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Ken Dodd.

Pitsmoor Girl

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Lyceum 1955-6 Little Red Riding Hood Panto (as Jolly Jenkins, the Baron’s butler)

Empire May 1957 with 7 other acts

Empire October 1958 with 7 other acts

Lyceum November & December 1959 “Ken Dodd Show” with Rosemary Squires and others

In January 1970 Ken Dodd was one of 350 show business professionals who expressed support for the campaign for Sheffield Council to take over the failing Lyceum

Lyceum July 13 2013 "Ken Dodd Happiness Show"

Lyceum 16th November 2014 "Ken Dodd Happiness Show"

Lyceum November 2015 "Ken Dodd Happiness Show"

Lyceum September 3 2016 "Ken Dodd Happiness Show"

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I saw Ken Dodd a few times, it was a privilege, the very last link to the great stars of variety and music hall.  The Lyceum was the best show ever, he was on top form,and we were there for 5 hours. There'll never be another.

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