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Rabone - Chestermans works, Pomona Street

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Has anyone got any info regarding these two firms? I know there buildings were very close together from what i can gather and the little bits i have already read.

I know it is now part of the Norwich Union complex as i have worked in here for the best part of 7 years. quite a lengthy spell actually in one of the old converted buildings, with the large roof beams on view. One of the long rooms has some old machinery on display, suspended from the roof beams. Some of the wings have names relating back to the former firms, Rabone Wing, Chesterman wing etc.

There are also two large rollers in recpetion, with a little story about a tape measure factory.

I would love to see any pictures of the buildings and the site in general in their hey-day, along with some of the people who used to work here. I have tried picture sheffield with no luck.

Anyone know anything?



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Thanks tsavo

I did find that, i think i can understand the angle from which the picture is based on, but the 'road?' which runs along the bottom left of the picture looks like it is either elevated from the rest of the scenery, or has some sort of railing running down the side which joins with the building.

I might just be looking at it wrong.

I would love a photograph.

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Worth checking the TV programme, "I didn't know you cared", I'm sure some scenes were shot in the Archway ...

might be a way of locating a still. Anyone able to confirm this ?

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Old rider

Both my wife and my mother used to work in the offices of Chestermans on Pomona St. She was there when they amalgamated with Rabone's of Birmingham who made similar products.

My wife was then promoted to Company Cashier, a position that had always been held by a man. As a woman before the equal pay act she got half the salary of her male predecessor. Rabone Chestermans then amalgamated with Fry's who made a few products and owned tool warehouses in various locations. The new owners were Called RCF Holdings. My wife then became the "Northern Area Accountant" for RCF holdings. This meant she oversaw the accounts for the Manchester and Newcastle tool warehouses. After she left Rabone Chesterman were bought out by Stanley tools. The steel tape making equipment was installed at Stanley's Hellaby Rotherham works for a short time. When Stanley tools proposed to close a works at Besancon in France the French government cut up rough and threatened fines for various trumped up charges. Chesterman's tape making machines as well as Stanley's were then shipped to Besancon to keep the French factory open. As my employer had made the ink drying equipment I had a trip to Besancon to sort it out for Stanley's French factory.

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I used to live on Pomona street, in fact I was born there and My dad used to work at Rabone Chestermans (handy for him really) I’m looking for photos of Pomona Street anyone have any ideas?

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Just thought I would pipe up.

I found this thread really interesting. I have this stunning solid brass Rabone Chesterman No1321 meter rule.

Unfortunately I dont have any information about the area.





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