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Guest philb

Hi, my name is Phil I was born in Walkley, went to Burgoyne Road infant and junior school. Then Myers Grove. I left in 1967 and did five years as an apprentice joiner with the PWD (Sheffield Council). It's great looking at all the old places posted on here, I wish I had found it sooner.

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Hello and Welcome 'n' stuff ...

Are you still local to Sheffield/Walkley ? If so, please write down and post the current Landlord/Landladies of any Pubs you pass - especially the Rose House !

RichardB (Birkendale Road, Birkendale, Howard Road, Dorothy Road, Dykes Hall Road, Greenhow Street)

Why "Birkendale" twice, huh ????

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Guest carlie167

Hello and welcome to the family!! You will find you are spending more time than enough reading all the posts and joining in yourself, anyway enjoy. :):) :)

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