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A Sheffield Tube?

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In Kenneth Gandy's 'Sheffield Corporation Tramways' on Page 44 there is an interesting reference to "...schemes were not proceeded with, nor was the suggestion of 1919 that passenger tube railways be constructed as an alternative to, or to supplement, the tramway system."

What was the suggestion of 1919, and have there ever been serious plans to have an Underground in Sheffield?

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Unitedite Returns

I did find the following, rather tantalising reference to a Sheffield Tube System, in "Sheffield, A Civic Survey and Suggestions Towards a Development Plan" by Patrick Abercrombie, published by Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London, 1924.

"It has frequently been suggested that the central streets should be relieved of some of their congestion either by sending the Trams underground as they approach it or by making a system of independent tubes. The system proposed would seem to be a crossing, at right angles, about the point of Fitzalan Markets; one line running from The Wicker and Lady's Bridge towards Norfolk Street and Sheffield Moor; the other on the line of Commercial Street in the direction of Western Park.......... The whole matter requires immediate attention."

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That would explain it then. I seem to remember a friend of mine did some extensive research into it back in the '70's, unfortunately I lost track of him years ago.

Nigel L

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