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Shefffield Street Names

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ukelele lady

Little Sheffield


Thank you Steve. lol

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You are forgetting the cattle market. People bringing in the sheep etc, easy to lose one I would have thought. The person in charge of the Pinfold was the Pinder. And seeing that's a common name, even in Sheffield, a high turnover rate in the job! Not many people would like you with that job :(

I don't know why this stuck in my mind. Wonder where?

"There are about 2,500 cows stalled inside the City, the remainder of the milk supply coming from about 6,000 cows in Derbyshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire."

The Health of Sheffield HScurlfield Med Officer of Sheffield 1910

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Does anyone know where Occupation Road was please?

Not Lane, Occupation Road.

Part of a conversation on Rootsweb

Hello Ethel,

here are some address for George YATES, photographer:


32 Hall Carr St Brightside Bierlow (carpenter & joiner)


58 Spital Hill Brightside Bierlow (photographic artist)


652 Grimesthorpe Rd Brightside Bierlow (photographer)

I could not find any instances of a middle name for George. He is plain

George in the GRO marriage index and also a possible baptism in the IGI.

Spital Hill used to be part of Occupation Road.

Hugh in Sheffield


Gee, Ann (Mrs, Dressmaker).

Residing at 81 Occupation Road, in 1852.

Recorded in: White's Gazetteer & General Directory of Sheffield - 1852

Joseph ATKINSON 36 Draper Occupation Road, Sheffield Consumption Sheffield, 1801 - General Cemetery

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Nathan J. Staniforth

Sevenairs Road, Beighton - Apparently this got it's name from a local doctor who used to say there was "Seven Airs" in the countryside in that area. I got this information from the old Picture book "Around Hackenthorpe"

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Schedule of street name changes in 1886


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In the first post on this thread Dustybowl mentions ALSOPS FIELD but it’s name was ALSOP FIELD no “ S “ in Allsop.

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2 hours ago, 360035 said:

Has anyone ever come across Malley Rag Lane?

Molly or Mally Wragg Lane - now called Brincliffe Edge Road.

When Sir John Murray came down from Tullibardine Castle to live at Banner Cross Hall, he brought a number of servants - amongst them was Wragg and his wife.  They were accommodated in the old Dove Houses (pulled down in 1908 to build Louth Road).  Among the many offspring of the Wraggs was Mary (or Molly or Mally) who returned to Ecclesall after being in service and became a midwife, living in a small cottage at the top of Brincliffe Edge Road.  She never married. The locals used her as a doctor, and whenever there was a need, the cry of "Fetch Molly Wragg" was heard.

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Dove Houses in 1908:


On demolition, the owner found an Almanac for the year 1582, secreted amongst the beams of the building which appears to have been of the cruck type.  On of the beams was over 37 feet long.  The similarity in construction to Beauchief Abbey led to conjecture that it had been a place of rest for pilgrims.

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History dude

I have a good one for you.

Corker Bottoms Lane - Edmund Corker in 1685 (ACM S78) owned all the land around the area. The Lane slopes down to the bottoms of fields, hence the name.

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