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  1. I don't remember it as a cafe, but I remember once going to Comet with my mother for some reason now lost in the mists of time. This was a big adventure for little me (I guess I was about 10 years old) as I persuaded my mother to take the no. 2 bus from Gleadless Townend to Malin Bridge rather than have to change buses in town. My mother was not overly impressed with the scenic tour and we went home via town! I loved it, of course, as much of the north side of Sheffield was unknown to me at the time.
  2. There was a pointsman at the Haymarket/Fitzalan Square/Commercial Street/High Street junction due to the complexity of the junction and how busy it was.
  3. Spanish Steel Works on Pinfold Lane in Sheffield

    Grace's Guide has the Spanish Steel Works as being owned by Willans, Arnold & Co in 1885, the company later becoming Willans, Arnold & Colley. I have not come across anything explaining the name of the works yet, though Location (map from old-maps.co.uk):
  4. It is a Rotherham Corporation bus so the advert might be for a local business in Rotherham, but I really have no idea at the moment. Do we have any Rotherham experts on here?
  5. Or to avoid all the adverts try this cached Google link
  6. Fine Fare and Fred Hartley at Manor Top

    The Manor Top Fred Hartley's was my local when it came to buying the pop-ex 45s as well. My dad might have gone there for motoring items back in the days when he tinkered with his cars but I only remember him going to the one on Queens Road.
  7. BEATTIES toy and model shop

    It wouldn't have been Beatties in the 1950s. At that time the company was quite small. According to this post from K&A back in 2007 the shop on St Paul's Parade was called Hobbies.
  8. Sheffield Christmas Illuminations in 1964

    Looks more like Fargate to me, looking up from near Coles Corner, with work going on at Marks & Spencer.
  9. The Wicker/Around The Wicker

    According to page 23 of this document the left-wing bookshop on The Wicker in the 1960s was called nothing more complicated than Sheffield Bookshop
  10. The clock tower is on the Newton Chambers building on the corner of Furnival Street and Union Street
  11. Fargate in Sheffield City Centre circa 1900

    That's an interesting viewpoint. I suggest it was taken between 1905 and 1908. Car 177 had the top cover fitted in either 1904 or 1905 and there is no sign of the tramline from Fargate into Leopold Street which was built in 1908. What is the man to the left of the rather prominent lady in white doing?
  12. Photos of Darnall - what year/s?

    The one with the open top tram dates from between 1902 when tram 175 (or is it 176) was built and 1905 when it had a top cover fitted. Just love all the advertising on the medical stores on the right. Sometimes I think I could use something like Dr Scott's Syrup for those annoying coughs I seem prone to.
  13. Sheffield United Harriers Walking club

    Welcome to Sheffield History JennyT Don't worry about the photo size. It should automatically resize to fit the screen, with the full size version available for viewing with a couple of clicks of the mouse.
  14. The Wharncliffe Arms, West Street, Sheffield City Centre

    According to the list of known keepers in the A-Z lists William Parnell was the keeper in 1916 but not in 1913 (George Henry Pace) or 1917 (Frederick William Royce).
  15. Enlarging the image I can clearly see Carbroook Co-operative Limited, so I assume that the unclear word above Carbrook is Brightside