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  1. I also found this curious website (clue - look for the recipient) http://www.theheritagemine.com/itemslist_S.htm
  2. Looks like George V - so 1912 to 1936 according to this http://sunnyfield.co.uk/dayspast/stamps_on_postcards.php (pity about the small images - but I think from a wider google search the 1911 stamp isn't a full profile portrait) trying to figure out if the ghostly silhouette in the top left of the photo is a distant tree or rooftop - looks a little angular but having problems focussing on it...
  3. Maybe they clad the tin with timber to make it a little more seaside/cafe like..?
  4. Another couple from the same vendor: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Postcard-Fulwood-Quiet-Lane-Sheffield/303211484926?hash=item4698d016fe:g:glwAAOSwyWddEnvR https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Postcard-Fulwood-Forge-Dam-and-Annex-Hospital/303213867561?hash=item4698f47229:g:-CAAAOSwKDBdH4dS
  5. It's going to annoy me for days. I either got it from a neighbour who grew up on one of the Gleadless farms, or as a nugget of information in the post war plans for the city that included the aborted South/West part of the outer ring road - on the latter point I might be back bearing gifts in a few days, Amazon permitting...
  6. Thanks For a while I used to cruise for postcards on ebay (some kindly vendors just scan images & don't bother watermarking them) I heard that Mayfield Valley was originally earmarked for the estate that ended up in Gleadless - would be interesting to hear if that's true
  7. Here's a couple of pics from my collection - not noticed them in the two threads, apologies if I've duplicated posting them - top one is dated 1914, the other is going to be late 30's onwards(?) or maybe post war from the typography on the card:
  8. Here's a picture I think I scraped off eBay (and possibly flattened out in photoshop)
  9. Something that's been nagging me actually - I wonder if the OP's picture is of Endcliffe Wheel, given that other paintings we've seen were painted mere yards upstream http://www.riversheaf.org/sheafrwp/?page_id=599
  10. Superb account, thanks for digging that up I find the account of the outworks fascinating
  11. My gran used to work there, so my everyday cutlery is still Eye Witness (wth a little Mosely Rusnorstain thrown in) I've got a bunch of EW knives with Sheffield spelt incorrectly... I like Phlegm a lot, and though his art doesn't float everyone's boat, I suspect that his connection to this now might have saved that memorial stone which otherwise might have been simply sandblasted away - just my humble opinion
  12. Happened by this in the news this morning about someone trying to get a really nice example in West Yorkshire listed Link is from The Yorkshire Post so beware, like The Star, the ads & clickbait make it virtually unreadable https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/why-rare-gas-decontamination-centre-in-yorkshire-town-is-reminder-of-war-effort-on-home-front-1-9657118
  13. AHA !!! https://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/mac116.html And it rotated..?!