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    Very good article about Bramall Lane Bridge from the Sheffield Utd match programme earlier this week.
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    I have lived near and used the Sportsman for more than 30 years. Prior to this Billy Calvert the boxer was landlord and the pub sign is a painting of him. In the last 30 years there have been a number of licencees, some of whom I can't remember the surnames, but here is what I can remember. Bill and Val Augwain Jamie Young aka fatpiggymc Russ Peace and Wendy Adam and Gary Russell Carol Williams and Kevin Another Kevin and his wife who formerly had The Ball Maria??? Steve and Craig two brothers And for the last 11 years until Nov 2019 Paul Frith Hope this prompts somebody to fill in the gaps.
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    New video exploring the Megatron and the culvert tunnel system - contains history of the rivers and plans for the future of the culverts:
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    Some selling dodgy watches and jewelry.
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    Don the real train driver, who did the Manchester to Sheffield video, has done another video where an HST 125 travels through the Sheffield area all seen from the cab of the train. Highlights include how the driver avoided stopping at Meadowhall station, plus Sheffield Station, Chesterfield and some of the great architecture of the tunnels on the lines. The Train is the Leeds to Derby service so includes a great deal of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire too.
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    The powers that be will not be satisfied until ALL our old buildings in and around town are just a memory, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Beehive works on Milton Street will be the next in their sights. The old workshops on Everton Lane were turned into students flats but they didn’t destroy the look of the building, it still retains its 19 th century look, I never seem to see or read any objections from the council.
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    Hi, my Dad was friends with ‘Uncle Fred and Auntie Ivy’ back in the 70’s/80’s as he was a fellow knife maker. Spent many a happy Sunday afternoon at their house. Auntie Ivy would always give us a £1 note when we left to buy sweets.
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    My dad was passenger to Bill Beevers in late ‘50s to early ‘’60s on a BMW sidecar outfit. They finished 5th in Czech GP at Brno in 1960. After Bill retired, he and his wife Lilly moved to the Isle of Man and ran a guest house in Port Erin. It’s still run today by his Niece and her husband.
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    George and Annie Moore retired in 1966 (my grandparents).
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    Going through the Sheffield Histories archive I noticed postings about Pauldens of Sheffield which later became Debenhams. In our china cabinette I have the scissors which were used by the then Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Alderman JS Worrall J.P. (1965-66) to cut the opening ribbon at Pauldens in 1965. The scissors were made T Hardy & Sons who I believe operated from Wessex Works on Milton Street, which runs from Hanover Way to Fitzwilliam Street. One of my memories of Pauldens was the record bar, as was common in those days in record shops there were two or three small booths where customers could listen to 45's of their choice through headphones. The salesperson in the record bar was a friend called Susan Mann, Susan's dad was 'the Reliable Fish Man' of Leopold Sreet and Broomhill. Wazzie Worrall.
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    Wheel tappers. I used to see them at the railway station hitting the train wheels with a long hammer to see if the wheel tyres were cracked. Last time I saw one was in the '70's, all done with ultrasonic detectors these days.
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    Salt Mrs. Eva, confectioner, 661 Attercliffe Common. Kelly's dir., published 1957, (also in 1965). Edit:
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    Eva Darwent, daughter of Francis Inman and Florence Darwent was born on 22nd July 1903 and baptised at Carbrook. Her grandfather Frank was an experienced publican (Hare and Hounds Bradfield 1871, Sportsman's Inn, Stannington in 1873, Commercial Hotel, Tinsley 1895) and died in 1895 at the Commercial Hotel, but was buried in Stannington. His son, also Francis Inman Darwent (born 1873 died 1940) went on to run the Commercial Hotel and was Eva's father. F.I. Darwent number 3 was born in 1895 but died the following year, F.I.Darwent number 4 was born in 1911 and died in 1951) George Salt son of William and Mary Jane Salt was born on 3rd October 1900. His father William was licensee of the Pheasant from 1908 to 1922 They married on 30th July 1923 In 1939 Eva was running a sweetshop at 661 Attercliffe Common Eva died on 14th February 1969 at her shop at 661 Attercliffe Common, not far from the junction with Weedon Street. Possibly this was the shop from where she sold drinks?
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    Yes it was a temperance bar. Number 669. The owner was called Eva Salt and her husband was George Salt.
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    Need to research more or even get a actual image...Possible look of the plaque with info so far
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    I finally found a photograph of my grandfather as a fireman, second from right. Not sure of the dates when he served though
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    My memory may be playing me up and it is years since I been down Angel Street but i think there were TWO 'Arcades'. The lower one ran up the side of the ABC - contained a couple of exits from the cinema and at the top a dead end apart from a a doorway to the multi - story Car Park. It was more of a tunnel than an Arcade - it was tiled if memory serrves me. On the left hand side were a couple of windows which looked into teh department store, Cockaynes I think. The other Arcade was higher up Angel Street and at the top entrance to Cockaynes - this lead up to Hartshead and teh Dove and Rainbow
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