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Windows XP


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There have been reports in the IT press recently of a security vulnerability in Internet Explorer running under Windows XP.

Windows Vista and 7 are imune. Scripts from rogue websites prompt the user to press the F1 key for help, this then installs a Trojan on the PC.

I have purposely not included any links. However you can easily find info on the net, try Googling "Don't press the F1 key" for instance or similar.

If in doubt "Don't press the F1 key"

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The answer is to use Mozilla Firefox! (other browsers are available)

I do, but many people still stick to Internet Explorer that comes as standard :mellow:

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I never use any of those funny "F keys" (Not swearing, honest :rolleyes: )

I don't even know what half of them do and if they weren't there I don't think I would miss them.

Microsoft used to make a fuss about using shortcuts but the problem was remember which shortcut did what was harder than not using a shortcut and doing the task in full anyway.

Only button on that top row that has ever been any use is the one marked "Esc"

Occasionally it can get you out of a locked up computer situation which was probably caused by a MicroSoft program malfunction in the first place. :angry:

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