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The most perculiar name of 'em all.

I thought this was on here already, but, as I can't find it, here goes ...

George Street, victualler (Opodeldoc House), Orchard Street.

Better known to most as the Three Tuns, Leopold Street.

A-Z updated.

1821 Strange.pdf

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Opodeldoc was a soap dissolved in spirits of wine to form a jelly. There were at least two rival opodeldoc manufacturers in the early 1800's in Sheffield. One was branded "Cajeput" and the other "Steer's" - they merged at some point. The product seems to have had a short lifespan and was advertised between 1826 and 1832.

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Cajeput Opodeldoc was the only mention I could find but I know I'd mentioned it before regarding this pub, probably ... never quite sure what I have or haven't done/said/posted/thought/imagined/made up.

Opodeldoc was a soap dissolved in spirits of wine to form a jelly. There were at least two rival opodeldoc manufacturers in the early 1800's in Sheffield. One was branded "Cajeput" and the other "Steer's" - they merged at some point. The product seems to have had a short lifespan and was advertised between 1826 and 1832.
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Am i losing the power of being able to look through the pub index, i cant seem to find this chap listed, i am taking it that this Stone House is indeed a pub...".When Gosling's plan was made in 1736, neither Mulberry Street nor Change Alley was in existence. All was gardens from the backs of the High Street houses to Alsop fields (afterwards Norfolk Street). A deed of 1786 shows that some time previously the garden formerly adjoining Ralph Elmsall's (the "Old Stone House") had been let off in pieces for building, when part of it is " now used as a street."

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1891 Census - Three Tuns Orchard Street

Mary Elizabeth Blenkiron (Granddaughter of Thomas Ouldfield Burnt Tree Inn Allen Street 1861-1875)

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Hi Oldbloke [ I feel awful calling you that ]

I have updated the 1875 Thomas Oldfield at the Burnt Tree Inn Allen Street on the

pubs A to Z, thank you.

You have him down as from 1861 to 1875, we do have a Thomas Oldfield from 1854.

Could this be the same Thomas or maybe Thomas senior ?

Also the Mary Elizabeth Blenkiron at the Three Tuns, could she be the daughter of the

John Blenkiron we have down from 1883 to 1893 ? As it says she is single on the census.

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No, it's the same Thomas (My great-great-great Grandfather). He was at 84 Allen Street by (and probably before) 1851 and was a saw handle maker. He died in 1877.

Blenkiron is a dreadful name to track through the census, it's so often mistranscribed.

Mary Elizabeth's father was John, but so was her brother, neither of which I have managed to track beyond 1881 at the moment, but I'm working on it.

Interestingly her sister, Jane Eliza Blenkiron was married to Walter Garrett who kept the Museum Hotel at 25 Orchard Street, later remarrying and holding the licence herself as Jane E Moore until (as far as I know 1919).

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I've found Thomas Oldfield at 84 Allen St under Inns & Beerhouses in the 1849 White's directory, but no entry for Burnt Tree Inn.


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Ok, The John Blenkiron at the Three Tuns up until 1890 was Elizabeth's father. He'd previously been at the White Hart, 62 Russell St. After 1890 he may have been there in spirit, but his son John must be the one named.

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1901 Herbert Clarke , The Clockmakers Arms, 122 West Bar

1901 Uriah Coggan Havana 57 Meadow street

1901 Henry Crisp The Prince of Wales , 67 Meadow Street

1901 William Dawson The Bellefield Inn 37 Bellefield Street

1901 Ralph Dickins The Spotted Cow 70 Russell Street

1901 Mrs Eleanor Drabble The Red Lion. 15 Smithfield

1901 William Henry Duggan The Alexandra 13 Dover Street

1901 Robert Greaves The Bath Hotel 66 Victoria Street

1901 Willie Greaves Hare & Hounds Oughtibridge

1901 Francis Harrington The Eagle & Child 28 Smithfield

1901 John Joel The Palm [ Tree ] Tavern 35 Palm Street

1901 Malin George Frederick The Bathfield Hotel 1 Powell Street & Weston Street

1901 Edward Marcer The Stag 2 Wilson Street & 170 Harvest Lane

1901 Cyrus Taylor The Nag's Head 325 Shalesmoor & Matthew Street

1901 Bemjamin Tillery The Bellefield Inn 2 Bellefield Lane

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1891 Publicans Whites

Abbey, Norton , Woodseats. Jonathan Joel

Abbeydale Abbeydale William Snow

Acorn 288-92 Shalesmoor C. Thompson & Co

Acorn Bracken Hill, Chapeltown Albert Walton

Adelphi 13 Arundel Street George Peters

Admiral Rodney Loxley George W trickett

Albert 1-3 Division Street William Baxby

Albert 31 Sutherland Street John McGarity

Albion 4 Mitchell Street Henry T Beet

Albion 694 Attercliffe Road Charles H Johnson

Albion 75 London Road Henry Roberts

Albion 44 Johnson Street Chas Taylor

Alexandra 549 Carlisle Street, East Digby Hodgson

Alexandra 121 Eldon Street John Lewis

Alexandra 11-13 Furnival Road James F Walker

Alma 23 Alma Street George Ekin

Amberley 221 Attercliffe Common Henry Littlewood

Angel Angel Street Jno Chambers

Angel 18-22 Button Lane William J Church

Angel 8 Market Street, Eckington William Downes

Angel Grenoside Henry Machin

Angel Handsworth, Woodhouse, Horatio Mallinder

Anvil 160 -64 South Street, Moor. Duncan Gilmour & Co

Anvil 22-4 Waingate George Crosby

Anvil Stannington Jas Simpson

Arundel Ecclesfield Jonathan Bennett

Arundel 257 Arundel Street James Hawksworth

Arundel & Surrey 528 Queen's Road Joseph North

Athol Pinstone Street Wright Bros

Atlas 278 Savile Street Philip Osborne

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1891 Publicans " B " Whites

Bagshaw Arms Hemsworth , Norton. William Fielding

Ball 84 Green Lane, William Armstrong

Ball 17 Scotland Street Mrs Ellen Boost

Ball 67 Broad Street, Park Thomas Burton

Ball 66 Upwell Street, Robert Farnsworth

Ball 64 Wicker Ashley Godley

Ball Intake, Gleadless Mrs Elizabeth Green

Ball 219 Darnall Road, William Guest

Ball 177 Crookes John C Hand

Ball Gleadless George Jones

Ball 27-9 Spring Street William Pickin

Ball 46 Furnace Hill Benjamin C Pope

Ball 203 Pond Street Tom Sharpe

Ball 26 Campo Lane Joseph Steade

Ball 95 Heeley Green Jas Fowler [ Towler in most directories ]

Ball 8 Pye Bank John Vernon

Ball Ecclesfield Thomas Woolhouse

Barleycorn 38 Cambridge Street Mrs Eliza Launt

Barrel 73-5 Pes Croft William Bearder

Barrel 123 London Road Frederick John Bunyan

Barrel 67 -9 Broad Lane Wyrill Clayton

Barrel Lane End , Chapeltown Ellis Matthewman

Barrel 31 Edward Street Mrs Mary Ann Newton

Barrel 44 Pye Bank Mrs Elizabeth Pearson

Barrel 2 Upper Oborne Street Henry Short

Barrel 105 Pond Street William Stokes

Barton Vaults 118-20 West Street Mrs Catherine Charlesworth

Bath 139 Broomhall Street Mrs Sarah Hollingsworth

Bay Horse 46 upper St Philip's Road Mrs Alice Ada Gregory

Bay Horse 53 West Bar Green George Minkley

Bay Horse 40-2 South Street, Moor William Spencer

Bay Horse 1 Greystock Street William A Sullivan

Bay Horse 463 Pitsmoor Road Thomas Wing

Beehive 240 West Street Mrs Sarah H Meays

Beeswing 44-6 Hartshead John Crosby

Bell Fitzalan Sq Mrs F Berry

Bell Hagg Bell Hagg Mrs Elizabeth Gosnay

Belle Vue 282 Whitehouse Lane Charles Hirst

Ben Lomond 23 Eyre Street Thomas Rotherham

Bird-in-Hand 28-30 Spring Street Edwin White

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1891 Publicans " B " Whites

Birmingham Arms 18 Lambert Street. Aaron Lavender

Black Bull Ecclesfield Mrs Emma Jackson

Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street Mrs C Horsepool

Black Horse 64 Howard Street Lawrence McCain

Black Lion 45 Snig Hill Miss S Garrod

Black Swan 60 Little Pond Street William Henry Dent

Black Swan 21 Burgess Street Henry Pinder

Black Swan 39-41 Snig Hill James Wallace

Blake Street Hotel 53 Blake Street Walter Burgan

Bloomsbury 37 Albion Street Robert T Slingsby

Blue Ball Wharncliffe Side, Oughtibridge Mrs Elizabeth Booth

Blue Ball Worrall John Grayson

Blue Ball 31 High Street Miss Elizabeth A Adkin

Blue Boar 30 West Bar Joseph Hepworth

Blue Boy 41 Shepherd Street John Hodgkinson

Blue Stoops Dronfield Charles Street

Bowling Green 2 Upwell Lane Samuel E Watts

Bridge 45 Hereford Street Catherine Barnes

Bridge 5 Bridge Street George Chapman

Bridge 175 Nursery Street William Chipling

Bridge 2 Weedon Street Benjamin Dyble

Bridge 2 Meadowhall Road William Jackson

Bridge 219 Pond Street Adam Leonard

Bridge 387 Attercliffe Road Michael Murray

Bridge Dronfield John Rawson

Bridge Whirlow George Rothwell

Bridge 1 London Road John Thompson

Brincliffe Oaks Nether Edge Road Edward Twivey

British Oak 225 Carbrook Street Samuel Spooner

Broadfield Abbeydale Road Albert Twigg

Broomhall Tavern 105-7 Broomhall Street Mrs M E Nixon

Broomhill Tavern 480 Glossop Road James Gleadhall

Brown Bear 109 Norfolk Street Charles Whitaker

Brown Cow 1 Mowbray Street John J Holey

Brown Cow 3 Radford Street George Lamb

Brown Cow 68 Wicker George Woodland

Brunswick 13-15 Haymarket Samuel Hetherington

Brunswick 54 Thomas Street Walter Thompson

Bull & Mouth 28-30 Waingate Morris Nixon

Bull & Oak 76-8 Wicker Charles Long

Bull's Head 396 Fulwood Road Albert B Slowe

Bull's Head 31 South Street Moor Mrs Mary Stork

Burgoyne Arms 246 -8 Langsett Road Eleazer Milner

Burlington 7 Burlington Street Frederick Cawdell

Burnt Tree 83 Hoyle Street Mrs Emma Cullingworth

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1891 Publicans " C " Whites

Cambridge 1 Cambridge Street. Joseph Sanderson

Carbrook Hall 537 Attercliffe Common Mrs Elizabeth Bunting

Carlisle 5 Carlisle Street. Daniel Firth

Carwood 8 Carlisle Street East . Robert Newsham

Castle 46 Snig Hill Frederick Shaper

Castle Street Wine Vaults 30 Castle Street. Richard Marshall

Chandos 215 Rockingham Street Benjamin Broadhead

Chequers 19 Rough Bank Henry Bell

Chequers 4 Meadow Street John Jackson

Cherry Tree 184-88 Gibraltar Street Arthur T Wilson

Clarence High Street Gilmour & Co

Clifton 281 Penistome Road Mrs Elizabeth Lockwood

Coach & Horses Dronfield Woodhouse Henry Robert Anderson

Coach & Horses Staion Road , Chapeltown John Crawshaw

Coach & Horses 756 Attercliffe Road Mrs Harriett Kirby

Coach & Horses Stocksbridge Joseph Scott

Coach & Horses Rotherham Road, Eckington. Mrs Ann Robinson

Cobden 40 Cobden View William Buttery

Cock 49 Hollis Croft Evans Barkworth

Cock 82 Broad Street Thomas Park

Cock Oughtibridge George Reed

Commercial 34 Button Lane William Henry Hinchcliffe

Commercial 105-109 Station Road , Chapeltown. Thomas W Unwin

Corner Pin 84 Blonk Street & 14 Wicker Alfred Taylor

Cornish 56 Cornish Street George Nixon

Corporation 37 Corporation Street John H Freeman

Cossack 45 Howard Street George allot

Cricket Cricket Inn Road William Wainwright

Cricket Ball 38 Sutherland Street George Morton

Cricketers' Totley John Ashton

Cricketer's Arms 106 Bramall Lane Richard William Dickinson

Cromwell View 80 Spital Street Mrs Mary A Rutter

Cross Daggers 52 West Bar Green Alfred Elliott

Cross Daggers Handsworth , Woodhouse Robert Staniforth

Cross Keys Handsworth Mrs Maria Warburton

Cross Scythes Totley Thomas Bown

Cross Scythes Norton Lees , George Mathew

Crossfield Thorncliffe , Chapeltown George Dransfield

Crown 23 Blue Boy Street William Hardy

Crown 2 Albert Road William Leonard

Crown 43 Summerfield Street Miss Mary J Lloyd

Crown 28 Wicker John lucas

Crown Handsworth Francis Mitchell

Crown Totley George H Revill

Crown 33 Scotland Street Tom Robinson

Crown 116 Neepsend Lane Mrs Louisa Sampson

Crown London Road William Spooner

Crown 21 Meadow Hall Road James Swift

Crown 33 Holly Street Thomas Wood

Crown & Anchor 218 Fitzwilliam Street John William Mottershaw

Crown & Anchor 18 Stanley Street John Thompson

Crown & Cushion Burn Cross Chapel Town Lewis Ashton

Crown & Cushion 21 Old Street George Buxton

Crown & Glove Uppergate, Stannington Henry Shaw

Cutlers' Arms 62 Worksop Road William Naylor

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1891 Publicans " D " Whites

Denison's Arms Watery Street. Mrs Ann Hall

Derby 10 Lansdowne Road M Elsdon

Devonshire Arms 118 Ecclesall Road Robert M Scott

Devonshire Arms 9 South Street, Moor William Simpson

Devonshire Arms Dore William Thorpe

Dog & Gun 18 Headford Street Bernard Appleby

Dog & Partridge 56 Trippet Lane John Brown

Dog & Partridge 575 Attercliffe Road Joseph WainWright

Don 67 Penistone Road Thomas Robinson

Dore Moor Dore Samuel Howard

Dove & Rainbow Hartshead William Turner

Duke of York 35 Market Street, Eckington. James Hugh

Duke of York 135 Main Road Joseph John

Durham Ox 15 Cricket Inn Road Alfred Anthony

Durham Ox 51-3 Echange Street George Farley

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1891 Publicans " E " Whites

Eagle 80 Wellington Street Thomas Johnson

Eagle Vaults 51 West Bar Mrs A Harrison

Earl Grey 97 Ecclesall Road John Payne

East Parade 2 Campo Lane Mrs Mary A Hattersley

Elephant & Castle 117 Arundel Street Frederick Rogers

Elephant Vaults 4 Norfolk Street Mrs Sarah Doyle

Elm Tree 16 Elm Tree Hill, Intake Road F Storey

Empire Rockingham Street Ralph Pringle

Engineers 116 Carlisle Street East Francis James Barton

Engineers Wincobank John Tanton

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1891 Publicans " F " Whites

Falcon 18 Leicester Street Benjamin T Hall

Falcon 13 Flat Street Edwin Simmonite jun

Falstaff 56-8 Wicker Charles Hirst

Feathers 46 Bard Street Frederick Gibbs

Filesmith Arms Oughtibridge Henry Ibbotson

Firth Park 121 Page Hall Road Edwin Thorpe

Fitzwilliam 65-7 Broomhall Street Mrs Sarah Simpson

Fleur-de-Lis Totley Mrs Martha Fearney

Fleur-de-Lis 66 Fargate Joseph Taylor

Florist 119 Broad Lane Mrs Harriet Foster

Foresters 14 Union Buildings, Bridge Street. Mrs Fanny Fieldsend

Foresters ' Arms 73-5 Division Street John Maxfield

Fortune of War 108 Scotland Street Robert Johnson

Fowler Street Hotel 37 Haywood Road Henry W Wilson

Fox & Duck 50 Broad Lane Henry Choyee

Fox & Duck 174 Pye Bank John Drury

Fox & Grapes Meadow Hall Road Henry Sanderson

Fox House Shirland Road John Webster

Franklin Hotel 118 Franklin Street Isaac Bingham

Freedom 26 Walkley Road Francis Pilkington

Freedom 369 South Road Joseph Swinden

Freemasons' Arms Walkley Lane Thomas Toyne

Friendship Stocksbridge Thomas E Batty

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1891 Publicans " G " Whites

Gaiety Music Hall 100 West Bar H de Frece

Gardeners' Rest 11-15 Dun Street John Adamson

Garrick 6 Sycamore Street Edward J Olivant

Gate Wadsley Bridge Mrs Mary E Hartley

Gate 408 Pitsmoor Road Mrs Emma Richardson

George Market Place William Carruthers

George 24 Savile Street Joe G Dixon

George Handsworth, Woodhouse William John Ellis

George Marsh Lane Mrs Pauline Fletcher

George Hill Top, Stannington. Hugh Jenkinson

George 52 New George Street Leonard Stevenson

George 94-6 West Bar Mrs Jane H Forester

George & Dragon 39 Bank Street Mrs M. A. Moorhouse

George & Dragon 93-5 Broad Lane John Williams

George IV 186-8 Infirmary Road Henry W Robinson

Golden Ball Shude Lane Thomas Beardon

Golden Ball 838 Attercliffe Road Robert Elliott

Golden Ball 69 Campo Lane Thomas Hawksley

Golden Ball Hesley Lane, Chapeltown William Mallinson

Golden Cock 82 Broad Street Thomas Park

Golden Fleece 12 Wharf Street Thomas Machan

Gower Arms 47 Gower Street George Ward

Grand Music Hall 1 Coulston Street Massey Brown

Grapes 74 Furnace Hill Mrs Sarah Clough

Grapes Lock Street J. H. Minear

Grapes 95-7 Pond Street William Scott

Grapes 80 Trippet Lane Thomas Wreaks

Greaves 23 Apple Street Andrew Mosley

Green Dragon Dronfield Henry Allen

Green Dragon 469 Attercliffe Road Mrs Elizabeth Elsworth

Green Dragon 44 Fargate Thomas Lee

Green Dragon Ecclesfield John Mitchell

Green Man 17 Broad Street Frederick Phoenix

Grey Horse 25 Stoke Street Thomas Hitchen

Grey Horse 25 High Street Mrs Lydia Wofinden

Greyhound 217-19 Gibraltar Street Mrs Mary A Burland

Greyhound Dronfield Thomas Burley

Greyhound Ecclesfield Charles Merry

Griffin 5 Spital Street Frederick Bird

Griffin Ecclesfield Matthew Stringer

Grouse & Trout Redmires Thomas Gee

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