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    We’ve lost so much just for the car to get ease of travel, the councillors in the town hall at the time should have hung their heads shame, the oldest parts of the city, High Street, Cambridge Street, Backfields, Rockingham Lane etc are now a complete joke, buildings designed by Stevie Wonder.
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    Pond Street Bus Station in 1947 - Sheffield City Centre Really interesting for those of us not old and wise enough to remember the buildings on the right hand side that were replaced by the likes of Cinecentre, The Fiesta, The Top Rank Club etc
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    Some recent finds A lone 16 ton mineral wagon left on bay line!
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    How much can you remember about Change Alley in Sheffield City Centre? What exactly was it? What buildings, shops and businesses were there? Any memories of change alley that you can share with us?
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    This barn (situated on Clodhall Lane near Baslow) crops up 3 times in the film, including when Jane (Ruth's daughter) is accosted by a pair of youths (Gaz and Spike) and shortly afterwards where she's seen grappling on the floor. Its also seen silhouetted on the horizon as Ruth struggles to find cover to give birth. Sorry that there's no cinematic serenity to associate with this peaceful spot but that's the nature of the film. I watched it aged 14 when it was first aired on Sunday 23rd September 1984 and have been equally fascinated and terrified of the whole thing ever since.
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    Inside of the Adelphi pub, Arundal Street, best pub in Sheffield and a regular call for me.
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    Photo of the Hole In The Road in Sheffield City Centre all lit up for Christmas! I don't ever remember it looking like this - do you?
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    Thanks, I have not seen that one before but have good reason to remember Christmas '67 (could be a year out or even miles off). I worked for Timpson's at the time. Timpson shops is next to Cockaynes.
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    The Mumtaz I remember was on Union Street, just down from the rear of the Peace Gardens. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s24139&pos=1&action=zoom&id=26592 Great food and was a Saturday night favourite in the 80’s, but never went to the one on Chesterfield Road....
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    Opposite the bottom of the graveyard, next to the modern looking office block think that was Geo. Clarke rolling mills, the end of which can be seen in your last pic.
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    Ah thanks man, that is a very nice compliment! Take care and stay safe.
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    Pond Street Bus Station Sheffield City Centre
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    Yes. If you go on picture sheffield and search Hidgson St. Some of them picture the house I used the live in and one includes my mother. If any admin people read this can they please tell me why I have to change my password every time I login even though the system says it has changed my password?
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    It was 48/49 when Austin and Morris launched new models of family cars and petrol coupons became available, though it was around 4 shillings a gallon. The Suez crisis in 1956 put a shilling a gallon on the pump price,so I would say once the new models came through prices began to normalise.My first car in 1956 (a 1938 Austin 10) cost £110.
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    I think you are right, though my last visit to this part of the city was in the previous century! My initial reaction to the black & white picture was "Act 1 Scene 1 - 'Macbeth' "
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    Here it is when it was The Pheasant or Pheasant Inn
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    Some enlargements of air photos Stand House farm 1927 it was demolished a few years later to make room for the school. Nunnery Farm 1935 showing around it MASSIVE excavations connected with the colliery. Springwood Cottage wasn't really a farm but probably connected to the Woodthorpe Colliery. It stood near Queen Mary Road. Access was via Pit Lane.
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    The fines office was down there too.
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    Remember my son buying the Gremlin Graphics computer game "Monty Mole" for his Sinclair Spectrum, the computer games of the time required a cassette tape player to load onto the computer, a bit hit and miss! sometimes taking several goes to load. Calendar the local ITV news program did a feature on Gremlin Graphics and their "Monty Mole" game (said to be inspired by the miners strike of 84) featuring King Arthur's castle And from the Times of 84 this article!
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    The houses we demolished certainly have, we were responsible for most of the demolition in that area,Kent, Tillotson, Gleadless, Richards, Anns Roads down to Brammall lane
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    The Old Blue Ball on Bradfield Road in Hillsborough This now gone pub on Hillsborough Corner used to be extremely popular before falling on hard times and then eventually closing down and is now totally demolished
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    My guess is late 50's or very early 60's. The Bedford van is pulling out of Button Lane or Carver St. so it's before Pauldens Department Store was built. I don't have a solid date for this. Woolworths store was previously Redgates in the early 50's until Furnival Gate was built and then Redgates moved around the corner. Don't have a solid date for this either but Furnival Gate was built at the same time as Pauldens Store. So photo was taken between those 2 dates. The Old Moor was a lovely place and well supported by shoppers.
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    I think the Leyland PD2 on the right was new in 1954 and I believe that tram number 296 went all the way to 1960. It narrows it down a bit if I am correct.
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    Sheffield Independent 04 May 1822 Kings Head Coach Office, Change Alley.
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    Sheffield Register, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, & Nottinghamshire Universal Advertiser 25 April 1794 Could Lot 1 be the four story building in the centre of the photo ?? ( Left of centre )
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    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 28 August 1902 The Rufford Road Sewer is to small to carry away the contents that the larger sewers pour into it.
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    Sheffield Independent 12 July 1872 Mrs Lee had a very narrow escape. She had to wade through the water to the road and back again twice to save her children.
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    Good afternoon everyone, Not sure if anyone can help, but here goes. My father house when he was a lad at 104 Bungay Street had a compulsory purchase order on it as can be seen in the London Gazette of 1946, and it duly was torn down. I am interested in how I would go about finding out what year that particular house was built? Anyone help please?
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    Under a slightly new name Lysander is back after an absence of a year or more! I visited the Wicker Cinema back in the late 1950s to see "Dunkirk" along with a French exchange student. A rather unfortunate choice of film for Pierre especially when the emphasis seemed to be how the French had let us down!
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    Events at the site on Sunday March 22nd. All welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/2729921603772719/
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    Thanks RLongden. I don't remember Mrs Lawson but I can add some more information. s20962 the building in the foreground with the debris on top I think was an air raid shelter built in the war. When I was young it was used as a storeroom by Burgon the grocers whose warehouse backed on to court 23. My mates and I used to climb on top of it and regularly got chased off by the storeman. We also had to walk all the way round this to get to our outside toilet which was in a row backing on to a wall behind Burgons. The young girl in the photograph is almost certainly Carol Hodder who lived at the first house which I think was court 23/3. The next house 23/2 was Mrs Clara Marshall who was a widow and had three sons all much older than me. She used to babysit us when my brother and I were small. 23/1 was the Whiteheads' there granddaughter Kay/Kate? was in the same class as my brother Mel at St Silas. t00498 You're right I lived at 123 the centre house at 125 were the Priests, I think Herbert and Mary it's his motorbike you can see on the picture with Mrs Lawson in it. At 121 were either the Furniss family or the Crossleys. Might have been the Furnisses as I vaguely remember them having a child and not long after they moved. Somewhere I have a photo of my brother's 7th birthday party (Feb 1959) which Rolin Crossley from next door came to.so they must have moved before then. t00497 we used to climb over the wall and play on the bomb site it was also used as a dumping site for old mattresses and other stuff.. There was also bomb damage on the other side of the street but no wall to climb over! s31826 Primitive Methodist Chapel we used to play on this. There was a family further up the street call West I can't remember what number. There oldest son, Geoff, who was a year or two older than me was mad about the navy/sea so this doubled as a submarine, pirate ship or warship depending in what took his fancy on the day. He had a brother called Trevor who was the same age as my brother Melvyn and in the same class at St Silas. s33116 Hodgson Strret meeting room used to go to Sunday School here but only to get enough points to get on the summer picnic! s25001 St Silas school attended this from 1954-60. Three of us from there passed our 11+ in 1960 Peter Levitt went to King Ted's, Kathleen? Moseley went to King Egberts and me to Abbeydale Boys (this was a major shock for the Headteacher Mr Hill, and me) who thought any school I went to would be Approved as I was always in trouble for something! And finally s17414 the woman with the blonde hair is my mother Violet Warrs (nee Machin). I think they moved onto the street when they got married in 1936 and lived there until we were moved in 1962 to Nottingham Cliff at Pitsmoor. I first came across this by accident my brother-in-law had been reading a book "More images of Sheffield" by Keith Farnsworth and this image is in there. There is also a picture of court 23 with the washing hanging out to dry. The other lady in the picture was Mrs Jackson who was quite elderly and frail at the time. Of course the Council in its wisdom moved her to a block of high rise flats. I can remember mum taking us to see her, she was very unhappy. The cars in the street all belonged to the Funeral Director.
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    Could this be it? Picture Sheffield Co-Op
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    I came across a photo of the station concourse dated to 1969. There clearly is a kiosk here, though you can't make out the owner it clearly looks like a Smith one. Interestingly too during my research I came upon several items that have survived the demolition of the site. There are a number of notice boards from the station at the National Railway Museum. However there are no images on line of them, probably not on display either. And a signal box name plate that went up for auction and sold to an unknown bidder. And to round it all off a train spotters note book for May 1965!
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    Original post might be incorrect and should be Pack Horse Inn Pack Horse Inn, No 2 West Bar, junction of Newhall Street (later became Snig Hill). Grand Theatre of Varieties, West Bar, in background Found this photo of the building - fantastic looking place!