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Robin Hood's Bay - amazing place!

Sheffield History

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Is there a connection with Robin of Sherwood…or Loxley? I have often wondered!

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The Third Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England is the third volume in a series of books and reports written by Sir Edward Coke (1552 – 1634) in an attempt to provide an exhaustive review of English law.  There Coke discusses Robin Hood, stating that men of his lawless profession were called Roberdsmen, and that Robin Hood not only gave his name to these kind of men, but mentions a Bay on the Yorkshire Coast called Robin Hood's Bay.

Charlton, in his 1779 History of Whitby Abbey, says that Robin Hood (aka William Fitz-ooth) on occasion used the Bay (6 miles from Whitby) and a small fishing boat to escape his pursuers.  Robin Hood, he thinks, was friendly with the Abbot Richard of Whitby Abbey - after one dinner he asked Robin and John Little to demonstrate their long-distance bowmanship. The arrows fell not far from Whitby Laths about a mile distant, and a pillar was set up to mark the landing places of each of the arrows.  Apparently the pillars were still standing in 1779 and were mentioned in the deeds of that area.

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