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Hallamshire Worthies

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From my collection of stuff ... Indexing kindly provided by Stuart0742, for which, Many Thanks.

Index to Worthies

A - G

Allen, William Edgar Litt.D - Benefactor & Philanthropisat

Bagshawe, William - "The Apostle of the Peak"

Bailey, Samuel - Philosopher and Author

Balguy, John MA - Theologian and Schoolmaster

Banks, Joseph - Lawyer

Barber, James Henry - JP

Bartolome, M Martin DE - MD

Bayes, Joshua - Thelogian

Bayley, Robert Slater - FSA

Beet, Joseph Agar DD - Wesleyan Thelogian

Bennet, George - Traveller & Missionary

Bennett, Sir William Sterndale - Mus.Doc, DCL

Best, Thomas MA - Vicar of St James

Blakeney, John Edward DD - Vicar and Archdeacon of Sheffield

Bradley, Henry - D.Litt, MA, Philologist

Brittain,William Henry - JP, Master Cutler, Mayor of Sheffield

Brookfield, William Henry MA - Canon of St Pauls London

Brown, John - MD

Brown, Sir John - Knight, JP, Founder of Atlas Works

Boulsover, Thomas - Inventor of Silver Plate

Buchan, William - Phycian

Calvert, John - Congregational Minister

Cammell, Charles - JP

Cawthorne, James MA - Poet

Chadwick, Charles Rev - MA

Chantrey, Sir Francis Leggat, Knight, RA

Chapman, Daniel - Wesleyan Minister

Clegg, William Johnstone - JP

Cleghorn, Isabell Miss - LLA, MA

Collier, Charles MA - Canon of Winchester

Creswick, Thomas - RA, Landscape Painter

Crooke, John MA

Cutts, Edward Lewes MA - Historian

Deakin, Thomas - Founder of the Deakin Institute

Eadon, John

Earnshaw, Samuel MA - Mathematician

Elem, Charles - MD

Elliot, Ebenezer - The Corn Law Rhymer

Ellis, John Devonshire - JP

Ellis, William - Sculptor

Eyre, John Rashdall MA - Vicar and Archdeacon of Sheffield

Farish, Henry MA - First Vicar of St Mary's

Favell, Henry Arnold MA - Archdeacon of Sheffield

Favell, Richard - MRCS, LSA

Favell, William Fisher - JP

Fell, Elizabeth - Benefactress

Firth, Mark - JP

Fisher, James - Vicar of Sheffield 1646 - 1662

Fisher, William JP - Founder of the Fisher Institute

Flockton, Thomas James - F.R.I.B.A, F.S.I

Flocton, William

Frith, Joseph - Founder of Frith's Charity

Fowler, Frederick - F.S.I, Surveyor

Fowler, Sir John - Civil Engineer

Gatty, Alfred DD - Divine, Historian and Antiquary

Gaunt, John

Gilchrist, Robert Murray - Novelist

Gillott, Joseph - Steel Pen Manufacturer

Green, Charles - Art Craftsman

Green, Mary Anne Everett - Historian

H - P

Hadfield, Charles - F.R.I.B.A.

Hadfield, George - MP

Hadfield, Matthew Ellison - F.R.I.B.A.

Hadfield, Robert

Hadfield, Samuel - Founder of the Hadfield Charity

Hanby, Thomas - Founder of the Hanby Charity

Hall, John - Merchant and Poet

Hall, Henry Foljambe FRHS (son of John Hall)

Hardy, Dudley - RI Artist

Hardy, Thomas Bush - Marine Artist

Harrison, Eliza & Anne

Hems, Harry - Ecclesiastical Art Worker

Hill, Rowley DD - Bishop

Hobson, Sir Albert John - Knight, LLD

Hodgson, Roland

Hofland, Barbara - Poet and Author

Holland, George Calvert - MD

Holland, John - Journalist and Poet

Hollis, Thomas - Founder of the Hollis Hospital

Holmes, Yhomas William - Congregational Minister

Holy, Daniel - Benefactor to the Blind

Howard, Bernard Edward - EM, KG, Twelth Duke of Norfolk

Howard, Henry Fitzwilliam - Fifteenth Duke of Norfolk, EM, KG

Hughes, Colonel Herbert - CB, CMG, JP

Hunter, Joseph FSA - Topographer and Antiquary

Huntsman, Benjamin

Ibbitt, William - Artist and Designer

Innocent, Charles James - F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I

Jackson, Arthur - Surgeon

Jackson, Henry - OM, LLD, Litt.D

Jackson, John - CB, Chief Constable

Jacob, George Andrew Rev - DD

Jessop, Thomas - JP

Johnson, Samuel Meggit - JP

Kirkall, Elisha - Etcher and Engraver

Knight, Sir Arnold James - MD

Larom, Charles - Baptist Minister

Law, Edward - Sculpter

Law, Joseph - MD

Leader, Robert JP - Journalist

Leader, John Daniel - Journalist and Historian

Leader, Robert Eadon BA - Historian

Leng, William Christopher knt - Journalist

Lenwood, Walter BA LLB - Congregational Minister

Linley, Ezra Hounsfield

Locke, Joseph - CE, FRS, MP

Mackenzie, Alexander MA - Vicar of St Pauls

Mackenzie, William Bell MA

Mappin, Sir Frederick Thorpe Bart.

Mappin, John Newton - Founder of the Art Gallery

Marples, Miss Sarah

Marsden, William - MD Founder of Free Hospitals

Mellon, Henry - Missionary

Mitchell, Samuel - Atiquary

Mitchell-Withers, John Brightmore - F.R.I.B.A

Moorhouse, James DD - Bishop of Manchester

Montgomery, James - Poet and Editor

Mundella, Anthony John - MP, PC

Osborn, Samuel - JP, Master Cutler, Mayor

Overend, Hall

Overend, Mrs Maria

Overend, William - QC, JP

Parker, John - MP, PC, Statesman

Parkes, David - Scholar and Librarian

Phillips, John William

Philipps, Nathaniel DD - Presbyterian Minister

Plimsoll, Samuel - MP, Sailors Friend

Poole, James - Landscape Painter

Poole, William - Portrait Painter

Pye-Smith, Rutherford John

P - Z

Rhodes, Ebenezer - Cutler and Topographer

Rimmer, Richard - Roman Catholic Priest

Robert, Samuel (Park Grange) - Social Reformer

Roberts, Samuek (Queens Tower) MA - JP

Rodgers, Henry - Solicitor

Rodgers, John & Joseph

Roebuck, John Arthur - QC, MP

Roebuck, John - MD

Sale, Thomas DD - Vicar of Sheffield

Salt, Jonathan - Botanist

Sanderson, Newlove

Sanderson, Robert DD - Bishop of Lincoln

Sandford, George MA - Vicar of Ecclesall

SchollHammer, Charles Frederick Augustus

Seebohm, Henry - FGS, FZS, Ornithologist

Senior, James & Isabella - Founders of the Senior Institute

Shera, Henry Mceffer - MA, LLD

Short, Thomas - MD

Edwin, Smith - Sculptor and Designer

Smith, John Pye DD - Theologian

Smith, Richard - Portrait Painter

Smith, Theophulus - Sculptor and Artist

Smith, William - Alderman

Smith, Thomas

Snell, Simeon - FRCS, D.SC, Ophalmic Surgeon

Sorby, Henry Clifton - LLD, FRS, FGS

Stacey, James DD - Principle of Ranmoor College

Stannus, Hugh Hutton - A.R.B.A., Architect

Stephenson, Sir Henry - Knight JP

Stevens, Alfred - Sculptor and Painter

Stringfellow, John - Flying Machine Pioneer

Sutton, Thomas DD - Vicar of Sheffield

Swift, William - Antiquary and Geologist

Sykes, Godfrey - Artist

Sylvester, Charles - Scientist

Talbot, Francis - Fifth Earl of Shrewsbury

Thomas, Arthur

Thompson, Corden - MD

Toller, Thomas - Vicar of Sheffield

Vickers, Henry

Vickers, Thomas Edward - CB

Waddy, Samuel Dousland DD - Weslyan Minister

Walshaw, Canon Samuel - Roman Catholic Priest

Ward, Thomas Asline - JP

Watson, Arnold Thomas, FLS, Assay Master and Scientist

Watson, Sir Henry Edmund - Knight

Webster, John Dodsley - F.R.I.B.A.

Westwood, John Obadiah - MA, FLS, Entomologist

Wheat, John James

Wilkinson, John - Founder of the Wilkinson Institute

Wilkinson, Prebendary James DD - Vicar of Sheffield

Wilson, Henry

Wilson, John - Antiquary

Wilson, John Wycliffe JP - Poor Law Reformer

Wilson, Joseph (of Clifford)

Winterbottom, Austin - Artist

Withers, Sarah - Foundress of the Withers Pensions

Woofindin, George - Benefactor

Wostenholm, George - JP

Younge, William - MD, FLS

Yoxall, Sir James Henry - MA, MP

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