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The Travellers Inn at Attercliffe is being demolished

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The Travellers Inn at Attercliffe is being demolished. A famous pub known by many

Here it is featured in this wander through Attercliffe

Do you remember it?

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Some time in he late nineteen sixties my older cousin Jack, WMC  and later cruise liner singer under the name of Martin Brand, used to take me out for a drink sometimes in his car.

On one occasion he drove to Attercliffe Road and pulled up by the Travellers. I wasn't very impressed by the locale or the pub and the beer wasn't anything to write home about either. what I didn't know was that we were there for the "floor show".

We sat over in a corner and eventually a bloke got up, walked to the bar and placed his glass on the bar top. He turned around and hadn't taken one step to the door before the publican reached under the bar for an already drawn pint and qiuck as a flash placed it on the bar.

"Oi !"  he shouted at the bloke who was still only about two paces nearer the door. "Who's going to pay for this pint then".  The bloke protested that he didn't want another pint but the publican, a former Wednesday player, wasn't having any of it. The bloke paid up and walked straight out muttering to himself.

The pint went straight back under the bar top.

We drank up and left being very careful to leave the glasses on the table.

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