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  1. Can you help identify this Sheffield building?

    actually no I can't... note to self, why would one image have a chimney and no windows, while the other has windows and no chimney ?
  2. Can you help identify this Sheffield building?

    Now that is a serious contender - the brickwork is identical apart from the two end windows are missing (and obviously no chimney but that can be explained) I think the roof is longer, but my eyes aren't working properly yet Were these things built to a standard design - might there have been more of them in the city ?
  3. Firth Brearley help required

    gah... going to have to dig out my FB cutlery now and look (we're an Eye Witness family, so it could be anywhere)
  4. G. Turner & Co

    That's my point - Tyzack & Turner operated around Little London & Abbeydale (if memory serves - it's in the Grace's link), so anything Turner related - as far as logic goes - shouldn't be coming out of Stella Works ? Would be interested to see the marks on this - I'm having trouble even finding reference to G Turner Edit: Ohh look at this - http://taths.org.uk/tools-trades/articles/50-when-was-a-sawmaker-not-a-sawmaker is G Turner a 'Type 3' manufacturer for Tyzack (Stella Works) wares made for export ?
  5. Can you help identify this Sheffield building?

    Rather than being knocked down, I think it's 'in use' It feel a bit railway ish to me. looks to be some cementation furnaces in the background, so I'm wildly guessing Attercliffe I've a hunch this building lurks in the background of a photo that was discussed a few months ago - now to find that thread... I think it's round here somewhere on the right: https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16101-industrial-panorama/?tab=comments#comment-136891
  6. G. Turner & Co

    I'll get the ball rolling.. A photo would be helpful, other than that, I reckon it was probably purchased in Australia, and that the No.77 is going to be the model number Now in regard to Stella Works does anyone know what the relationship is to Tyzack ? Edit: I found this link, but struggling to find any reference to (Turner) operating out of Stella Works https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/W._Tyzack,_Sons_and_Turner
  7. Firth Brearley help required

    Yup style of handle will give a better clue It looks etched rather than engraved so I'd say definitely post war, maybe up to late 60's depending on the handle
  8. Help with heritage project

    The thing marked 'lane' is still technically there as a little gennel leading to the old school on Alderson Road - but it's now blocked off and overgrown (and although it's marked 'lane' it looks like it was still private land)
  9. Help with heritage project

    Parkfield House was demolished around 1902 (if memory serves) and the land used to build Parkfield Place Assuming the parlour was on the south side of the house at the front, then that's in the middle of the current road
  10. Help with heritage project

    Birthplace of football ? I can pinpoint it (the site of Parkfield House and the probable location of the parlour) to within a couple of metres - no it's not on Alderson Road...
  11. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    well I never, before your second post I was tentatively thinking of the Team Street gasometer, but i'd not seen the others
  12. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    I can't get low enough in Google to check the skyline, but here's my latest gambit The lads are on Mount Street (no longer exists) just above Neepsend Station The monolith on the horizon on the left is The Hallamshire, the one on the (actually over the) horizon under the A is the Hallam Towers Though I'm having my doubts again...
  13. Victoria Train Station

    Thanks - I didn't remember seeing those columns around, so wondered what had happened to the monument (last time I went up there was around 1990 and I was drunk)
  14. Victoria Train Station

    what happened to the war memorial ?
  15. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    This might help: http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/onlineex/firemaps/england/northwest/largeimage154923.html