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Inspired Graffiti


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Just read Zeb's line "It is not a good time to be young and hopeful" - from a bus shelter on Campo Lane and I wondered if this topic has been posted before. Whist not wanting to endorse or encourage the practise, graffiti can be a source of literary wit and genius. I spent a lot of time travelling on Sydney commuter trains and the old brick walls which lined the inner city routes were a canvas for graffiti art some existing since wartime. Zeb's line reminded me of a piece of graffiti I saw from the train every morning, a more pessimistic view of life summed up in 3 words : subsist - consume - die. It must have had a sobering effect on the train-loads of commuters who passed it every day.

Love to hear more like this.

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Do you know what the graffiti by the river in front of the digital campus is all about?


it sounds like it could be connected with this .. SH link

And welcome to sheffieldhistory.

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