Street
Joseph Edley 24 Sutton Street
John Eggleston Handsworth
Charles Ekin 136-8 Milton Street
Mrs Ann Elliott 243-5 Main Road, Darnall
Charles Elliott 95 Lord Street
George Elliott Cross Pool
John Elliott 45 Eyre Street
John Elliott Stephen Hill
William Elliott Chapeltown
George Ellis 582 Shoreham Street
William Ellis 66 Broomspring Lane
William T Ellis 49 & 51 Grove Street
Willoughby Ellis 55 Brown Street
Mrs Charlotte Elston 5 Spital Street
William Elsworth 26 Woollen Street
George Emmerson 20 Silver Street
Frans Enson 1 Brook Street, Attercliffe
John Evans 38 Hoyle Street
William Evans 1 Greaves Street

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1879 Beer Retailers " F " [ UKL]

Fairbairn Jesse, 109 Clarence Street.

Faraday William C, Waleswood , Wales Sheffield

Farrell Mrs Catherine ,59-61 Campo Lane.

Fearn Joseph, 135 Savile Street East.

Fearn Samuel, Woodside Lane.

FearnehoughAlfred, Bradway Norton.

Fearnley Arthur. 90 Wellington Street.

Fellows Joseph. 56 Short Street, Carbrook.

Felthouse Charles. 16 Harrington Road.

Fenby David . 17 Shepherd Street

Fidler John 50 School Croft.

Fielden John, 16 Bellefield Street.

Fitzpatrick Bernard, 383 Bramall Lane & Norfolk Street.

Fletcher Abraham 115 Franklin Street.

Fletcher Charles , 89 Main Road Darnall.

Fletcher James, 6 Paternoster Row

Flinton W , 135 Infirmary Road.

Flower James , 43 Charles Lane.

Flower William , 46 Blackmore Street.

Flowers Henry, 129 - 131 Dunlop Street, Attercliffe.

Ford George , 59-61 Neville Street.

Ford James 122 West Bar.

Ford Mrs Sarah , 8 Charles Street.

Foster Mrs Ann, 26 Furnace Hill.

Foster Charles C, 288 Dunlop Street. Attercliffe

Foster Edward, 73 Earsham Street.

Foster Joseph , 94 Hill Street

Foster Thomas, 147 Carlisle Street. East.

Foster William, 27 New Street.

Foster William c , 229B Upper Allen Street.

Foulds Joseph, 85-7 Clarence Street.

Fowler George, 169 Gibralter Street.

Fowlston Henry, 20 Hawley Croft.

Fox Charles 24 Cross Smithfield.

Fox George , 22-24 Siddalll Street.

Fox Henry, 21 Birch Road Attercliffe.

Fox Joseph , 42 Nottingham Street.

Fox Joseph , 87 Carlisle Street East.

Fox Joshua, 39-41 Portland Street.

Franks Robert, 51 Bailey Lane.

Frith Charles, 229 Atterclife Common.

Froggatt Benjamin , Banner Cross.

Frost Eliza , Winter Street.

Frost John, 76 -8 Summer Street.

Frost Joseph , Hathersage.

Frost William, 43 Green Lane.

Fuller Edward , 50 Pea Croft.

Furniss Charles, 119 Young Street.

Furniss Enos. Stannington.

Furniss William, 34 Park Hill Lane.

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Taking a break from this ...

Who is? You is?

I'll carry on while I have time, let me know if you are doing anymore.


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