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Ellis Ward & Co?


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I'm researching my family tree and have a bit of a conundrum regarding one of my ancestors. Here's a brief résumé of the story so far:- 

According to the Hallamshire Cutlers Apprentices Index, John Strafford (born 1751) started his cutlers apprenticeship in 1764 and details recorded show him as a 'parish apprentice' whose parent was Ellen Strafford (no father's name provided on either baptism or apprenticeship records). It gives his 'master' as Samuel Fox ('cutler' - abode: Attercliffe) and It then appears that in 1791 John himself indentured a young man named John Darling.

I've identified a further potential record dated 1799 which shows a John Strafford paying 1s annual Select Land Tax for the renting of property from proprietor(s) Ellis Ward & Co. That's where my research hits a brick wall... who were Ellis Ward & Co? was it an individual or a partnership and where was the the actual property situated? If the individual named as John Strafford is my 5th great grand uncle, then I assume the premises likely to be his workshop but who knows? I've tried searching for the Ellis Ward & Co business, whose name seemed to ring a bell but without any success. Being born in Sheffield well before the clean air act, the name 'Ward' is affectionately well known amongst my generation (great dark, malty beer and the use of elephants for industrial transport!) so my recollection of the name may be unfounded.

Any help or suggestions would be most gratefully received.

Kind regards,

Andy S 

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This may help you, the last paragraph cites a Charles Franklin Ward as a director of Isaac Ellis so it could be Ellis Ward & Co you're looking for. A Mr John Fox was making forks in Attercliffe in 1787 maybe the son or father of Samuel. The Portland Works mentioned was situated roughly near the Beehive public house, along side the Beehive runs a reminder of the works, Portland Lane. The census maybe Johns family,  I cant say.

Ellis, Isaac (, Table knife, razor &c. manufacturer).
Address: Portland Works, 188 West Street; h. William Street, in 1852.


Strafford, Ellin of Shepperd St, Sheffield North. Aged 30 years.
    (Piece #1335/14, folio 25a, enumeration district 33.)

Strafford, James of Shepperd St, Sheffield North. Aged 40 years.
    (Piece #1335/14, folio 25a, enumeration district 33.)

Strafford, John of Shepperd St, Sheffield North. Aged 65 years.
    (Piece #1335/14, folio 25a, enumeration district 33.)

Strafford, Mary of Shepperd St, Sheffield North. Aged 60 years.
    (Piece #1335/14, folio 25a, enumeration district 33.)



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Hi Tozzin,

Many thanks for your reply and the detailed info.

I'm really sorry for the extremely long delay! in my notifying you of my appreciation but my original email address was terminated in 2003 due to the provider closing their customers accounts and therefore I didn't receive any notification and therefore assumed that no one had replied to my posting.

I'll now revisit my family tree to see if I can make any sense of the details you've provided - I do have the Strafford's of Shepperd St [Shepherd St] (1841 census) details noted on my tree but the Isaac Ellis & Sons Ltd item may be the lead I've well been looking for.           

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