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    Some recent finds A lone 16 ton mineral wagon left on bay line!
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    The Old Toll Bar house at 329 Langsett Road between Woodland Street and Victor Street This building still stands but the front extended part was removed when the road widened Also shown on the extreme left is The Victoria Hotel, later called Victoria Vaults. This pub closed in the early 1970's.
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    A Pub Crawl by Coach. Sheffield Independent 14 May 1836
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    Redevelopment of Pond Street showing (left) the possible construction of Fiesta nightclub, (right) Pawson and Brailsford, printers, and (centre) Victoria Hall, Norfolk Street
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    I certainly do remember the Christmas lights, Timsons and Cockaynes. 1967 according to Picture Sheffield https://www.hpacde.org.uk/picturesheffield/jpgh_sheffield2/w02776.jpg 1971 https://www.hpacde.org.uk/picturesheffield/jpgh_sheffield2/s45453.jpg
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    We’ve lost so much just for the car to get ease of travel, the councillors in the town hall at the time should have hung their heads shame, the oldest parts of the city, High Street, Cambridge Street, Backfields, Rockingham Lane etc are now a complete joke, buildings designed by Stevie Wonder.
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    Pond Street Bus Station in 1947 - Sheffield City Centre Really interesting for those of us not old and wise enough to remember the buildings on the right hand side that were replaced by the likes of Cinecentre, The Fiesta, The Top Rank Club etc
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    How much can you remember about Change Alley in Sheffield City Centre? What exactly was it? What buildings, shops and businesses were there? Any memories of change alley that you can share with us?
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    This barn (situated on Clodhall Lane near Baslow) crops up 3 times in the film, including when Jane (Ruth's daughter) is accosted by a pair of youths (Gaz and Spike) and shortly afterwards where she's seen grappling on the floor. Its also seen silhouetted on the horizon as Ruth struggles to find cover to give birth. Sorry that there's no cinematic serenity to associate with this peaceful spot but that's the nature of the film. I watched it aged 14 when it was first aired on Sunday 23rd September 1984 and have been equally fascinated and terrified of the whole thing ever since.
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    Yes Videmat machines on double door OMO buses. They would have been OK if people could have been trusted. Unfortunately some passengers put all sort of rubbish in them and we had to frequently radio for the Videmat van to come and unjam them. It was amazing how many passengers would jump up and alight at the site of an inspector at a bus stop that the bus was approaching.
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    Demolished by ADH Demolition.
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    Photograph taken from Grove Square (off Penistone Road).
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    Don't know how long it was closed, Aaron White demolished it and we bought the roof from him.
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    We bought the roof off the rag and tag as scrap, it was made of aluminium sheeting.
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    I wrote an article on pubs and I indicated that Wrekin Pub was indeed the one in the photo, all my research pointed to it, with entries and names in local directories.
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    mine would be a photo of the original Wordsworth Tavern which was demolished in 1966
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    T This '6-wheeler' monster was from China Motor Bus of Hong Kong, probably used exclusively for school contracts.
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    I am not sure whether this one is on Picture Sheffield or not. At one time I called in most evenings on my way home from work for a quiet pint in the snug. Always a Black and Tan or a Guinness for me as I could never take to John Smith's bitter.
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    No, that is Stanedge (Stanage) Lodge. Beautiful photo!
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    Thanks, I have not seen that one before but have good reason to remember Christmas '67 (could be a year out or even miles off). I worked for Timpson's at the time. Timpson shops is next to Cockaynes.
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    Alcatraz was in the same building, in the 80s/90s sometime I suppose. I remember those shops from the 1960s, they've changed a lot over the years.
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    The Mumtaz I remember was on Union Street, just down from the rear of the Peace Gardens. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s24139&pos=1&action=zoom&id=26592 Great food and was a Saturday night favourite in the 80’s, but never went to the one on Chesterfield Road....
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    Yes. If you go on picture sheffield and search Hidgson St. Some of them picture the house I used the live in and one includes my mother. If any admin people read this can they please tell me why I have to change my password every time I login even though the system says it has changed my password?
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    I think you are right, though my last visit to this part of the city was in the previous century! My initial reaction to the black & white picture was "Act 1 Scene 1 - 'Macbeth' "
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    The fines office was down there too.
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    Am I right here - is this correct in terms of before and after positions?
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    The Royal Exchange Buildings, Lady's Bridge, Sheffield Built in 1900 by John Henry Bryars they originally housed a home for "the lost dogs of Sheffield" and a veterinary surgery for the working animals of early industrial Sheffield, particularly horses, for which there are ramps to every floor. Photo : Charlotte Tollyfield https://www.pinterest.co.uk/CTSilversmith/
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    The Old Blue Ball on Bradfield Road in Hillsborough This now gone pub on Hillsborough Corner used to be extremely popular before falling on hard times and then eventually closing down and is now totally demolished
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    Sheffield Register, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, & Nottinghamshire Universal Advertiser 25 April 1794 Could Lot 1 be the four story building in the centre of the photo ?? ( Left of centre )
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    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 08 August 1922
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    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 28 August 1902 The Rufford Road Sewer is to small to carry away the contents that the larger sewers pour into it.
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    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 23 October 1875 In Court 4 another good woman laid a foundation of bricks, Then she deposited her furniture upon the top.
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    ] The Ecclesfield East Railway Station where the actor Donald Pleasence lived with his parents whilst attending Ecclesfield Grammar School 1933-1938
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    Good afternoon everyone, Not sure if anyone can help, but here goes. My father house when he was a lad at 104 Bungay Street had a compulsory purchase order on it as can be seen in the London Gazette of 1946, and it duly was torn down. I am interested in how I would go about finding out what year that particular house was built? Anyone help please?
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    Events at the site on Sunday March 22nd. All welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/2729921603772719/
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    Jon performing at the Green Room on a Tramlines Sunday in 2013
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    I used to be a barmaid in Sinatras as I knew the owner and his girlfriend Jean. It was a great place and it used to get packed on Fri and Sat night. I remember helping to get it open, all the clean up and wet paint just an hour before the doors opened. Great times. Used to work the bottom bar and get drenched in beer as we used to have to change the barrels under the bar as there wasn't a cellar and the barrels were changed at an amazing rate and I remember the bar being 10 deep all night long! Totally exhausting but real fun. I remember Aileen, she was amazing and we all thought she was really old because she was 38!! but she looked really good and was a really nice gal!
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    Hey!!!! I think I was there that day! I remeber having the machine freebies, we tried it again when we went back a week later, but it didn't work, so we went and told the cafe assistant that we had put our money in and haven't received our crisps (bones, remeber those?) so we also got a freebie that week!
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