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What other Sheffield places would work with these?

Sheffield History

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Sheffield History











A new set of designs from Sheffield Guide https://www.facebook.com/sheffieldguide/

They're prints, mugs, and t-shirts which look fantastic

So far there's the Fletchers Van, Greasy Vera's, The City Hall and the Cooling Towers

What else do you think would work?

See the full range here - https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/?v=79cba1185463



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Thanks for posting these!

The initial collection is eight iconic Sheffield locations, past and present and also includes The Hubs, The Republic, The Crucible and The Showroom. 😀

More of them here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/brand/art-by-james/ 

The framed art prints and mugs in particular are proving really popular so far (T-Shirts and Hoodies are coming soon):




If you have any feedback or other ideas, give me a shout. 😀

Take a look at all of the stuff, and more Sheffield-centric items at The Sheffield Guide shop.


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