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Can you believe this is on Fargate ?

It's the first time I've ever seen it. Walked up Fargate and the small lane just before Chapel Walk was there - looked down it and saw the type of houses and buildings that you are used to seeing either in York or the movies about Robin Hood !!

Amazing !

I nipped down there - it's a tight little lane and the houses on the right are fantastic and really well preserved.

There's a strange staircase just over the wall at the end too

The lane is called BLACK SWAN WALK - I presume there used to be a pub by that name there ?

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Think the pub may have been the original Mulbery Tavern, now moved onto Arundel gate. The last photo with the staircase is probably the back of the Victoria Hall. Window and brickwork seem about right.. There was also a gentlemans club (very posh at one time) between T J Hughes and Chapel Walk.

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