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Sheffield History

What school did you go to ?

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i went to hartley brook school then on to firth park comp ( the brushes building ) . i left school in 1972 age 15. 

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On 21/01/2008 at 11:48, carlie167 said:

Went to St Maries on the corner of Edmund Rd ( I think thats where it was), Its been demolished these many years now though. I wonder if any one else remembers it. The headmistress was a nun, Sister Mary Dennis, and there were several other nuns who taught there as well. I wonder if anyone has any pictures (crosses fingers). Well I can always hope!! :):)

I remember Sister Mary Dennis she was cruel and put the fear of God in us kids. Myself and my sister Denise were some of the protestant kids who attended the school. Her favourite phrase was "God knows what your going to do before you do it and it's a sin" Talk about giving little kids a complex, we attended as we lived on Edmund Road. I remember sports day at Oakbrook Convent our only day when we could have fun without the nuns breathing down our necks and we had a picnic lunch on the grass. 

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On 22/12/2010 at 23:37, mickward said:

Went to Broomhill Infants, then Lydgate Lane and then King Teds. I still make a point of peering through the gates of King Teds Upper school on Glossop road every time I'm in the area. KES was a great school and the teachers that I had were pretty cool. O.K so they could be hard with any wrong-doers, but we all know now that it was a good method. As crazy as it might seem now, I got six of the best for throwing a balaclava in the changing rooms!

I left in 1974 and my favourite teachers were Mr Beatson, Mr North, Mr Finch and the preposterous Mr Thompson (slug). But I hated the deputy head, Mr Ruding with a passion, he was as warm-hearted as a tadpole!

Does anyone remember the 'flour incident', when some noodle set a booby-trap to drop flour over the masters at a prize-giving? The sight of one particular master in his very official-looking black gown and mortar board, covered in what seemed to be a whole bag of self-raising remains with me to this day. lol


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I taught at King Ted's until I retired in 2011. Mr dear pal Mr Alan Powell (P.E then Careers Education) often talked about the flour incident.

It appears that one of the main instigators was one of the famous Kaiser Brothers, either Kim or Nick? Their father was Prof Kaiser who worked in the Physics Department at the University. They were both very clever, unfortunately Kim died suddenly around 2004 when he was in his early 50’s. Nick became an astronomer and is featured in one of the early Prof Brian Cox productions. Nick was the younger brother and in the same year group as Phil Oakey of Human League fame. I understand that there’s a book about King Ted’s called something like ‘Thal’ Never Get in Theer’ which mentions the flour incident, unfortunately I have no other details or name of the author.

Paul ‘Wazzie’ Worrall

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On 05/04/2013 at 14:32, dagro said:

I attended Gleadless Primary school fro several years from 1935. In those days the classrooms were lighted by small

glas chandeliers from ornamental glass strips were suspended. Whenever a light breeze touched the fixture, a melodious

tnkle would prevail above our heads. That was the nice memory.


As most pupils in the first classes, we lived on the new Chatsworth Park estate and had to cross the park and exit by

the gennel on Ridgeway Road. As youngsters, this was a dangerous undertaking as we were always mobbed by a

gang of bullies from a higher class. After school we had to cross the ground before the bullies came out, otherwise

they would chase us and rough us up somewhat. Here is a photo of our mothers who came one day to escort us home.

As you see that didn't stop the blighters from getting into the picture. Anyhow I think they improved the photo somewhat.


Lovely photograph. Bob Nutton and I have started a Gleadless County Primary School forum in Sheffield Schools. The school is also mentioned in the Hollinsend Recreation Ground/Park forum page. Please added your memories to the school page.

Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall

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