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Vacant land in the Wicker

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History dude

I recall seeing vacant plots of land in the 1950 maps just back of the Wicker and I assumed they might have been destroyed buildings from the blitz. But while looking on the Britain from Above website I came across a 1937 aerial picture showing the same bits of land with no buildings on them! So they could not have been destroyed by bombs!!

This is a great photo anyway because it shows a huge amount of trams congregating on the Wicker itself!


Wicker and environs, Sheffield, 1937.jpg

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Excellent photo. And because I can never resist it, here's what The Scottish Map (my nickname for it) says was there circa 1900

(Walker Street running down the side of Wicker Arches in case orientation of both images isn't immediately obvious (it got me initially))


Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 13.41.32.png

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