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Josephines Nightclub Sheffield
We take a look at this extremely popular nightclub in Sheffield City Centre

See what we found here 👉https://bit.ly/2LG7QNn

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The hanging of Spence Broughton (Noose and Gibbet)

Spence Broughton was a highwayman who was arrested and sentenced to death for robbing a mail boy. His body was gibbeted on the site where the robbery took place on Attercliffe Common

Read the story and see the photos here 👉https://bit.ly/3dRQF7E
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THE CLASSIC CINEMA, Fitzalan Square Sheffield
Today we look at the much loved, and long gone Classic Cinema in Fitzalan Square.

Want to see what we found out? See here 👉 https://bit.ly/2Wzzkuz
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The Theatre Royal
We take a look at the long lost Theatre Royal opposite the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield

See here 👉https://bit.ly/3fURwqc
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The Palace Union Street
The Palace Union Street Cinema was the first Sheffield cinema designed for that purpose.

All earlier ones were mainly converted theatres or music halls. It was also the first to be equipped with magnetic stereo sound and Cinemascope. It closed in 1966.

See more about this cinema here 👉https://bit.ly/2y5uonI
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FIRE last night at Sheffield Cathedral - PLEASE READ
FIRE at Sheffield Cathedral last night. Please read..

Read here 👉https://bit.ly/3dQzzr4
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PAULDENS Department Store in Sheffield City Centre
Today we take a look at PAULDENS Department Store in Sheffield, and some of the people who worked there..

See here 👉https://bit.ly/2WBo1lH 7
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Victorian Sewers under Castle Square
AMAZING Victorian sewer system under Sheffield High Street?

See here 👉https://bit.ly/3dNIBos
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The Bus Enquiry Desk Building outside Sheffield Train Station
We take a look at the old bus enquiry desk that once stood outside Sheffield Train Station

Here's what we're finding 👉 https://bit.ly/2y4lBCB
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Building on corner of York Street/Campo Lane
We're trying to find out about this building on York Street/Campo Lane

See how we get on here 👉https://bit.ly/2Z6ASxA
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Snig Hill - Sheffield City Centre
We've had a look at the history of Snig Hill in Sheffield City Centre and found some incredible things out about it!

See here 👉 https://bit.ly/3fIZnqF
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Wheats Lane

We take a look at the little known Wheats Lane off Paradise Square in Sheffield City Centre

See here 👉 https://bit.ly/2WtwJSJ
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Bramall Lane Bridge

Take a look at what has been discovered about this long hidden Sheffield gem 👉https://bit.ly/2WOWJHq
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Stainless Stephen - Sheffield Comedian
We take a look at Sheffield Comedian STAINLESS STEPHEN

See what we found here 👉 https://bit.ly/2WpwlVe
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The Kelvin Grove Hotel Pub and the Sheffield Gangs
We are going to investigate the Sheffield gangs and their links to the Kelvin Grove Hotel on Sheffield

Join us here as we find out all about this mystery 👉 https://bit.ly/2yMNXl8
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The Rivelin Tunnel
The Rivelin Tunnel ran from Ladybower to Rivelin.

Here is what we discovered 👉 https://bit.ly/35OPXFw
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1 Oxford Street (Oxford Villa)
Does anybody have any information or photos on 'Oxford Villa' Oxford Street.

You can help us out here 👉https://bit.ly/2LeUQ1b
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Fitzalan Market Hall and Fish Market
Today we've took at look at the Fitzalan House Market Hall (also known as Sheffield Fish Market)

See what we found here on our Sheffield History website 👉https://bit.ly/2LhEvJa
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Prefabs above Midland Station 1950
We take a look at some prefabricated houses that once stood above Sheffield Midland Train Station.

See what we found here 👉https://bit.ly/2LgAULj
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Sheffield Town Hall Egg Box
Sheffield Town Hall Eggbox

I was looking through some photos I have on disc yesterday, I forgot I had taken these..

See here - 👉 https://bit.ly/2ywzKJ3
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The Cardigan Tavern in Neepsend/Kelham
Do you remember The Cardigan Tavern pub in Sheffield?
We take a look at the history of The Cardigan Tavern pub in Neepsend/Kelham

See here 👉https://bit.ly/3bhXjm5
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The hunt for the mysterious Garden Gate Inn pub...
Here is a real Sheffield History teaser for you.

In this photo is the Old Harrow pub which was at number 34 Harvest Lane, and we're looking towards Bridgehouses and the junction with Mowbray Street.

That's not what we're here for however.

Instead look at the building left of centre with the writing 'Garden Gate Inn' on the end gable. 

Question here is was there actually a Garden Gate Inn pub in Sheffield?

I've been told there's no record of it at all?
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Neepsend Tavern, 144 Neepsend Lane
The Sheffield pub that became a notorious massage parlour..

See here 👉https://bit.ly/2LcsVPy
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VE Day in Sheffield
Today we take a look back at VE Day in 1945 in Sheffield. Parades, Celebrations and Street Parties..

See here 👉https://bit.ly/2WzGvSc
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Crazy Daisy Nightclub Sheffield
Today we take a look at the history of the Crazy Daizy nightclub in Sheffield

Come see what we've dug up..

See here 👉https://bit.ly/2YJw3dx
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