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The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Other singers….Clodah Rodgers and Lena Martell in the 70’s.

I was helping a Friend with a hifi exhibition in the foyer at these concerts.  
David Raw….owned a hifi business in Crosspool.  He sadly passed away at age 28. 

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Myself and some friends were given the opportunity to meet shawaddywaddy back stage . I was 12. We then watched the show from the light box . It was brilliant ☺️

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One name missing from your list.


First time I ever saw her live. One night only

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Bob Bacon was manager when I worked there. Frank. (Can't remember his surname) was bar's manager. Forgot alot of the names but great times


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My wife at the time worked at Record Tools in Darnall and she used to get free midweek tickets to the Fiesta.  We went quite a few times.  Tommy Cooper and Showaddywaddy were my 2 favourite acts I saw there.  Was a great night out.  A young fella where I worked used to be a waiter at the Fiesta around the same time, he was very tired with the late nights and then the 8am starts.

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On 12/02/2007 at 17:05, Sheffield History said:

Fiesta Club Sheffield.jpg

Fiesta Club Sheffield.png

The Fiesta Nightclub Sheffield.png







Sandwiched between Arundel Gate and Pond Street



The Whiteman Brothers Live At The Fiesta


The Fiesta Club had a resident band - this was "The Terry Clayton Band" for most of the venue's lifetime but there was another resident band at one point, The Andy Wardough band that was accompanied by dancers.

The manager of the Fiesta during the 70's was a man called Frank Pickering. There was a boxer by the name of Ronnie Crookes who was the much feared doorman.

The bar staff were made to pull half pints into pint glasses whilst the acts were on, so that when it got busy between acts it was quicker to pull the pints for the customers !!

One of the beers served was 'Camerons' and it's reported to not have tasted very nice !

Food was chicken in a basket, with lettuce and tomato or scampi and chips. (waitress service too)

The club itself was very dark, with much of the only light coming from the lamps on the tables ! There's some people who have told us that there used to be telephones on each table too and you could call other tables up with them ? (can anyone confirm this ?)

There was a hypnotist that played the club regularly - Martin St James who was a small man with a goatee beard who used to have a clinic just off high street.


Bee Gees

Michael Jackson and The Jacksons

Bob Monkhouse

Bruce Forsyth

Cilla Black

Del Shannon (1971)

Edwin Starr

Eve Graham (full week of shows 22nd-28th September 1974)

Freddie Starr

Gene Pitney

Gladys Knight

Glen Campbell

Hot Chocolate

Jimmy Ruffin

Joe Pass (1974)

Junior Walker

Ken Dodd

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Les Dawson

Larry Grayson

Lou Christie

Middle Of The Road

Mike and Bernie Winters

Mike Read

Nookie Bear

Norman Wisdom

Showaddywaddy (21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1974 & 21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1978 & 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Feb 1980)

Stevie Wonder

The Beach Boys (6 nights - November 29th to December 5th 1970)

The Drifters

The Dubliners (24th March 1973)

The Four Tops

The Jackson Five

The New Seekers

The Temptations

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Hunt

Tony Christie

*did you go to the Fiesta club ? do you know of any facts or bands that are missing from this post ? if so click 'reply' now and let us know !*


Picture of the Fiesta - http://www.ronsandersoncollection.com/disp...3&gallery=2


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Just now, Patricia said:


Frankie Vaughan, Morecambe & Wise, Stevie Wonder, Four Tops,Status Quo, all appeared.


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Opening of the Fiesta nightclub, Arundel Gate by (1st right) Lord Mayor, Alderman Sidney Dyson. 19th August 1970.


Photographer: SCC City Engineer and Surveyors. 


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