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AVEC building, 3-5 Sidney Street, ("Access Space")

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Hi all,

Can anyone help find out any history about this mundane looking office building in the city centre, opposite Yorkshire Artspace and the Rutland. It seems surprisingly hard to find out any information and the council have applied to demolish it - perhaps to build some more sorely needed student flats.

Here is what I have found so far:

  • i think the address is 3 - 5 Sidney Street judging by the addresses of businesses located there now (it is still well occupied i think)
  • there is a fried fish dealer - Frank Flood - listed at 5 Sidney Street in 1905

  • looking at historic Ordnance Survey maps up to 1955 a Pearl handle works is shown (this may have been George Saville's works before/after they moved from Pearl Works where a mini Tesco is now?)

  • image.png.f7abb4d0c54847039e6b705e87b6a3eb.png

  • by 1963 the Pearl Handle Works shown is replaced by the building that is clearly the AVEC building ( where the red arrow is - its cut off in this map but the 1967 shows it in full)

  • image.png.4c3fed74fc7d266d8bf2a8e38f8372a6.png

  • next door (what is now Yorkshire Artspace) had long been a mechanics/garage/car showroom. The forecourt is shown on the old OS maps before and after the AVEC building goes up. This was either Autoways 1931 (still going) or Hatfields - Picture Sheffield has photos showing what seems clearly the HAtfields showroom facing the space that is now AVEC building

  • I can't find a reference to what AVEC meant at all. there was a sports kit manufacturer called Avec which made Sheffield United's kit for some seasons - and is still going - but looking around they were set up in 1993 and seem like they are a north east based company

  • finally....and hopefully most usefully, @unrecordings posted a photo on another thread that was from their office window in 1989 – I think this must have been from the AVEC building? i wondered if you could remember anything about the building that might have indicated when it was put up and who occupied it?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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A.V.E.C. (AUDIO VISUAL ELECTRONIC CONTRACTORS) LIMITED was a Private Limited Company, registration number 01598462, established in United Kingdom on the 19. November 1981. The company was in business for 24 years and 7 months.  The business of the company by SIC and NACE code was "6312 - Storage and warehousing".  It was "DISSOLVED VIA VOLUNTARY STRIKE-OFF" from the 18th July 2006.

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Thanks Edmund that's a great lead. Seems like they occupied the building some time after it went up. It turns out I'm too late - the time for commenting is over and there's little grounds for the application to be refused

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The Arrow points to the rear of George Butlers Cutlass Works, when I worked there from 1978 there wasn’t any Pearl works it was all occupied by Butlers. Ernest Hadfield did occupy the car showroom selling Jaguar and Daimler Cars, but no Pearl works, between Hadfields and Butlers was a passage wide enough to park cars, it ran from Sidney Street down to the Porter and had a large stone block surface.

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