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Specialised Movers of Sheffield

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Nigel Shaw

We believe we have the only pre-war Guy Vixen still in existence, please tell me if you know of another, this is a 1938 and will be seen at all the local rally's 



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History dude

Have those vans always been with the company or where they found and had a makeover, because the company used to operate such vans? How did they survive not been cut up for scrap?

It's a wonder that they haven't been hired out for use in films and drama series.

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Lovely vehicles, I have seen the Vixen in McCarthy's livery, in my opinion she looks better in yours. The Fordson also looks really nice. Any chance please of more details of both vehicles, e.g.. history, technical specifications and photo's of the cabs, load space, engine compartment and chassis. Sorry if I am asking too much but they are very interesting vehicles. Though I drove some late 1930's and 40's commercials and cars in my younger days I never had any experience with Guy and little with Fordson.

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