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Queen Street Chapel

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Thought Queen Street Chapel deserved its own heading. 

Under the heading Sovreign House, Queen Street as to the origin of Queen Street Foundry, Queen Street, Edmund posted:

On 20th June 1783 a 99 year lease at a rent of £5 2s per annum was granted by the Church Burgesses to Thomas Vennor, gentleman and John Read, merchant.  On this land in Wade's Orchard, a chapel was built, and opened on 3rd December 1783. It was in a new road which was not yet officially named - it was to be either Fig street or Queen street - the latter prevailed and the chapel became Queen street Chapel.  At this time George III was monarch and his queen was Charlotte-Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.  Luckily we are left with Queen Street, rather than Mecklenburg-Strelitz Street.


Queen Street Congregational Chapel, junction of North Church Street, Est. 1784s04908(1).jpg.5ce1c7f050d03101f4a09c67a93743ea.jpgs04908

Interior of Queen Street Congregational Chapel. s04907.jpg.150def0891de26886fac74f88d495314.jpgs04907


Tenements belonging to the Trustees for the Upper Chapel situate between Queen Street and West Bar, 1786

 arc03850  draft for arc03712.





Queen Street Sunday Schools Plaque. 



Resolutions made at a meeting of protestant dissenters held at Queen Street Chapel, Sheffield. 5th June 1811.


Converns the rejection of Lord Sidmouth's Bill [relating to nonconformist preachers].

George Bennet in the chair.

Printed by J. Montgomery, Sheffield.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 1 M.


Sheffield, Queen Street Chapel, Yorkshire, Denomination: Independent: Births and Baptisms. 1783-1837. 



Sheffield Queen Street Congregational Church History. 



Central United Reformed Church History. 



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