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1817 Stole in London, Caught in Sheffield.


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GEORGE KENNWELL, Theft/housebreaking, 29th October 1817.

Reference Number: t18171029-24

Offence: Theft > housebreaking

Verdict: Guilty > lesser offence

Punishment: Death

1456. GEORGE KENNWELL was indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Richard Castle , about four o'clock in the afternoon of the 28th of September , in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields (William Barnard being therein), and stealing therein, one tin box, value 2s.; 23l. 11s. in monies numbered; two foreign silver coins, value 8s.; one 50l., one 5l., one 2l., and four 1l. bank notes, his property.

RICHARD CASTLE . I am a cheesemonger , and live in Broad-court, Long-acre , in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, the prisoner was my servant , and had lived with me seven weeks. On Sunday, the 28th of September, in the morning, I brought the cash-box down stairs, it contained one 50l., one 5l., one 2l., and four 1l. bank notes, a sovereign, ten guineas, twelve half-guineas, and 40 seven-shilling pieces, in gold; two Spanish dollars, a bill of exchange, and some papers.

I went up stairs to clean myself, and took it with me; I put it in the cupboard in my bed-room, which is on the first floor. I told my girl to lock the bed-room door. I went to church. When I returned I saw the prisoner; he asked leave to go out, which I granted. I went out, and returned about half-past ten o'clock; he had not returned. I went up, and found my bed-room door ajar. Next morning, finding he did not return, I became suspicious, examined my cupboard, and missed my cash-box; it was brought to me on the Saturday following, from the Bull and Mouth Inn, inclosed in paper, and directed to me in the prisoner's hand-writing-the contents were gone.

The 50l. note was marked"Mrs. Wells, Broad-court," of whom I had received it, in my hand-writing; I received it from her two days before. The prisoner had often seen me put money in the cash-box.

Cross-examined by MR. BARRY. It was in the cupboard between ten and eleven o'clock.

AMELIA CASTLE . The prosecutor is my uncle. I locked the bed-room door that morning, and put the key on the parlour shelf. When I came home at night I found it open. I left the prisoner, and Barnard, in the house.

WILLIAM BARNARD . I am a friend of Mr. Castle's. I dined with the prisoner, and the other shopman, about one o'clock, as Mr. Castle was out; I did not leave the house till Mr. Castle came home at night, I never went out of the house. The prisoner went out about half-past five o'clock, it was getting dusk.

RICHARD RAMSAY . I am clerk to the Redford Bank, in Nottinghamshire. On Tuesday, the 30th of September, at eleven o'clock in the morning, the prisoner came with his brother to change a 50l. Bank of England note; the prisoner said it was his brother-in-law's, whose name was Taylor. I gave Taylor ten 5l. notes of our bank. Taylor produced the note. I am certain the prisoner is the man who came with him. Taylor said it was his brother-in-law's note; the prisoner was present, and did not contradict it, but said it was his note, and he was going to lend it to Taylor I produce the note.

CHARLES HUMPHREYS. I am a Bow-street officer. I went in pursuit of the prisoner, and traced him to Sheffield, and found him lying under a hedge, without his hat, close by Sheffield Park - I took him into custody. He begged I would not hold him as he went through Sheffield, as he was known. I asked him what he had done with the money? he said he had none about him, but had left part of it at his sister's, in Sheffield. I asked him where she lived, and went there. I found his hat, and gloves, there - it had his name in it. The prisoner said he had sent the cash-box, and its contents, to his master. I told him that was false, as I had traced the 50l. note to the Bank. He said he did it himself, was very sorry for it, no person was concerned with him, and he must suffer.

RICHARD CASTLE . The 50l. note is marked "Mrs. Wells, Broad-court;" it is mine-it was in my possession that morning.

Prisoner's Defence. I am very sorry, and beg for mercy.

GUILTY. - DEATH . Aged 18.

Of stealing in a Dwelling-house, but not of breaking and entering.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Park.


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