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St. John's Church

Sheffield History

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St John's Church, Penistone Road, Owlerton, Sheffield, S6 2DP


We're currently researching the history of St John's - if you can help please log in and add details by replying to this message..


We took the following pictures on February 18th 2007


St John's Church Website - http://www.stjb.org.uk/

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Took this the other day and forgot to upload it

I like this one - shame the factory is in the way in front of it - but I still am really fond of this pic

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Guest broncolives

Built 1874 at the time it was the church to attend with officers etc from the barracks attending along with local well to does like the Longden family.

Lost part of the roof in the second world war when a stray barrage balloons cable hit it it.

Inside was altered in 1994

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