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THE BUCCANEER - Leopold Street, Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Our paths must have crossed in the 60s DaveJC, - I went to the same clubs and pubs you mention.

Looking back, I am surprised by how far we travelled to try different pubs.  I lived in the north side of town but ended up in places like the Old Harrow at Gleadless or the Brincliffe Oaks at Nether Edge.  I distinctly remember being refused service at the George in Hathersage because we didn't comply with their dress code.  All this by bus and foot.


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The manager’s name was Mrs Marshall. I was a friend of George Webster although he is a few years older than me. The Buccaneer was the centre of my social life from the age of 18. I remember installing a sound to light system for George (I was training in electrical and electronic engineering at the time); it was not to IEE regs but it was safe. There was three of them involved in the resident disco there was George, Dave and Ray Banks. George then took up a residency at the Wapentake. The licensee was also the same Mrs Marshall. I don't think anyone has that kind of social life any more. We used to drink pints of Double Diamond, it was awful and looked like engine oil under the UV lighting. A lot of us were upset when it closed. There will never be anything like it again.

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... especially what replaced it, The Bessemer! I haven't lived in Sheffield since 1982 & did a nostalgia trip about 10-years ago. Terrible place. I couldn't wait to drink up and get out.

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Sorry but can’t resist this.

A young lad turns up at a friends fancy dress party dressed as  buccaneer, the friends dad opens the door to him and asked where his buccaneers are, quick as a flash the lad replies “Under my buccanat”.

I’ll get my coat.

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