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Charlie Peace

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Peace the Musical?


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No mention of the Gardens then? <_<

Come to think of it "Peace Gardens" is a rubbish name.

It makes it sound like a cemetry.

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“The South Yorkshire Norsemen left this planet and mutated millions of years ago and one of the songs is about them loading up the spacecraft for them to travel back to earth, to help the children. The aliens still follow Viking culture and worship all the old Gods,” says Somerset, to whom all this makes perfect sense.

and I thought I was weird sometimes !!!!

Peace the Musical? http://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/listings/music/no_peace_for_hanged_murderer_1_4160200
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My apologies in advance, this is about the most appalling piece of twaddle as I've come across in a long time.

The Devil Man

Edgar Wallace (1931)

Featuring one Mr Peace, I've been to about page 80; nothing of interest happens and there are a lot of silly names ...

The Devil Man (1931).doc

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£7.99 !

Mine is already ordered ...

The Case of Charles Peace, a 1949 John Argyle Production made at Merton Park Studios, released by Monarch. This film is based on a true story, nicely directed by Norman Lee and it is a minor gem not because it won awards, had a great cast or a huge budget, but because it’s a small British production that entertains.

Lead Michael Martin Harvey, a relative unknown and as a mixture of Robin Hood and the devil, is oddly hypnotic in the role. The film very cleverly recounts the exploits through the trial of Charles Peace. The film has been restored to a good quality.

Directed By
Norman Lee

Produced By
John Argyle

Michael Martin Harvey - Charles Peace
Chili Bouchier - Katherine Dyson
Valentine Dyall - Storyteller
Sir Clement Barnes KC
Bruce Belfrage - Prosecution Counsel Foster
Ronald Adam - Defence Counsel Lockwood
Roberta Huby - Sue Thompson
Peter Forbes-Robertson - William Habron
Richard Shayne - Arthur Dyson
Peter Gawthorne - Mr. Justice Lopes
Gordon Court - Insp. Phillips
Hamilton Deane - Mr. Justice Hawkins
Howard Douglas - Littlewood
Liam Gaffney - Leresche
Rose Howlett - Mrs. Brion
John Kelly - Father O'Brien

Year of Production 1948

Running Time: 1hr 23mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono
Encryption: CSS

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Sheffield History

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 19.31.04.jpg

Charlie Peace - Sheffield's most notorious criminal

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This drawing shows just where Mr & Mrs Dyson lived at Banner Cross, the Estate Agents now occupies the building,  where the Crystal Barbers now sits was the gennel up which Charlie Peace escaped, if you look close the barbers has different building features to the rest of Banner Cross Terrace, it looks as though it was just wedged in. The row of terraced houses, now long gone were on Harrington Road that ran along the back of the Earl of Arundel pub on Shoreham Street, it was a terraced house like one of these that Mrs Dyson was living in at the time of Peace`s trial.

Charles Peace.png

Charlie Peace Ecclesall Road 1.jpg


Harrington Road.jpg

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Just seen on Twitter:



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David Olusoga




OK, so Leeds here we come! Any ideas where we should look to find our house?

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BBC Press Office


· 43m

ICYMI: @BBCTwo’s award-winning history show #AHouseThroughTime is confirmed for a fourth series, with @DavidOlusoga heading to #Leeds in 2021: https://bbc.in/3hzLXOE

susan pitter


Replying to


Chapeltown. My childhood home had a cartoon drawing under all the wallpaper with "Charlie Peace is a murderer" - the infamous criminal who died in the 1870s I think.

11:47 AM · Jun 17, 2020·Twitter for Android


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