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Sheffield Parks Recreation Grounds and Open Spaces

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Osgathorpe Park (aka Earl Marshall Park)

Photos Dunsbyowl

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Roe Wood

Map Ref 70


History (courtesy Dunsbyowl)

In the 17th Century it was recorded that this ancient woodland were in the possession of the Earl of Shrewsbury. In the 18th century wood passed to the Dukes of Norfolk was split into Great and Little Roe Woods.

The 11th Duke who, in the Queen’s Jubilee year of 1897 when he became Sheffield’s first Lord Mayor, presented Roe Wood to the City as a public open space. For a while after this the wood became known as Victoria Park but usage of this name lapsed.

Towards the top of the wood were the sports ground is was a site of a hillfort dating from Romano/British times which was destroyed when the sports ground was constructed 1923. The camp consisted of an oval ditch surrounding an area of 3/4 acre with an indistinct rampart. Within the area a number of finds of Roman pottery and coins had been made. The Site was surveyed by Addy.

Photo Dunsbyowl

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Sky Edge Playing Field/ Manor Oaks Road

Map Ref 72

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Weston Park

Map Ref 81

Multimap Link




The 12 1/2 acre estate which formed Weston Park was formerly the home of Thomas Harrison and his daughters Anne and Elizabeth. The estate was purchased by the Town Council for £18,000 and opened as Sheffield's first public park. The park was offically opened on 4 May 1874.

Weston Park Observatory



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