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The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Fiesta Club Sheffield.jpg

Fiesta Club Sheffield.png

The Fiesta Nightclub Sheffield.png







Sandwiched between Arundel Gate and Pond Street



The Whiteman Brothers Live At The Fiesta


2 of the owners of the Fiesta Club were Keith and Peter Lipthorpe, They bought up an old Cinema in Norton, Stockton on Tees, and converted it into a Nightclub. They named this club "The Fiesta".

"This was about 1970....It was very successful and had all the great Artistes of the period working there including "The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison , Pitney and lots of other great names..At the peak of their success they opened another club in Sheffield also called "The Fiesta"...Sadly in the end, both business ventures failed as did many other night clubs only to be replaced by Disco's."

The Fiesta Club had a resident band - this was "The Terry Clayton Band" for most of the venue's lifetime but there was another resident band at one point, The Andy Wardough band that was accompanied by dancers.

The manager of the Fiesta during the 70's was a man called Frank Pickering. There was a boxer by the name of Ronnie Crookes who was the much feared doorman.

The bar staff were made to pull half pints into pint glasses whilst the acts were on, so that when it got busy between acts it was quicker to pull the pints for the customers !!

One of the beers served was 'Camerons' and it's reported to not have tasted very nice !

Food was chicken in a basket, with lettuce and tomato or scampi and chips. (waitress service too)

The club itself was very dark, with much of the only light coming from the lamps on the tables ! There's some people who have told us that there used to be telephones on each table too and you could call other tables up with them ? (can anyone confirm this ?)

There was a hypnotist that played the club regularly - Martin St James who was a small man with a goatee beard who used to have a clinic just off high street.


Bee Gees

Michael Jackson and The Jacksons

Bob Monkhouse

Bruce Forsyth

Cilla Black

Del Shannon (1971)

Edwin Starr

Eve Graham (full week of shows 22nd-28th September 1974)

Freddie Starr

Gene Pitney

Gladys Knight

Glen Campbell

Hot Chocolate

Jimmy Ruffin

Joe Pass (1974)

Junior Walker

Ken Dodd

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Les Dawson

Larry Grayson

Lou Christie

Middle Of The Road

Mike and Bernie Winters

Mike Read

Nookie Bear

Norman Wisdom

Showaddywaddy (21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1974 & 21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1978 & 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Feb 1980)

Stevie Wonder

The Beach Boys (6 nights - November 29th to December 5th 1970)

The Drifters

The Dubliners (24th March 1973)

The Four Tops

The Jackson Five

The New Seekers

The Temptations

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Hunt

Tony Christie

*did you go to the Fiesta club ? do you know of any facts or bands that are missing from this post ? if so click 'reply' now and let us know !*


Picture of the Fiesta - http://www.ronsandersoncollection.com/disp...3&gallery=2

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There were 'Fiesta Fawns' - does anyone know what these are ? (bar staff/waitresses/dancers ?) They wore little purple dresses and silver fishnet tights. Later this was changed to red plastic hot pants and white plastic boots.

Also Marc Bolan and his band T-Rex were booked to play at the Fiesta for one night. When they saw the place they refused to play, saying that the Fiesta was too grand and not the sort of place they played at !

The next day Marc Bolan was on a panel show on Radio Sheffield with local DJ Ray Stuart and spoke of the night before's happenings.. Bolan stated that the booking contract had stipulated a maximum entry fee of ten bob, but he had found that the Fiesta was charging much more, and so he pulled out.

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My sister worked there for a few years from it opening and used to get us Comp tickets. We also got to meet a lot of the stars for autographs etc. My dad was in his element when he got to meet his musical heroes Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald.

More acts that played the Fiesta

George Macrae

Ella Fitzgerald

Ray Charles

Auther Connelly

Sam & Dave

The Grumbleweeds

Detroit Emeralds

Ben E King

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Guest tsavo

Also, The Shadows and Brenda Lee.

The Shadows roadie dropped one of the PA speakers off the stage and knackered it. I know, I was called in 20 minutes before they went on to try and fix it. No chance, it was a horrible mess.

Brenda Lee was a disappointment, sang all her hits but in new arrangements. All the fans wanted were the originals. Had my most embarrasing moment there but will save that for another day!

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Guest knighty59

Jack Jones played the Fiesta. I know this as my parents went to see him, my late Mum being a big fan. They both spoke to him at the bar with his then girlfriend Susan George.

I also saw Hot Gossip there towards the end of the Fiesta. There was some secretarial awards ceremony on that night (my girlfriend at the time was in the running for one of the prizes so i also went along) and Hot Gossip were booked for the entertainment......presumably to encourage the males to accompany their respective partners.

The Black Abbotts (starring Russ Abbott before he went solo) also played there.

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Guest tsavo

The resident band leader, Tony Clayton's family had a paint & wallpaper shop on Middlewood Rd near Darwin Rd.

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Guest knighty59

I had tickets, bought for me as a birthday present, to see The Nolans but the club closed a few weeks before they were due to appear.............Can't believe i am actually admitting that!!!

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Managed to get these couple of pics of the old Fiesta from a book somebody gave me a few years ago both photos according to the book were taken in 1976 I can remember now the stage being used as a dance floor when the acts had finished and during the intervals. Don't you think the girls outside the entrance look quite excited possibly about the tickets they have just bought but surley not for the Barron Knights?????.

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Fantastic - many thanks for posting that as it's something we've been looking for for quite some time !!

I'd never seen inside the Fiesta before so it's great to see what it looks like !

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Interesting to see a dancefloor actually up on a stage though

These days dancefloors are usually sunk down so people look down onto thtem

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The stage was used after the acts had finished using It, the resident band would start (or the DJ) and the audience were invited up to use the stage as a dance floor I suppose this would not be allowed now for health and safety reasons. Looks quite a drop to the floor level!!!!. there was also another room which was strictly used as a Disco complete with a real dance floor DJ lights etc. I went there many times and even spent my 21st birthday in there,also remember seeing the Jackson 5 in 1979 complete with the then babyfaced Michael.


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Guest J.A.C.

Hi There

Saw Roy Orbison with full orchestra behind him a truly great night. Why can't we have venues like this nowadays.



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Hi Jim (welcome to the site by the way !)

I agree

The cabaret circuit/clubs will definitely re-appear I have no doubt and I think that we'll soon see places like the Fiesta open again in the next 3 or 4 years.

It's a huge gap in the market now and whoever opens this kind of venue in Sheffield will clean up (provided they do it right)

It was the same with comedy clubs - thankfully Toby Foster and his gang of comedians sorted that by opening up in Sheffield.

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It was the same with comedy clubs - thankfully Toby Foster and his gang of comedians sorted that by opening up in Sheffield.

'ang on!

The Last Laugh is the longest running comedy club in Yorkshire - and has been going in Sheffield for many years.

It has and still does happen at The Lescar - which is ALWAYS sell-out. Standing room only at the back. A superb night out in a 'proper' small comedy club venue.

They moved to The Roundhouse when the Lescar could have sold out more than 7 nights a week (and they were too lazy to do seven nights a week!).


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You miss my point

They were in a small back room at The Lescar but that didn't fill the gap in the market that they filled by going big time

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You miss my point

They were in a small back room at The Lescar but that didn't fill the gap in the market that they filled by going big time

Ahhh - see what you mean.

I used to go to the Lescar every Thursday at one bit.

Saw some brilliant acts there, including Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, Ross Noble, et al - all before they made it really big.

Toby Foster is just brilliant as the Compare - although it is nice if you're a regular for another compare to fill in every so often.

Anyway - I guess that's for another thread...

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