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Unitedite Returns

Once Upon a Time - When We Could Actually Make Things

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1 hour ago, Unitedite Returns said:

Now that is interesting. Only one of the four waggons depicted in full is carrying registration plates and licensed to operate on the public highway, which suggests that most were acquired predominantly for internal use.

24 minutes ago, Athy said:

Lovely. I do hope it's still in working order and not just "stuffed and mounted".

From memory in the 60's it was rare to see one outside the gates and certainly not far away, except for the Lord Mayors Parade, but I presume in earlier days more road work was done. From the links provided above I see that number 6, when it went to Glasgow, had a tax disc franked in Sheffield on 24 May 1971 and seems to have not been steamed since the 70's probably not long after the Brighton run mentioned by madannie77  above.

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That's what I love about this site, the way a better picture is built up from lots of bits and pieces.

Incidentally, does anyone out there happen to know the Sentinel Works Numbers and build years for all nine of the Brown Bayleys' steam waggons?

And as to whether they were acquired new, or second-hand, i.e. ex-WW1 army surplus?

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