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Thomas Saunders, 11 High Street, feather merchant, furniture broker & upholsterer


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Thomas Saunders High Street shop at the corner of George Street. 1806.



1797 Directory

Thomas Saunders, feather merchants, broker & upholsterer, No. 11 High Street. 

Information from "The Story of Sheffield High Street from the 16th Century to Modern Times." by Pat Dallman. 

The Sheffield Courant, 3rd January 1795 advertised new houses to let when George Street was constructed through land once gardens. The premises top corner of High Street & George Street described having a shop 22 feet by 18 feet; 3 large cellars; counting house; good sized parlour & closet; large kitchen on the ground floor with a drawing room over the shop. Two chambers and 4 lodging rooms in the attics. 

Advertising in the Iris, 9th January 1795 & The Courant a few days earlier, Thomas Saunders, feather merchant, furniture broker & auctioner had moved from his house in Paradise Square to new premises in the middle of High Street at its corner with George Street. He had a large quantity of live goose feathers as well as all kinds of new and second hand mahogany, oak and elm furniture, feather beds and mattresses and could completely furnish a house to any value. 


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