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The Dodgems

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Sheffield History


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Video of The Dodgems live at The Harley in Sheffield on 29/09/2008

It was a Monday night and cans of Red Stripe were £2.50 each


The Dodgems...(Phil Goodwin, Tom Goodwin, Eric Miller, Nick O'Malley, replaced by Chris Murray on bass.) formerly Gypsy (Phil Goodwin, Tom Goodwin, Ed Cosens, Michael Breeze, Mathew Nashvili) and later becoming Elephant Keys ( Phil Goodwin, Tom Goodwin, Michael Breeze. ) then...Feral Brood ( Phil Goodwin, Tom Goodwin, Eric Miller, Dan Williamson, Russell Frisby.). Gypsy formed around 96 and over the next 5 yrs had several drummers and bass players...Singer Ed Cosens went on to form Judan Suki with Jon McClure and Alex Turner around 2001...Alex Turner later Formed Arctic Monkeys... Nick O’Malley who had earlier replaced Paul Holden in Gypsy around 2001went on to join Arctic Monkeys in 2005...Ed Cosens and Jon McClure went on to form Reverend and the Makers.

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