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  1. The number 52 to Crookes

    The 51 was certainly used for the major trials in 1978: https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/6633-comparative-trials-1978/ Although the 51 was less taxing before the mid-1960s when it was City to Lodge Moor only.
  2. Does anyone recognise this place?

    This image from Britain from Above shows Manners Street (LHS of the image) to be a row of terraces with the wall against the embankment and, with some zooming in, what look like outside toilets built against that wall. I wonder how effective putting the washing out to dry was when Neepsend Engine Shed was on the other side of the tracks! There are several other images on Britain From Above showing this area, but I think this one is the clearest. Not sure if it is just my computer, but the link to Britain from Above doesn't work properly in Opera. It is fine in Chrome and Firefox, however.
  3. Does anyone recognise this place?

    The map I linked to earlier shows buildings on that side of Manners Street which look like terraced houses. Unfortunately the Sheffield History maps which show rather more detail do not cover this area. I would guess that there is a wall abutting the embankment and the remains of what look like buildings were perhaps the "outside facilities" of these houses.
  4. Does anyone recognise this place?

    I would think that it is in Neepsend. The Mini Van is coming out of Boyland Street onto Rutland Road which is about to pass under the railway line and the remains of buildings on Manners Street are at the bottom of the embankment. I would think that the chimney on the other side of the railway line belongs to the brick works marked on the map linked to below. The photographer is basically at the junction of Rutland Road and Hicks Street. http://maps.nls.uk/view/125651158#zoom=4&lat=2170&lon=14363&layers=BT
  5. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    From 1983. I remember parts of the TV documentary, and this particular bit of it especially.
  6. I can't believe I haven't contributed to this topic until now! I went to Gleadless Primary and was amongst the first to move over to the new Middle School over the road. Both are still standing; even the pre-fab classrooms at the back of the original school site seem to be still there. Secondary school was Ashleigh, with both the Lower and Upper Schools having been demolished and replaced by housing.
  7. Walkling through the River Porter culverts

    I watched this one a while ago after seeing his Megatron films. Absolutely loved the way it showed me parts of Sheffield I knew nothing about and in some cases never knew existed. His enthusiasm is quite something as well.
  8. Bottom of Commercial Street

    A version of the "then & now" shot the right way up can be seen elsewhere on the site, being the latter of two in this post: https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/5996-then-amp-now-sheffield-trams/?do=findComment&comment=91985
  9. Question regarding the old town hall and courts

    I have no idea if this is that video, but I find this fascinating. There are two parts to this exploration. Although the second part shows as 15 minutes plus it is actually only about half that length. The first part is the main part of the building and the tower, the second is the lower floors and the cells.
  10. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Pond Street Nora has her own topic on here, as well as sundry mentions in other topics.
  11. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Sheffield United Tours was owned by BET (British Electric Traction Group) which sold its transport businesses to the state controlled THC (Transport Holding Company) in 1968. In 1969 the bus & coach part of the THC became the National Bus Company, and in the early 1970s SUT was one of the coach operating subsidiaries which were amalgamated to form National Travel (North East) A history of SUT can be found on Peter Gould's website
  12. Darnall Public Hall

    It certainly was on Barnardiston Road, just off Staniforth Road Extract from Map 182:
  13. To me it is instantly recognisable as Fargate. Davy's is now WH Smiths, and a quick look on Google Maps shows this building and those to the north-east to be barely changed in outline: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Sheffield/@53.3811277,-1.46925,66a,35y,39.54t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48790aa9fae8be15:0x3e2827f5af06b078!8m2!3d53.381129!4d-1.470085
  14. A history of Sheffield street names

    It certainly was near Arundel Street, off Newton Lane, as shown in this post in another topic. https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16596-newton-square-near-the-moor-in-sheffield-city-centre/?do=findComment&comment=140021
  15. From old-maps.co.uk: Newton Square, off Newton Lane on an 1853 map (just to the left of the marker) and not there on a 1891 map, having become Courts 2 and 4 despite looking very similar.